Friday, 2018-06-08

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tpbTitle: GitHub - rlutz/voctoknopf: Voctoknopf – video mixer control device for Chaos conferences (at
CarlFKmithro: neat18:21
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TheAssassinCarlFK: now if that thing was 3d printable... :)19:21
TheAssassinmaybe it's time to get a real CNC mill19:29
CarlFKthat looks suited to a laser cutter19:31
TheAssassinthe only "real" issue with that baseplate is the engraved symbols19:37
TheAssassinother than that the plate can be 3d printed just fine19:37
TheAssassinif the lines weren't that fine, I'd simply go and print in 2 colors19:38
TheAssassinthe few first layers are printed in black or so, then the top ones with the engravings in white or so19:38
TheAssassinthat'd make production of the case a _lot_ cheaper19:38
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