Tuesday, 2018-07-03

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xobsStill poking at VexRiscv debugging.  I'm seeing a few oddities, understandably.07:53
xobsFor one, reset is behaving strangely.  When the bios first loads, I can interact with it, but if I reset the softcore, I only get serial output -- typing doesn't yield anything, and CSR_UART_RXTX never changes.  Is there some reset sequence I'm not doing?  Should I also reset Wishbone, if that's possible?07:55
cr1901_modernxobs: Which dev board?07:56
* cr1901_modern wants to know out of curiosity07:56
xobscr1901_modern: netv2 (with T100!)07:56
cr1901_modernHrm, can't help much w/ that I'm afraid. There's been a number of softcore woes collectively in litex lately07:57
cr1901_modernlm32 crashes ice40, vexriscv doesn't work properly w/ Artix07:57
cr1901_modern(and vexriscv has a learning curve b/c they wrote it in a FP lang repurposed for HDL)07:58
xobsIt's mostly working.  And I'm pretty pleased with how litex laid out.07:59
xobsI've already got a version of Verilog merged upstream that exposes the debug bus.  I'm just working on integrating it into litex now.08:00
cr1901_modernI've seen lm32 crash on spartan 6 and spartan 3 a few characters into displaying the banner. But it was consistent- i.e. didn't need to reset it to see the crash.08:01
xobsThe problems I'm running into are serial not working on reboot, and Bunnie's HDMI code does something with a PLL that breaks.08:02
cr1901_modernsolution was to use a nice power-of-two for the RAM size08:02
cr1901_modern(idk why that works)08:02
xobsThe nice thing is that I can connect gdb to the softcore and examine the CSR, which I'd imagine would be updated if a character came in.08:02
xobsUnless there's something weird going on where the reset happens as the softcore is mastering wishbone, and doesn't release the semaphore.  Or however it's architected.  I should look into that now.08:03
xobsHow does bus mastering work on Wishbone?08:04
cr1901_modernwell, in particular for misoc/litex, the only mastering scheme I'm currently aware of is RoundRobin08:05
cr1901_modern(grep for that identifier)08:05
cr1901_modernThe caches of the softcore attach to a RoundRobin arbiter in any litex design, and if you have any other cores capable of mastering, it would also attach to the arbiter08:06
cr1901_modern(so minimum of 2 wb bus masters in any design)08:07
cr1901_modernxobs: If you're asking "how does Wishbone spec how bus mastering works", it doesn't :P. It just gives examples on how it can be done08:08
cr1901_modernerrr, scrap that last message^08:08
cr1901_modernxobs: Can you elaborate on your question? Are you asking "how does wishbone decide that a core has control of the bus"? Or "how do multiple wishbone cores share control of the bus"?08:09
xobscr1901_modern: Right now, I have it set up so resetting the softcore via debug is ORed with the i_reset signal.  So if you reset it using a debugger, the softcore just resets right away.08:10
xobsI'm wondering how things like Wishbone handle that.  What happens if the reset happens in the middle of a read from a Wishbone device?08:11
cr1901_modernDoesn't specify, AFAIR08:12
cr1901_modernif you look at the wishbone spec diagrams, most of the drawings show the reset signal coming from a "clock and reset generator" IP, with well, only a clock and reset line, that attaches to all the other WB devices08:13
cr1901_modernI suppose you could "feed back" information about current bus activity to your clock-reset IP, so if a reset request is received during a read in progress, the reset doesn't trigger until CYC/STB is released08:14
cr1901_modern(Also, are you simulating :)?)08:15
xobsI'm not simulating.  That might be a good idea.08:16
cr1901_modernhttps://github.com/cr1901/ymsoc/tree/master/build/sim Feel free to use this as a starting point if you wish (I'm not familar w/ litex' extra simulation features)08:17
tpbTitle: ymsoc/build/sim at master · cr1901/ymsoc · GitHub (at github.com)08:17
xobsIt's kinda fun that I can poke values into the CSR from the CPU using gdb and cause it to print values to the serial port.08:56
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