Wednesday, 2018-05-02

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shivm28[m]shorne: ping?14:55
TheAssassinCarlFK: guess who's going to get an atlys in a few days14:57
TheAssassinI'll have to use a VM for this vivado crapstuff tho14:57
TheAssassindon't want it on my system-.-14:58
shivm28[m]Should I use any IDE to code in System Verilog?14:58
CarlFKhave you tried out lxd ?15:02
TheAssassinme or shivm28[m], CarlFK?15:02
TheAssassinI personally only used LXC, which lxd uses internally15:03
TheAssassinI dropped it, though, in favor of the idea of containers15:03
TheAssassin*docker containers15:03
tpbTitle: Linux Containers (at
TheAssassinLXC = linux containers15:03
TheAssassinstill working on that jenkins stuff eh?15:03
CarlFKjenkins - yes, on hold for a few hours while I assemble some hardware15:04
CarlFKand eat breakfast15:05
TheAssassinwhat do you want to use lxc for? I was guessing it was for jenkins15:05
CarlFKas a way to sandbox vivado crapstuff15:05
TheAssassinyeah well15:05
TheAssassinI'd go for Docker I guess15:06
TheAssassinthe Docker support in jenkins is quite good now15:06
TheAssassinand managing docker containers is more fun than lxd15:06
CarlFKto me Docker is more crapstuff15:06
TheAssassinso many people got Docker wrong in the first years15:06
TheAssassinit took me a year before I really tried again and then got into it15:07
CarlFKI get the feeling they put revenue before quality15:07
CarlFKbut I don't use containers enough to bother paying close attention15:08
TheAssassinwell once you know how to use em they're nice15:08
TheAssassinbut one really has to get off that idea of VMs15:08
TheAssassinLXC is more VM-ish15:08
CarlFKI have a juju charm that makes me a little lxd that I can test ansible deploys into15:09
TheAssassinah juju15:09
TheAssassinwell that's something I never used :)15:10
TheAssassinor well15:10
TheAssassinactually, I wanted it to create me an openstack demo env15:10
TheAssassinhowever, I ran it in a VM15:10
TheAssassinand that VM caused my entire system to crash15:10
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CarlFKTheAssassin: how far did you get with running stuff in qemu?15:36
TheAssassinoh right... I wanted to try that yesterday...15:37
TheAssassinnot so far :)15:37
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