Tuesday, 2018-04-17

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Asherdoes this channel include discussion of hardware related aspects of programming?01:39
Asheror hardware configuration, acpi programming etc01:39
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CarlFKAsher: hi.  um.. yes, sometimes.  when it relates to :01:54
CarlFK"projects which together create a system for doing both recording and live event streaming for conferences, meetings, user groups and other presentations. "01:54
Asherahh ok :)01:55
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CarlFKv0.0.4-199-gef22966 - encoder seems broken03:58
CarlFKthe gst pipeline I use to grab frames says "no valid frames found"03:58
CarlFKwhat I got from previous prebuild https://veyepar.nextdayvideo.com/static/temp/v0.0.4-197-gdaf33bc.png03:59
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CarlFKwhich is odd given the commit seems to be: + wputs("version - show firmware version");04:41
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CarlFKvizzini 2-1.4.2:1.0: This device cannot do calls on its own. It is not a modem.18:49
CarlFKis this fine, or did something like modem manager come up?18:49
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CarlFKyay.  platform: atlys v0.0.4-199-gef22966 .. back to testing missing input0.19:02
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: 20180417_155026.jpg (911KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/YHkjHhNrcXOoKufTFLLMjkAr>20:56
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-04-17_035225.jpg (5467KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/lyUATccfQJOOKfFIVAvomiAH>20:56
CarlFKso many wires.20:58
CarlFKAtlys: H2U 03:00:31>d edid output022:13
CarlFKoutput0 port has no EDID capabilities22:13
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