Thursday, 2018-04-26

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CarlFKTheAssassin: hey - I see Atlys on ebay (us) for as low as 150 usd now and then00:27
TheAssassinCarlFK: hey00:28
TheAssassinshipping fees from US are pretty high though -_-00:28
TheAssassinI'll check it out though00:29
CarlFKI would spend your time making some money, then spend the money on good equipment00:29
TheAssassinthe money side isn't really an issue :)00:29
CarlFKum.. then get an Opsis?00:30
TheAssassinit's more of a "do I want to spend x*100 EUR on equipment I use once a year"00:30
CarlFKyou do00:30
TheAssassinnot for an audience of <500 people :)00:30
CarlFK500 is a good size, but if thye don't deserve it, then don't bother00:31
TheAssassinif I were to live record and stream a ~medium size conference00:31
CarlFKif you have the skills to do it, then your time is worth way more00:32
TheAssassinI think a service where you could rent such specialized hardware wascool00:32
TheAssassinpretty hard to find further arguments against buying some better hardware00:32
CarlFKmanaging inventory is not cool00:32
CarlFKI abused my Opsis board and knocked a chip off.  want to rent it? ;)00:34
TheAssassindoesn't seem like a good idea00:34
CarlFKyeah.  I would hate to be on either side of that deal00:35
TheAssassinregarding inventory management00:35
TheAssassinI have an entire living room full of such "once a year" equipment00:36
CarlFKyou should start a rental company!00:36
TheAssassinactually, twice a year, but who counts00:36
TheAssassinif I were good enough at inventory management ;)00:36
TheAssassinalso hate it to hand away my private stuff, so I would most likely be an annoying person to rent stuff from00:36
CarlFKI loaned 2 6k projectors to a friend - I think he was going to pay $400 or something.00:38
TheAssassinweird resolution00:38
TheAssassinu going to create some outdoor cinema thing?00:39
CarlFKI think thye were $900 ish00:39
CarlFKsomething happened to 1.  so he offered to buy them.  which somehow included making payments, which sometimes happens00:39
CarlFKI used them once or twice for 400 attendee conference00:39
TheAssassinit's nice to have a "pool" of hardware00:41
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TheAssassinlooks exactly like I would wire my stuff :)00:44
TheAssassinjust get it to work and then put it in some random case00:44
TheAssassinCarlFK[m]: what's it supposed to do00:45
CarlFKthat's my test rig that I hope doesn't leave the house00:45
TheAssassinI ge tthe impression that you do by far more usb video stuff than me :)00:46
TheAssassinnot su hard00:46
CarlFKthe pi is an hdmi source, there is a usb controled relay to turn everything off and on again00:46
CarlFKthat is leaning aginast  a stack of little desktops that do go out for recording every month or 200:47
TheAssassinso I guess this is a hobby for you, too?00:47
CarlFKfull time hobby that doesn't cost me money, but I don't get paid well00:48
TheAssassinnot sure what you mean00:50
CarlFKI do it full time. most of the time is not getting paid, and when I do get paid, it doesn't really cover the not being paid time00:53
TheAssassinthe world of open source, I guess00:54
CarlFKbut if I wanted money, I would go back to making web sites00:54
TheAssassinI am pretty lucky I am a paid free software dev :)00:54
CarlFKnot so much open source, but doing something I love and find fulfilling00:55
TheAssassinI thought you were somehow involved here :)00:55
CarlFKI am - it is all a big tangled thing00:55
TheAssassinit seems00:56
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · CarlFK/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat is an opsis test I need to figure out how to make jenkens run00:59
TheAssassinI have quite some experience iwth Jenkins and CI in general01:00
TheAssassinmaybe I can help01:00
CarlFKnot that anyone cares about the version, but it will get some sort of test framework in place01:00
TheAssassinbasically a test with real hardware01:01
CarlFKyeah - which means I need to figure out what hardware will host the test code, becuase it will need a real cable going to the Opsis01:01
TheAssassinyou could run a jenkins slave on some computer connected to an opsis01:02
TheAssassinand then make sure to run the test only on that slave01:03
CarlFKI keep changing my mind on what machine will be the slave and where it will sit01:08
CarlFKI have some 1U servers, loud fan, so basement.  which means running up and down stairs to touch it.  which might be ok if I never touch it01:08
CarlFKoh right.. my camera didn't turn on last Sunday.  I should be looking at that..01:09
CarlFKtest rig project just got pushed down the stack again.01:09
TheAssassinyou can also just change your fan :) but anyway yeah might work01:10
TheAssassinI do have an HDD in my system that I do all my media stuff on which seems to start failing atm01:12
TheAssassinCarlFK: ever tried these LKV373 stream thingys01:17
CarlFKprobalb not, url01:20
CarlFKswell.  camera magically fixed itself in my hands01:20
CarlFKturned switch to on, nothing.  fiddled with this and that, nothing.  tuned it off and on, it came on01:21
TheAssassinit's called the "demo effect"01:21
CarlFKswell :p01:21
CarlFKLKV373 - read about them (maybe that post) and decided they seem a little too .. iffy?01:22
CarlFKthis is where I get to decide how much risk I am comfortable with01:23
TheAssassinit's in my price range :)01:23
TheAssassinsurely more reliable than these elgato game capture thingies on Linux01:24
TheAssassinthat thing got stuck when switching to another scene (without that source) in OBS -.-01:24
TheAssassinwell, closed source hardware with a reverse engineered driver01:24
* TheAssassin is gonna bother amazon to get a replacement 3TB HDD01:26
TheAssassinand maybe a cheaper backup one for emergencies01:26
CarlFKmy camera says: fan hour 917h01:28
CarlFKthat's a little surprising.01:28
TheAssassinjust ~120 8-hour-days01:28
CarlFKI suspect over 1/2 of that is sitting in my living room hooked up to voctomix01:30
CarlFKyou can also save a few $ by not buying a case.  put everything in a bag and assembled it at your event.01:32
CarlFKyou do what you want, I will continue to use a case.01:32
TheAssassinI like cases, too :)01:32
TheAssassinflight cases especially01:32
CarlFKspeaking of cases.. and a possible jenkens host ...01:34
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-04-25_083140.jpg (4332KB) <>01:35
TheAssassinwhat's that with these cats among you guys :D01:36
CarlFKrack mount case, but the mb/ports mount on the front01:36
CarlFKperpetual motion cat01:36
TheAssassinwinkekatzen :D01:36
TheAssassinCarlFK: you might get away with an audio rack01:45
TheAssassinmany of them have removable covers in front and back01:45
CarlFKI have a bunch01:46
CarlFK2 in my living room and 1 in my car because loaded up it is almsot to heavy to carry in and out of the house01:46
CarlFKI can't bring myself to remove the PSs from those 1u cases01:47
TheAssassinoh yeah I know that feeling01:47
TheAssassinI have an old yamaha mc2404 :)01:47
TheAssassin MC1204-MC1604-MC2404.pdf01:49
TheAssassin *01:49
TheAssassinthat thing is huge01:49
TheAssassindoesn't fit really in my car01:49
TheAssassinsuper heavy01:49
TheAssassinbut until I get my behringer x3201:50
TheAssassinor a midas m3201:50
TheAssassinmight start with a soundcraft ui01:50
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nancy@paddatrapper ping ?17:44
paddatrappernancy: pong. I'll be around in about 2 hours17:56
nancyOk ! No problem . can i get your mail id !17:57
paddatrappernancy: sent18:04
nancy[email protected]18:09
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paddatrappernancy: I'm around if you need me19:57
paddatrapper(though you will need to highlight me - I'm busy with other stuff too)20:00
nancy@paddatrapper ping ?20:10
paddatrappernancy: pong20:11
nancyhello , first of all i wanted to know about board ..20:13
nancy @paddatrapper And can i get your id , in case i can drop a mail (considering timezones different )20:15
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