Thursday, 2018-06-14

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xobsIs there any documentation on how to use liteeth?  I can ping the device (, but etherbone software such as "eb-ls" doesn't work, and python keeps throwing socket.timeout errors when using RemoteClient().05:41
_florent_xobs: can you describe your configuration?05:51
_florent_xobs: are you using the hardware ip/udp/etherbone stack?05:52
xobs_florent_: NeTV2 MVP.  Earlier I was going through a gigabit hub, and it did respond to pings as well, but after bunnie's recommendation I switched to using a USB Ethernet device.05:52
xobsI'm using from bunnie's repo, and I believe it uses liteeth.05:53
_florent_xobs: ok yes05:53
_florent_xobs:  yes it seems etherbone packets are filtered05:53
_florent_xobs; for now it's probably better to use a simple network as bunnie suggests05:54
_florent_xobs: have you already tried with that?05:54
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_florent_you can do that:05:56
_florent_1) be sure to be on a simple network (no packet filtering)05:56
_florent_2) ping the board05:56
_florent_3) start the litex_server: litex_server udp <ip_address_of_the_board>05:58
xobs_florent_: I can ping the board, and it's directly connected via a USB Ethernet device.  Windows firewall is off.05:58
_florent_4) try to get the identifier with
tpbTitle: netv2-soc/ at master · enjoy-digital/netv2-soc · GitHub (at
_florent_ok, then it should be good05:59
xobs_florent_: Okay, it does work if I run litex_server and talk to it that way, thanks.  If I don't run litex_server and try to talk directly to it using RemoteClient(), or if I try to use the etherbone tools such as eb-discover and eb-ls, it doesn't work.06:00
xobsI also need to turn the firewall off.06:00
xobsThanks, I've got a lead to follow now!06:00
_florent_xobs: the litex_server is here to be able to use the same tests script with various kind of interfaces: serial, ethernet, pcie, etc...06:02
_florent_so if you do:06:02
_florent_litex_server uart /dev/ttyUSBX and have a uart to wishbone bridge in the SoC06:03
_florent_you can also run the same scripts06:03
xobs_florent_: Is the wire protocol documented anywhere?  And is the protocol compatible with the etherbone stuff, such that software such as eb-ls and eb-discover should work?06:04
_florent_i know the wireshark etherbone dissector is able to recognize the packets, but i'm not sure discovering is implemented06:05
_florent_that's something that should not be too difficult to add if you think that's useful06:06
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xobs_florent_: I'm curious if the software from should work.06:09
tpbTitle: Open Hardware Repository | EtherBone Core - / - Repository (at
_florent_if you follow the limitations:, it should (but never tested)06:10
tpbTitle: liteeth/ at master · enjoy-digital/liteeth · GitHub (at
_florent_there is a wireshark dissector here btw if that can be useful:
tpbTitle: liteeth/liteeth/software/dissectors at master · enjoy-digital/liteeth · GitHub (at
_florent_i think it's the one from etherbone-core with little changes06:11
_florent_if it can be useful, i also have this:06:16
tpbTitle: netv2-soc/etherbone.h at master · enjoy-digital/netv2-soc · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: netv2-soc/etherbone.c at master · enjoy-digital/netv2-soc · GitHub (at
_florent_in this case, etherbone is not implemented in hardware but handled by the soft cpu.06:17
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loptamithro: I enjoyed your interview on the Amp Hour podcast.20:20
mithro_florent_ / xobs:
tpbTitle: Comparing sigrokproject:master...mithro:litescope · sigrokproject/libsigrok · GitHub (at
mithro_florent_ / xobs: and
tpbTitle: libsigrok/easy-eb.h at c67b4c11af695e97f9410c1247b02ca06ea30a36 · mithro/libsigrok · GitHub (at
mithrolopta: Thanks! Did you get to it from tinyfgpas?20:41
loptamithro: No, I'm subscribed.20:41
mithrolopta: My AmpHour was quite a while ago however?20:41
loptaI said I was subscribed, not that I was up-to-date. ;-)20:42
cr1901_modernmithro: What would we do without you? :)21:20
loptaI'm working through the back catalogue.21:55
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