Saturday, 2018-08-04

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xobsmithro: What you describe there seems similar to what lxbuildenv does.  It goes through your .gitmodules and if anything is missing it will check it out.  It does this recursively to fix things like not doing a --init --recursive when checking out litex.14:51
CarlFKtoo much work.  just do:  wget -R github.com14:54
CarlFKI wonder how much code gh hosts?   (including revisions, not including the 10+gig of hdmi2usb prebuilt blobs :p14:55
daveshahI'm surprised gh haven't told you off for that, I thought they had a soft limit of 1g14:59
CarlFKShhhh  ... I think they haven't noticed15:04
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mithrodaveshah: The repo itself is under 1g, the text compresses *very well*20:51
mithro(As a lot of it is FPGA toolchain logs)20:52
mithroxobs: The two main differences to what your lxbuildenv is20:52
mithro (a) The first stage / second stage idea20:52
mithro (b) The provider infrastructure20:52
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