Saturday, 2018-07-28

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CarlFKtumbleweed: help help... ping ping wake up00:44
tumbleweedCarlFK: hi01:14
CarlFKpyohio 2 of the first 2 rooms I am bringing up are tweeked to hell01:14
tumbleweedtweak them back to heaven?01:15
tumbleweedour opening talk just started01:15
tumbleweedthe worst mains hum, I've ever seen :(01:15
tumbleweedCarlFK: feed the crestron with magic?01:17
tumbleweedtry different video modes?01:18
CarlFKtried all the modes01:19
CarlFKsome flicker between good and that, some are jsut that01:19
tumbleweedbypass the crestron and run to the projectors?01:19
tumbleweedIIRC atlys did this less than opsis01:19
CarlFKcartoon1 is opsis, cartoon2 is atlys - both exactly the same01:23
tumbleweedhdmi -> vga -> crestron?01:28
CarlFKthey are off to get 3 more hdmi->vga01:35
CarlFKyay! Barbie Tootle is up!01:49
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CarlFK[m]I am at Tim Hortons, corner of King and oligarchy next to Wendy's11:12
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polloCarlFK[m]: there are TH in the USA?12:42
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CarlFK[m]Yes. I hear we screwed them up. Sorry.21:40
CarlFK[m]But there are pics of him, so yey!21:42
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