Tuesday, 2018-05-29

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felix_rohitksingh_work: fyi: european plugs sort-of fit into the indian power sockets; amazon messed up and i had to go to india without the right adapter cable05:08
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rohitksingh_workfelix_: yup, european plugs generally fit fine in Indian plugs. That's why I was surprised why you were asking to purchase adapters.05:13
rohitksingh_workhow did the hillhacks go?05:13
felix_we were about 2.5 days at hillhacks and went then to manali to go hiking in the mountains06:21
felix_it was interesting to visit the conference/event and see how things are there, but i had the impression that different people had different ideas what it should be/be about...06:45
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paddatrappernancy98[m]: https://meet.jit.si/TimVideosGSoC17:14
CarlFKwhoops, sorry, was wondering what that ;link was.  hi!17:21
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paddatrapperlol hi!17:21
paddatrapperorganised a meeting with nancy98[m] for around now17:22
paddatrappernancy98[m]: I'm just grabbing food. I'll be back in about 15 minutes17:22
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