Saturday, 2018-07-21

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mithroCarlFK: Do you have a recommendation for cases for the Opsis?00:02
mithroThat I can buy from Amazon?00:03
mithroThat is the one you use?00:03
CarlFKstill love them00:04
mithroI with there was a half height version of that...00:04
mithroCarlFK: you mount the odroid in them, right?00:10
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CarlFKmithro: odrod C2 to be exact.  there are a few odroid models00:21
mithroCarlFK: You haven't tried this one?
CarlFKmithro: no - looks nice00:54
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nancy[m]mithro ping  can u review this
tpbTitle: WIP : Crop by Nancy-Chauhan · Pull Request #20 · enjoy-digital/litevideo · GitHub (at
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