Saturday, 2018-05-05

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CarlFKanyone want to review the video of tim01:01
CarlFKanyone want to review the video of tim's talk next week?01:01
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TheAssassinCarlFK: atlys arrived10:54
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TheAssassinso, I flashed the firmware on the atlys board13:11
TheAssassinseems to wrok, a /dev/video0 showed up, and it's shown as timvideos atyls board in lsusb13:11
TheAssassinhowever, my laptop doesn't recognize it as a display13:11
TheAssassinI read there is no "hot plug" support13:11
TheAssassinin what order do I have to connect something to the board?13:11
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CarlFKTheAssassin: did you build or dl firmware from ?13:28
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
TheAssassinCarlFK: I just figured out I flashed something ancient, and that didn'T work well13:28
TheAssassinso right now I'm flashing the prebuilt 0.0.4 firmware13:28
TheAssassinjust finished13:30
TheAssassinlemme reset the board now13:30
CarlFKare you doing this:
tpbTitle: Flashing Firmware · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
TheAssassinCarlFK: yes13:47
CarlFKwhich I noticed a few weeks ago has the Atlys part out of order.   I think...13:47
TheAssassinyeah they dont sell it any more now13:47
TheAssassinI even connected the jumper accordingly, and now flashing worked apparently, but as soon as the board gets reset after removing the jumper again, it appears unconfigured again13:48
CarlFKwhat page has jumper instructions?13:49
CarlFKthe good news is once you get any of the hdmi2usb firmware flashed, you don't need to worry about the jumper any more13:50
TheAssassinthe jumper below the USB UART socket13:50
TheAssassinyeah that's what I read13:50
CarlFK the bad news is that means I have never really tested the instructions13:50
TheAssassinthe problem is13:50
TheAssassinI flashed ~3 times now13:50
TheAssassinalways tells me to power cycle13:50
CarlFKwhat *page* - url13:50
TheAssassinso I power off, remove jumper, power on13:50
TheAssassinah gimme as ec13:51
TheAssassinCarlFK: shows the instructions, and the jumper stuff is...13:51
tpbTitle: Flashing Firmware · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Digilent Atlys Board: Jumpers and Video Connections · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
TheAssassin> An on-board mode jumper (JP11) selects between JTAG/USB and ROM programming modes. If JP11 is not loaded, the FPGA will automatically configure itself from the ROM. If JP11 is loaded, the FPGA will remain idle after power-on until configured from the JTAG or Serial programming port.13:53
tpbTitle: Sticky Notes (at
CarlFKthat isnt' very clear.  somewhere is more clear.  I think it goes:13:54
CarlFKjumper, flash, remove, power cycle13:54
TheAssassinI'll try13:54
CarlFKmore notes, but not helpful
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
TheAssassinyeah, there's a bunch of docs scattered around13:56
TheAssassinokay, it's flashed, removing jumper now, then power off and on13:56
TheAssassinnope, it's again there as "Digilent Development board JTAG"13:57
CarlFKdid you add the ppa and apt install modeswitch?13:57
CarlFKInfo : Found flash device 'micron n25q128' (ID 0x0018ba20)13:58
CarlFKthat looks good, so I think all of that is fine13:58
TheAssassinseen it, yes14:00
TheAssassinhowever that's said to be for trusty only14:00
TheAssassinI tried with the software from the repos, but I'm setting up an ubuntu 18.04 system atm, to try the prebuilt tools from there14:00
CarlFKwe use streatch and xenial too14:01
CarlFKthe permutation of choices makes it hard to have a start to finish doc14:01
TheAssassinCarlFK: you know I'm an AppImage developer, don't you?14:02
CarlFKim heading off to breakfast14:02
CarlFKwhats that?14:03
TheAssassinwhy not package all your tools as AppImages and ship them upstream?14:03
tpbTitle: Sticky Notes (at
TheAssassinerr https://appimage.org14:03
tpbTitle: AppImage | Linux apps that run anywhere (at
TheAssassininstead of trying to get into the repos of all distros, just ship AppImages, bundles of the app with a fixed set of deps14:03
TheAssassinif everybody's going to use the AppImages for flashing etc., you know for sure what software those people use14:04
TheAssassinreproducibility wise that's a great thing14:04
CarlFKbut everyone wont, so we won't know :p14:04
TheAssassinwhy won't they?14:04
TheAssassinyou just need to force em14:04
TheAssassinjust say "use the AppImage and retry" when someone comes to you with a bug report14:05
CarlFK203 is .. maybe broken.14:05
TheAssassinwell the download thingy downloaded that14:05
TheAssassinI'll try an older version14:06
CarlFKyeah, im trying to remember the default but i guess it is unstable.14:06
CarlFKthere is a arg for "stable"14:06
TheAssassinthere's a --latest arg14:07
TheAssassinnot a stable arg14:07
CarlFK--channel stable14:08
CarlFKI think14:08
TheAssassinlemme try14:08
TheAssassin_csv.Error: iterator should return strings, not bytes (did you open the file in text mode?14:08
CarlFKim reloacing to breafast - bb in a few14:09
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TheAssassinthat thing is using google docs oO14:09
TheAssassinguyyyyyyys you're open source devs why use google14:09
TheAssassinaccording to the google docs thing, 19414:10
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TheAssassinI flashed 194, which is apparently the stable release14:23
TheAssassinnow I can flash without the jumper14:23
TheAssassinhowever there's no v4l device found14:23
CarlFKdid you --load-something something .hex?14:25
TheAssassinno, they're called .bin now14:26
CarlFKatlys needs two14:27
CarlFKand the .hex gets lost on a power cycle14:27
CarlFKwhich is why the order is mixed up on
tpbTitle: Flashing Firmware · timvideos/HDMI2USB Wiki · GitHub (at
TheAssassindo I have to use the ancient .hex file?14:30
CarlFKdoesn't matter  - it hasn't changed in years14:30
TheAssassinah now theres a dev video0 device14:31
TheAssassinlemme try to connect it to my laptop now :)14:31
TheAssassinrecognized as a 720p50 display now14:31
TheAssassinso far s ogood14:31
CarlFK\o/ progress14:32
TheAssassinon mplayer14:33
TheAssassina little laggy in mplayer tho14:33
CarlFKone more test - hook up a terminal program - like tio is my new fav14:33
TheAssassinvia the other usb port you mean14:33
CarlFKI think it is the same usb port14:34
CarlFK1 is for programming, the other for .. um.. video and tty14:34
CarlFKbut I always have both hooked up, so no idea which is which14:35
CarlFKyou should see /dev/ttyVIZZ0  (or 1 Z...14:35
TheAssassinactually on the atlys according to the docs the micro USB port is used for programming _and_ video14:36
TheAssassinand that works already14:36
CarlFKthere are 2 micro, and one usb-a14:36
TheAssassinah yeah14:36
TheAssassinso the term thing works with the other micro usb?14:36
CarlFKbut I always have both hooked up, so no idea which is which <-14:37
TheAssassinthe programming port is for the video device, I can guarantee that14:37
CarlFKone usb hardware can have multiple protocols14:37
TheAssassinI have only that connected and the docs say so too14:37
CarlFKlike a webcam with a mic will have both dev/video0 and ... some sound device14:38
CarlFKbut from what you are saying, I guess the other port is just the tty device14:38
TheAssassinonce connecting the micro usb port near thge UART one, a serial device shows up14:39
TheAssassindev ttyXRUSB014:39
CarlFKthat means something isn't quite right14:39
CarlFKthat is right.14:40
TheAssassinwell maybe on your OS14:40
TheAssassinthe naming of these ports is OS specific normally14:40
TheAssassinlet me try my device here14:40
TheAssassinwhat BAUD rate?14:40
CarlFKiv seen ttyXRUSB0 on my os.  it won't work14:40
CarlFKdid you do this: sudo apt install vizzini-dkms14:40
TheAssassinbut let me try to ensure loading this kernel module14:41
CarlFKun/plug the usb cables, check dmesg14:41
TheAssassinokay, vizzini is loaded now14:43
TheAssassin/dev/ttyXRUSB0 showed up14:43
TheAssassinbut now its group is video14:43
TheAssassinso I assume after a reboot it might even show up as ttyVIZZ014:43
CarlFKmaybe.  this is more stuff that isn't well tested.  use app-whatever you said :p14:44
TheAssassinso just connect to it with a serial terminal at some baud rate?14:45
TheAssassinwhat are we looking for14:45
CarlFKhit enter, see a hdmi2usb> prompt14:45
CarlFKyou enter commands, like: version14:45
TheAssassinu know the correct baud rate?14:47
CarlFKim not sure it matters - it isn't real serial hardware14:47
CarlFKin fact, we have tried to use slower baud rates, and it seems everything ignores it14:48
CarlFKdo you see dev/ttyVIZ ?14:48
TheAssassinI'll power cycle the thing once again14:49
CarlFKpower cycle Atlys or .. host?14:50
CarlFKafter you power cycle, you need to load the .hex again14:51
TheAssassinI just did14:51
TheAssassincrw-rw----  1 root video   266,  0 Mai  5 16:47 /dev/ttyXRUSB014:51
TheAssassincrw-rw----+ 1 root video    81,  0 Mai  5 16:47 /dev/video014:51
TheAssassincrw-rw----  1 root video   166,  0 Mai  5 16:47 /dev/ttyACM014:51
TheAssassinthese are created by the board14:51
CarlFKif it makes you feel better, I stuggle with this all the time14:52
CarlFKblacklist xr_usb_serial_common ?14:53
CarlFKyou should see something about vizzini in dmesg14:54
TheAssassinah hm14:54
TheAssassinlet me rmmod that driver quickly14:55
CarlFKi've also heard that ModemManager conflicts14:55
TheAssassinbtw, there's a command missing14:57
TheAssassinfirst of all, the blacklist should be something like echo "blacklist XXX" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-hdmi2usb.conf14:57
TheAssassinalso, without sudo update-initramfs -u -k all, the change has zero effect14:57
TheAssassinI'm not too much into video stuff15:00
TheAssassinbut this looks like when a linux desktop is missing a compositor that supports vsync15:00
CarlFKare you seeing a little flicker on the bottom 1/3 ?15:01
TheAssassinseems like youtube in a browser is not a good source to check how well this is working :) it's much better with a vid that is running in VLC15:03
TheAssassindunno why but the video was apparently laggy in the browser, I just opened a video in VLC on my laptop and watch it via the atlys board now15:04
TheAssassinmy test VM is btw almost finished upgrading to bionic, then I'll perform my tests in there15:05
CarlFKer, never mind that for now - if you want to try 1080i, need to get ttyVIZ to show up15:05
TheAssassinyeah waiting for the VM then going to test that15:05
CarlFKthat won't help15:05
CarlFKpretty sure your host OS needs to see the ...15:06
CarlFKthe vm simulates hardware to the guest, but the VM will then use the host's drivers to talk to the hardware15:07
CarlFKif the host dosn't have the right driver.. the guest won't see it either.  fill in correct definitions of "right" and "it" :p15:07
CarlFKbreakfast over, time to go to some talks - not sure when I'll be back15:12
TheAssassinactually I flashed the firmware in the VM already twice :)15:12
TheAssassinVirtualBox's driver is quite good, it's just forwarding all the USB stuff15:13
TheAssassinCarlFK: could the problem also be that the device is in 50 fps mode atm?15:13
CarlFKI am pretty sure the VM is till talking to the host OS, not the hardware15:13
TheAssassinin "the rest of the world" (-- mithro) we use 60 fps15:13
CarlFKno - if the vizz driver isn't being loaded, then no viz device15:14
TheAssassinwe'll see in a minute o_O15:14
CarlFKand even if it is, seems some other driver can get it first, and the viz driver doesn't get used15:14
TheAssassinbtw the FPS difference issue might cause the flickering, not the missing VIZZ device15:14
TheAssassinonce I got a VIZZ device, I'll switch the mode15:15
CarlFKim taking off.  when you get the prompt, version and help, which will show you "video mode 11" I think is 108015:16
CarlFKsee ay15:16
TheAssassinthanks anyway so far15:16
TheAssassinit's up&running :D15:16
TheAssassinnever expected to get that far arleady15:16
TheAssassinhave fun, CarlFK15:16
CarlFKheh - the room I am going to:  HELP THE PROJECTOR IS FLICKERING!!!15:17
CarlFKfor once, not my problem, nor will anyone even look at me.15:17
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TheAssassinCarlFK[m]: you were right15:39
TheAssassinreboot fixed it15:39
TheAssassinI'll edit the wiki later15:39
TheAssassinmithro: IIRC you guys were working on 3d printable cases for the hdmi2usb hardware...? is that published somewhere?16:41
CarlFK[m]I don't think there is a case, certainly not for the Atlys17:06
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CarlFKTheAssassin: bouncing in an out a bit.. did you get the ttyVIZ  to show up?17:21
CarlFKon 3d stuff, there is a 'port shield' for the Opsis, completely different layout from the Atlys17:22
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TheAssassinyes, CarlFK, the device is there17:24
TheAssassinbut I can't figure out howt o connect17:25
CarlFKwhat term program are you using?17:38
CarlFKmy fav: $ tio /dev/ttyVIZZ017:39
CarlFKa week ago, bob seemed to need sudo. ran out of time trying to figure out why.17:40
TheAssassinCarlFK: well, sudo adduser bob video18:04
CarlFKdid that fix your problem?18:06
TheAssassinCarlFK: well I am connected, with minicom18:06
TheAssassinyes, the problem is simply a permission thing18:06
TheAssassinthe problem is I dont see a prompt18:06
TheAssassinre sudo: once youre in the video group, the permission error goes away18:06
TheAssassinremember to tell bob to logout and login again afterwards18:07
TheAssassinCarlFK: using tio doesn'T get me a prompt either18:07
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ cat .minirc.dfl18:07
CarlFKpu addcarreturn     Yes18:07
TheAssassinis that for tio?18:08
CarlFKno - minicom18:08
CarlFK$ tio /dev/ttyVIZ018:08
CarlFKyo should get 3 lines.  3rd is like "Connected.."18:09
TheAssassin> tio /dev/ttyVIZ018:09
TheAssassin[tio 20:04:08] tio v1.2018:09
TheAssassin[tio 20:04:08] Press ctrl-t q to quit18:09
CarlFKyou aren't connected.18:10
CarlFKtry sudo18:10
TheAssassinyou dont say18:10
TheAssassinthis is with sudo :)18:10
TheAssassinnow it works...18:10
TheAssassinhit enter, now I got H2U t:im:e>18:11
CarlFKthere is like bit of delay  that is just enough to be confusing.  which I don't remember seeing until last week, but it could be I have gotten used to things working18:12
TheAssassinmode 11?18:12
CarlFKversion first18:12
CarlFKmake sure it is the version you think it is18:12
CarlFKthen help - look for the one about video mode.  I think it is 2 words18:13
CarlFKor two_words18:13
TheAssassinalready did18:13
TheAssassinvideo_mode 11 worked btw18:13
CarlFKnow we get into untested teritory18:13
TheAssassin1080p29.97 is just a little laggy :)18:14
CarlFKs (for status)18:14
CarlFKI forget if all ins and outs are enabled.  I think so.18:14
tpbTitle: Sticky Notes (at
CarlFKI also forget if it is crystal clear.  I think I opened an issue about some things being ambiguous18:15
TheAssassinlemme see if I can disable the outs18:15
TheAssassinI dont need em atm18:15
CarlFKo0 off18:16
CarlFKo1 off18:16
CarlFK I think.18:16
TheAssassinencoder: 1920x1080 @ 12fps from input1 (q: 85)18:16
TheAssassinso I tried encoder fps 3018:18
TheAssassinbut 1080p is only possible with 13 fps18:18
CarlFKtry dropping the quality18:18
CarlFKit may be dependent on image complexity18:19
CarlFKx c p e18:19
TheAssassin14fps with 5018:19
CarlFKsends color bar test pattern to the encoder18:19
TheAssassinbut yeah it's a start18:19
CarlFKhmm, is the uvc stream i or p?18:21
TheAssassingood question18:21
CarlFKif p, then it is the same as [email protected]  I think.18:22
TheAssassinheh now I got it to 9fps...18:22
TheAssassinturned off something called "secondary mode"18:22
TheAssassinill try 720p60  now18:23
TheAssassinthat's 28fps18:24
TheAssassinhm, I thought it could do 720p60 oO18:24
CarlFKyou may have been thinking 60hz?18:27
CarlFKthis is on the edge of my understanding18:28
TheAssassinno, I thought that the board would at least be able to give me 30 frames a second18:28
TheAssassinat 720p at least18:28
CarlFKI think it can18:29
TheAssassinis that more likely the encoder being not as efficient as it could, or is it an IO problem?18:29
TheAssassinI've seen that many blackmagic design devices use the exactly same FPGA chip as the atlys18:29
CarlFKim wondeing if your consumer (mplaer?) isn't the bottleneck18:29
TheAssassinso hardware wise it should be possible18:29
TheAssassinwanna suggest an alternative18:29
tpbTitle: voctomix-outcasts/ at master · CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts · GitHub (at
TheAssassinhardly less than 30 fps, just as with mplayer18:32
TheAssassinaverage is 29.9 fps18:32
CarlFKhuh.  check your cpu load.. and18:32
TheAssassinthe CPU is not loaded at all18:32
TheAssassinit's an 8 core AMD FX CPU18:32
TheAssassinwith almost no load18:32
CarlFKim wondering how you can monitor ... usb .. stuffs18:32
CarlFKlike.. I hear the rasp pi usb hardware is so bad it can't do 100mbs networking18:33
CarlFKeven though usb2 is like 480mbs18:33
TheAssassinyeah, but there's some metadata most likely around the 100mbps networking18:34
TheAssassinthen, the chip isn't very fast either18:34
TheAssassinit's a single core outdated broadcom thing18:34
daveshahHave a look at the usbtop command18:34
TheAssassinCarlFK: check out
CarlFKdo you have a webcam that can push ...18:35
CarlFKtheres a usbtop command?18:35
tpbTitle: GitHub - aguinet/usbtop: usbtop is a top-like utility that shows an estimated instantaneous bandwidth on USB buses and devices. (at
daveshahI just discovered it the other day18:35
TheAssassinthat thing wants to be loaded as kernel module...18:35
TheAssassinits not really stable18:35
TheAssassinand not in active development18:36
daveshahworked for me18:36
daveshahthe kernel module needed came with my distro anyway18:36
TheAssassinwhich is?18:36
daveshahdistro is Arch18:36
TheAssassinim not saying it doesnt work18:37
TheAssassinbut I don't really want this on my prod system18:37
TheAssassinonce I get that used computer I wanna use for video stuff only I'll check it out18:37
CarlFK[email protected]:~/src/voctomix-outcasts/tests$ lsmod | grep usbmon18:37
CarlFKusbmon                 28672  018:37
CarlFKUbuntu 16.04.4 LTS18:37
daveshahyeah you just need to install usbtop, an application18:37
daveshahthe kernel module is separate and should already be installed in most cases18:38
CarlFKit was already here, so someone must have decided it was stable enough18:38
TheAssassini see...18:38
TheAssassinthe kernel module is some external project18:38
daveshahYes, the kernel module is part of the Linux kernel source tree18:39
CarlFKim with you on not loading up my production boxs with weird stuff18:39
TheAssassinweird stuff is okay as long as it's stable :)18:40
TheAssassinbut if that would'Ve been some experimental kernel module....18:41
TheAssassinCarlFK: okay, so, in terms of debugging, I doubt this is an IO problem18:41
TheAssassinit's fairly easy to estimate the size of the MJPEG stream18:41
TheAssassinwe got all the params18:42
TheAssassinresolution, quality18:42
CarlFKis quality 50  half as many bytes as 100?18:43
TheAssassinI don't think so18:43
TheAssassinbut even with quality 10018:43
TheAssassinwhat size does a JPG have with that resolution18:43
TheAssassinlemme try18:43
TheAssassinconvert -size 1280x720 xc:white test.jpg -> a file with 3761 bytes18:44
TheAssassinso, 30 fps a second, ~120kiB/s? that's not very much18:45
CarlFKim skeptical that is sound18:46
CarlFKI'm sure the size will vary based on content18:46
TheAssassinmight be18:46
TheAssassinI can create a stream with ffmpeg for testing18:46
TheAssassinso, ffmpeg running to convert a video fileinto an mjpeg file with best quality -> around 12388.4kbits/s18:50
TheAssassina little bit more :)18:50
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKthe 2nd part works with my webcam. the first ... does not give me files that anything can display18:58
TheAssassinjust exits on my computer18:59
TheAssassinaaah I see18:59
CarlFKadded a -v to the first one, I get /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstV4l2Src:v4l2src0.GstPad:src: caps = "video/x-raw\,\ format\=\(string\)YUY2\,\ width\=\(int\)1280\,\ height\=\(int\)720\,\ pixel-aspect-ratio\=\(fraction\)1/1\,\ interlace-mode\=\(string\)progressive\,\ colorimetry\=\(string\)2:4:7:1\,\ framerate\=\(fraction\)10/1"19:00
CarlFKvideo/x-raw - seems to be what my laptop webcam is putting out. or the driver... or something.  it isn't mjpeg19:00
CarlFKso hdmi2usb might give you useful files, that haven't been decoded/encoded19:01
TheAssassin/GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstV4l2Src:v4l2src0.GstPad:src: caps = "video/x-raw\,\ format\=\(string\)YUY2\,\ width\=\(int\)1280\,\ height\=\(int\)720\,\ pixel-aspect-ratio\=\(fraction\)1/1\,\ interlace-mode\=\(string\)progressive\,\ colorimetry\=\(string\)2:4:7:1\,\ framerate\=\(fraction\)15/219:01
TheAssassinCarlFK: what'cha working on19:02
CarlFKlenovo thinkpad twist19:03
CarlFKand now running off to:  CircuitPython is a programming language that  runs on microcontroller boards and designed to make learning super  simple! In this workshop...19:03
*** CarlFK has quit IRC19:04
TheAssassinCarlFK[m]: just for the record: just forced mplayer to read 15fps a sec, hdmi2usb still says it's producing 2919:25
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-05-05_033206.jpg (5544KB) <>19:38
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