Sunday, 2018-04-15

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nancyCarlFK sir , i have send u over ftp , since i am facing problem , i think i should be working on board16:05
CarlFKnancy: you will have the same problems with a board16:07
CarlFKdid you make a git branch?16:07
CarlFKk - let me see if that shows up in what you sent16:07
nancyI  think i ll be able to work and test efficiently with board . i have talked to ssk1328 (who worked last year on same project) and i am hoping from him16:09
CarlFKthere are lots of things you can do without the board - like study the build scripts and figure out where the date comes from16:11
CarlFKyou will learn quite a bit from looking at what all happens16:11
CarlFK           built: Apr  8 2018 19:35:1516:13
CarlFK  git branch: master16:13
CarlFKwhat you are sending me is not built the way we think it is16:14
nancysir , i am on the new branch and running the commands from it
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKnancy: do another build, pastebin the command and all the output16:22
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nancyCarlFk sir , I am sorry , there are net issues . So taking time17:29
CarlFKnancy: I noticed a few things...  I am starting to think top.bin is not the right file17:31
CarlFKls -lh ... -rw-rw-r-- 1 juser juser 2.2M Apr 10 16:27 image-gateware+bios+firmware.v0.0.4-197-gdaf33bc.opsis.hdmi2usb.lm32.bin17:32
CarlFKyour file should also be about 2.2M17:32
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nancythat means there is something wrong going with build17:42
shivm28[m]Did you try this doc?
tpbTitle: FPGA Miniconf Set Up Instructions - Google Docs (at
nancynope , i had been following the other doc .17:53
CarlFKshivm28[m]: the problem may be we don't know what file to flash17:59
CarlFKboth instructions abstract that detail behind make gateware-load18:00
shivm28[m]CarlFK: I think this file: image-gateware+bios+firmware.bin, right?18:01
CarlFKshivm28[m]: don't ask me - I really have no idea18:01
CarlFKshivm28[m]: do you know what dir that file should be in?18:01
shivm28[m]CarlFK: This file worked for me.18:01
shivm28[m]Here, I think it should be build/opsis_net_lm32.18:03
CarlFKpretty sure I don't want net18:04
CarlFKI am not using the eth interface18:04
CarlFKis there an hdmi2usb ?18:04
shivm28[m]It depends upon the target. For hdmi2usb, I think TARGET should be first set to hdmi2usb, if that's an option.18:06
nancythe file will be in build/opsis_hdmi2usb_lm3218:06
nancyyes shivam i did set the target !18:07
shivm28[m]In my case, I tried with target as net and video.18:07
shivm28[m]nancy: Do you have any such folder?18:07
nancyyes .18:07
shivm28[m]nancy: Did you used "make image" command after make gateware?18:08
shivm28[m]If yes, you must have a .bin file in that folder?18:09
nancyi dont think it will work here !18:10
shivm28[m]It worked for me18:10
nancy it gives image-gateware+bios+linux.bin  . right ?18:12
nancyCarlFK sir .. once i send you image-gateware+bios+linux.bin what did it show ?18:13
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CarlFKnancy: i forget18:14
CarlFKthat's why I suggested naming things so that they don't get replaced  with new ones18:14
nancypatterns ( color bars ) i thinnk that wasnt ! for sure18:14
CarlFKbut that's tricky too, so...18:14
CarlFKalso I think you sent the one from the dir, which I don't think contains the console interface18:15
nancyyes sir at that time target was video18:16
CarlFKare you doing "make image" now?18:17
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nancy__CarlFk sir what i notices is make image command is for opsis_video_lm32
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
nancy__this is what i get with make image18:24
CarlFKnancy__: you should always show the command and all of the output18:24
CarlFKwe know opsis_video_lm32 is not right, but I can't sew what you did, so I can't help18:25
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
nancy__i am sorry sir , will consider it !from next time18:26
shivm28[m]nancy__ : you need to change Target first. That would mean you need to start from the beginning.18:26
CarlFKshivm28[m]: um.. not sure "beginning" is well defined18:27
CarlFKfor instance she doesn't need to re-install the build tools18:27
shivm28[m]CarlFK: ya for sure.18:27
shivm28[m]set PLATFORM= opsis TARGET= hdmi2usb CPU=lm3218:28
shivm28[m]then make gateware18:28
shivm28[m]followed by make image18:28
nancy__i have already done that shivam18:28
shivm28[m]nancy_ : currently TARGET is set to video, I think18:29
CarlFKnancy__:  show the command and all of the output so we don't have to guess.18:30
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nancyhmm there is net issue .. taking time ..18:55
CarlFKnancy: you should look at - it is a much nicer experience than the freenode web interface18:57
tpbTitle: Home | (at
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nancyyes sir !actually i am having troubles with net , so build is taking time !20:20
CarlFKnancy:  I use riot, it works, but I didn't put much work into looking at the choices20:46
tpbTitle: Try Matrix Now! | (at
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nancyit took so much time to build ! i see the size is 1.5M :(22:30
CarlFKim off for a few hours,  ftp something up, I'll try it when I get back22:42
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