Wednesday, 2018-04-25

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nancyHello , will GSoC selected students will be provided with opsis board or it can be shipped ?02:14
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felix[m]1@CarlFK: A nexys video; I was driving it at too high a resolution -- works perfectly at a slightly reduced res02:43
CarlFKwhat was too high and what works?02:45
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nancyHello everyone , i wanted to know if opsis board will be provided to Gsoc selected students ?05:59
paddatrappernancy: unfortunately we cannot afford to provide opsis boards for every gsoc student. You will have to buy your own. I thought you said you were borrowing one from someone?06:08
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nancypaddatrapper sir , yes i had asked ssk1328 , for courier and i am hoping from him , but in case it didnt work ( it has been a long time ) , i wanted to know about alternatives06:17
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paddatrappermithro: will there be any opsises available for purchase anytime soon(ish)?19:39
mithropaddatrapper: Are they available from Numato?19:55
paddatrappermithro: ah yes they are, I was looking at the crowd-funding page19:56
mithropaddatrapper: Can you update the hdmi2usb website and other places too?20:59
paddatrappermithro: sure. I'll sort it tomorrow during lectures21:02
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TheAssassinso, I hope I'm right, I'm checking out a project of timvideos, hdmi2usb22:21
TheAssassincool project, really22:21
mithroTheAssassin: Your in the right place22:21
TheAssassinhowever, that opsis board is a little expensive and overkill, given we just need 1-2 HDMI inputs :)22:21
TheAssassinhow far are you with these boards in the evaluation section?22:22
TheAssassinminispartan6+ would be pretty much what I'd need, hardware wise22:23
mithroTheAssassin: The minispartan6+ is only useful for doing screenshots, not video capture22:24
TheAssassinaw, that sucks22:24
TheAssassinokay, let me ask like this: what's the cheapest (ideally open source) hardware hdmi2usb runs on?22:24
TheAssassinthe thing is, I'd sponsor the hardware for some single day events to make recordings, live streams etc, and therefore don't want to invest too much22:27
TheAssassinI have used some elgato hardware that I could borrow from a friend, but well, Linux support is pretty much non-existent, that's why I'm checking out the open source world for project22:27
mithroTheAssassin: Maybe a second hand Digilent Atlys board22:28
TheAssassinI think one day I'll really build my own c3voc-like case :D22:28
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TheAssassinI see. so basically, hdmi2usb really just runs on those devices...22:29
mithroTheAssassin: Until Ethernet streaming works, you need something with a high speed USB interface22:29
TheAssassinI already thought that it's more of an IO issue than the minispartan's FPGA chip22:30
mithroTheAssassin: PCIe card support in the works, but you'll need a computer to pair that with22:30
TheAssassinthat wouldn't be an issue, I have a few spare ones standing around22:30
TheAssassinsoon going to get a 2U server with some nice CPU22:31
mithroTheAssassin: The minispartan6+ can do 720p60 fine, but there is no way to get it out of the FPGA in any more22:31
TheAssassinI was already checking out these lkv373 devices but they seem to be annoying to use22:31
TheAssassinyou need a second ethernet interface, a switch, some cables, not really "compact" (although I was planning to put it all into a 3d printed case22:32
TheAssassinit's really a pity there's no "cheap" hdmi->usb hardware22:32
TheAssassinanyway thanks for the tips mithro I'll check them out22:33
TheAssassinso far I couldn't find any used digilent boards here in europe but I'll keep looking22:33
mithroTheAssassin: Talk to CarlFK -- he has been able to source a few cheaply22:34
mithroTheAssassin: Be on the look out for Universities getting rid of them -- they were quite popular for FPGA courses a while back22:34
TheAssassinthat seems like a good idea22:34
TheAssassinmy uni's compsci department has actually some electives on FPGAs22:35
mithroTheAssassin: Were in the world are you located?22:35
TheAssassinmaybe they use this device o_O22:35
mithroTheAssassin: You should chat to the C3VOC -- I think they might have Opsis / Atlys board they are not using...22:35
TheAssassinyeah I'll talk to my C3VOC contacts :) I recently saw they updated their wiki and seem to use some newer hardware22:36
TheAssassinthe openSUSE people have their own hardware they use for the openSUSE conference, too, maybe they have something laying around22:36
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TheAssassinCarlFK/CarlFK[m] ^ see above22:38
TheAssassinwould appreciate if you had a minute for me22:39
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nancyHello mithro sir , I have mailed you recently ,please do have a look23:14

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