Tuesday, 2018-05-22

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nancy98[m]Hello can someone help me with the following output of  make firmware-connect while  Testing https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HN5G8Fgc7m/08:08
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)08:08
nancy98[m]paddatrapper ping ?08:28
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paddatrappernancy98[m]: pong08:52
paddatrapperI can help in about 4hrs time. Does that work for you?08:53
nancy98[m]ok :)08:54
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paddatrappernancy98[m]: ping?13:05
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CarlFKnancy98[m]: at the bios> prompt, try "help"13:21
CarlFKit won't explain why it stopped there, but you may find it interesting13:21
nancy98[m]Hello ! https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nmCV6rtvg6/ i get this ...i am supposed to get other commands13:47
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)13:47
nancy98[m]shivm28:  You have tried loading firmaware gateware earlier ? how did u encounter this !13:49
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CarlFKnancy98[m]: try memtest14:11
nancy98[m]BIOS> memtest14:16
nancy98[m]Memtest OK14:16
CarlFK'good' - it runs on boot, and if it fails it aborts the boot and leaves you at the bios> prompt.14:17
CarlFKI'm not sure I have seen that one14:17
nancy98[m]and if we want to change the resolution ?14:19
CarlFKyou can't do any of the normal functions yet14:22
CarlFKwhat dos ident do>14:22
nancy98[m]BIOS> ident14:23
nancy98[m]Ident: VideoSoC14:23
CarlFKhuh.  that might be important.  I am not sure what the expected value is.14:23
CarlFKflashboot - that should try the boot again (I think) and I expect it will fail and bring back the bios> prompt.  hopefully with a message about why it is failing.14:23
nancy98[m]BIOS> flashboot14:24
nancy98[m]Booting from flash...14:24
nancy98[m]Error: Invalid flash boot image length 0xffffffff14:24
nancy98[m]CarlFK i want to see the entire working with flash in and flash out effect ( previous year work ) and have a look at resolution it works on : the current state14:28
CarlFKwhat code are you trying to run?   github url will show account, repo and branch14:36
CarlFKit isn't  booting, so you won't see anything working.14:36
paddatrappernancy98[m]: have you tried with a prebuilt, known working firmware image>14:36
nancy98[m]Right now the existing firmware , gateware code ...than want to try ssk work ( fade in and fade out ) repo code14:37
CarlFKnancy98[m]: there are many existing firmware and gateware.  we need to know which one.14:38
paddatrappernancy98[m]: also did you build it yourself or use one of the already built images?14:39
nancy98[m]HDMI2USB litex firmware : Connecting  to lm32 softcore to send direct commands to the HDMI2USB14:42
paddatrapperwhat version number, commit and repo URL?14:43
paddatrapperalso are you building it yourself?14:43
nancy98[m]havent tried with prebuilt14:45
paddatrappertry flash this:14:47
nancy98[m]paddatrapper : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/D8tb5PZ7sr/14:57
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)14:57
paddatrappernancy98[m]: is that after you flashed the prebuilt firmware?14:58
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CarlFKtarget: video15:01
CarlFKthat is not ... hdmi2usb/lm32/image-gateware%2Bbios%2Bfirmware.bin15:02
paddatrapperright. But it has booted15:02
nancy98[m]yes that was for firmware loading15:03
paddatrapperthe tip of master built today in other words?15:04
nancy98[m]https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MW98WvdwJm/  this isfor make image15:04
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)15:04
CarlFKnancy98[m]: what OS are you using?15:09
paddatrappernancy98[m]: that is running correctly, though for the video target so I think there are some things that are not available/do not work15:09
nancy98[m]Ubuntu 16.04.415:12
CarlFKnancy98[m]:  what code are you trying to run?   github url will show the account, repo and branch15:28
* paddatrapper heads off15:29
paddatrapperI'll be back in about an hour or two15:29
CarlFKsee ya /me waves15:30
nancy98[m]i was trying to boot the firmware to check , if it is loading ....15:31
nancy98[m]it loaded .... but i want to set the whole setup with ssk code with mixing of two inputs with fade in and fade out effects15:32
CarlFKwhat is ssk code ?15:39
nancy98[m]ssk1328*  who implemented the  effect in his work15:43
CarlFKis it on github?15:44
nancy98[m]yes sir15:47
CarlFKwhat is the URL?15:48
nancy98[m]https://github.com/ssk1328/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/commits/float-arithmetic?author=ssk1328 : for The dynamic fade mix15:53
tpbTitle: Commits · ssk1328/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)15:53
CarlFKnancy98[m]:        Latest commit                cced88f              on Aug 8, 201615:58
CarlFKI suspect it may not work with the current build scripts15:58
nancy98[m]Changes have been done since than !?16:05
nancy98[m]ok than i will have to look at it16:05
CarlFKthis is complicated.  If you are using the build scripts from that repo, then they are 2 years old also.   So maybe it isn't relevant.16:09
nancy98[m]I need to do changes or build from scratch16:15
CarlFKI have no idea.  I can't even say if that repo ever built and ran successfully16:21
CarlFKhttps://archive.gathering.org/tg12/en/news/27/56/Fastest-in-the-universe/  "After last year’s world record of 110Gbit/s, the Swedes at Dreamhack answered with 120 Gbit/s on their event ...16:22
CarlFKTo comparison a country like Thailand with about 60 million inhabitants have about 158Gbit/s international bandwidth."16:23
CarlFKwhoos, wrong chan :p16:24
nancy98[m]CarlFK  , Thank you for helping me out :)16:26
CarlFKnancy98[m]: you're welcome.  sorry things are disorganized, but I can assure you the things that do work, work very well.16:28
nancy98[m]yes sir :) even i am learning a lot with this16:30
railsCarlFK: i know the CTO of DH, he's insane18:00
railsit's amazing18:00
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CarlFKrails: what is DH?18:34
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