Thursday, 2018-07-19

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xobsCarlFK: It sounds like your programming cable is flaky?  Can you slow down the rate at which you flash the devices?03:21
CarlFKxobs: um....  its usb into the Atlys baord - is that something I can slow down?03:22
CarlFKxobs: I have another one that has different problems: Memory initialization failed03:29
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
xobsCarlFK: I actually don't see a way to slow down programming.  I suppose I need to read up on how the programming process works.03:30
xobsAre the boards overheating?  My NeTV2 fails to calibrate DDR properly when it's running hot, so I point a small fan at it and wait a few minutes.03:31
CarlFKI don't think so - the heat sink is hardly warm to the touch03:32
CarlFK2nd one has been off for a while, it looks like .. bootloader?  got messed up (I have no idea what the things are called)03:33
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CarlFKmithro: can I get a bit of your time?   2 of my Atlys are being weird - one flases but doesn't boot, one boots but fails memcheck ... PyOhio is next week, I can live without them, but I'll have no spares05:20
mithroDo you have it working on any Atlys?05:24
CarlFKyes - I have 4 total, 2 work fine05:24
mithroSo these two are different in some way?05:25
mithroHave they ever worked before?05:25
CarlFKone is my original, I'm sure the 2nd has worked05:26
CarlFKthe 2nd is the one that boots but fails memchecks05:26
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_florent_xobs: "My NeTV2 fails to calibrate DDR properly when it's running hot": can you create an issue on LiteDRAM with logs of the initialization when it succeeds or fails, i'll investigate07:28
xobs_florent_: What sorts of logs would you like to see?07:29
_florent_how are you able to evaluate that "NeTV2 fails to calibrate DDR properly"?07:30
xobsIt looks like it runs 'memtest' at boot, and memtest reports many errors along with "Memory initialization failed"07:31
_florent_i added some debug infos at the DDR initialization (read bitslip that is used, eyescan)07:31
_florent_that can be useful that you update litedram/litex and i think we will understand what is going on with the additional informations07:31
_florent_also, if you are using an old version, it was using static values for read leveling, which were maybe not optimal when the fpga is hot. Now calibration is done automatically at startup by the bios07:34
xobsOkay.  I've pulled the latest version.  Let me rebuild.07:39
_florent_ok thanks07:39
xobs_florent_: The latest build hangs at startup.  The last thing I get out of the UART is "m3: 000000000011", and it's not responding on Ethernet.07:56
xobsLet me point the fan at it and wait.  The die temp is 70 degrees right now.07:56
xobsOr at least, it was 70 degrees with the previous bitstream format.07:57
_florent_xobs: are you building for the 35T or 100T?07:57
_florent_ah, ok so i can't test07:58
_florent_can you create an issue, on LiteDRAM with the full boot log?07:58
_florent_i'll investigate on my 35T07:58
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OnceMecan I ask about videography?07:59
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CarlFKmithro: found another Atlys, so I have a spare now, so I am not logger fussed08:08
CarlFKOnceMe: sure - but I'm about to turn in for the night08:09
rohitksingh_work_florent_: Hi! The Nexys Video VideoSoC target doesn't seem to be working (litex-buildenv), more specifically, there is no video out (pattern source) from HDMI should I try to debug it?08:09
OnceMegopro vs yi 4k+ ?08:12
CarlFKOnceMe: gopro isn't appropriate for recording conference talks08:16
_florent_rohitksingh_work: hi! you can maybe put a litescope analyzer on the video out to see if there is some activity08:17
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rohitksingh_work_florent_: Sure, thanks! Let me try that08:21
OnceMeCarlFK, ?08:21
_florent_i'm going to do some tests on the netv2 in a couple of hours, i'll try to also test the nexys_video08:22
xobs_florent_: I'll back out those changes for now, if that's alright?08:26
_florent_xobs: yes thanks, i'm going to look at that08:26
CarlFKOnceMe: im not sure what you are looking for - you might want to follow the URLs in the /topic08:27
_florent_xobs: i just comment in the issue: once you'll have reverted things, can you post the bootlog when it's working?08:27
rohitksingh_work_florent_: awesome!08:32
xobs_florent_: This T100 unit may actually be due to an assembly issue.09:10
_florent_xobs: it's strange because it seems module 0 is not working correctly09:50
xobsI'll try and look at a T35 tomorrow.10:03
xobsBy the way, I got litescope working and solved my Wishbone issue. Reset was hooked up wrong. Thanks for the great library, florent!10:04
cr1901_modernSo it wasn't an alignment issue?10:26
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xobsIt was an alignment issue, and also the fact that I'd attached a floating wire to the /debug/ reset line, so it kept resetting the debug logic.12:01
_florent_xobs: i tested the 35T, dram calibration/memtest was working12:21
xobsOkay. I assume it's a soldering fault. This board was hand-assembled in China, and then hand-reworked by bunnie to replace the T35 with a T100. Thermal gremlins are not unexpected.12:24
_florent_xobs: i had a similar issue on one of the 35T12:27
_florent_xobs: but i think you can still use it, if you only use one of the dram module12:27
_florent_xobs: you can do something like this:
tpbTitle: netv2: only use ddram second module (first module is broken on one of… · enjoy-digital/[email protected] · GitHub (at
_florent_xobs: you will only have half the bandwidth, but that can still be useful if you want to use that board12:30
xobs_florent_: I see.  That's a useful trick.12:43
xobsBy the way, this is with an 8-bit CSR.  When Bunnie tried the 32-bit CSR version, he saw lots of video corruption.  Probably due to the RAM calibration.  Which is why I've been looking at doing the Wishbone bus integration.12:44
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_florent_xobs: yes, the ram calibration is not working correctly with 32-bit CSR12:52
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CarlFK_florent_: (or anyone who wants to poke)  One of my Atlys is being weird - I flash it, just like I flashed 3 others, but this one fails memtest.  here is the mode-switch output:
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKI can give you ssh access to box it is hooked to16:21
CarlFKfor a few hours anyway. then it gets shipped to PyOhio for 2 weeks16:22
_florent_CarlFK: do you have an old gateware that is known to work on this board that you could test?16:23
CarlFK_florent_: I don't know what has and has not worked on this board - I have some older ones I could try that worked on other boards16:26
_florent_yes that would be interesting16:29
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CarlFK_florent_: image-gateware+bios+firmware.v0.0.4-96-gf170caa.atlys.hdmi2usb.lm32.bin  Built Jan 19 2018  - same thing16:44
CarlFKBIOS CRC passed (77d9c98d) Memtest bus failed: 256/256 errors ....16:45
_florent_it could be a problem an issue with the board or this board that has different dram timings than the others16:55
_florent_that's difficult to say without testing a bit more16:55
_florent_but i won't have time now to do tests16:56
CarlFKk - I'll stick it on a shelf and get to it some other time16:57
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