Wednesday, 2018-04-11

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tumbleweedCarlFK: what's the current stable build? or should I not be asking you ndchecking with text files?20:52
CarlFKdefine 'stable' ;)20:53
tumbleweedwhat should we use for minidebconf.curitiba.br20:53
CarlFKI used the lastest for 3 day conf, worked fine20:53
CarlFKthat one20:53
CarlFKhey, it is even marked "stable"20:55
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tumbleweedthe download script says there's a 19721:07
tumbleweedbut I'll grab that21:07
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CarlFKH2U 23:42:17> ...   v0.0.4-197-gdaf33bc21:19
CarlFKYep, seems I have flashed that.  and it stays up for a day21:20
tumbleweedso, the venue here uses OBS21:21
tumbleweedthey run 1 OBS on the machine attached to the camera (composite SD video)21:22
tumbleweedand 1 OBS on the presenter's laptop21:22
tumbleweedtwo youtube streams :P21:22
tumbleweedI'm not entirely sure why the asked me to bring an opsis :)21:23
tumbleweedbut I think we're going to use it as an HDMI splitter for the presenter's laptop (and mode enforcer)21:23
CarlFKmore testing:
CarlFKOBS on the presenter's laptop - oh my.21:26
tumbleweedlibreplanet basically does that (but not OBS)21:26
CarlFKand not youtube ;)21:27
CarlFKbut yeah, "run this x11 scraper..."21:28
tumbleweedor use our x200 that has no trackpad21:28
CarlFKingest will do that if you ever need it21:28
CarlFKmuch like pycon, video is a "success"21:29
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CarlFKtumbleweed: btw - path to the spreadsheet:, firmware, flashing (link to my wiki page) bottom says: "notes about version versions"21:38
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