Tuesday, 2018-04-10

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shivm28[m]nancy: I think you need to change15:01
shivm28[m]"rand( )%8" to "return rand( )%8", if not already.15:01
shivm28[m]Also, probably make sure that there is no function with the same name and function definition in the program.15:03
shivm28[m]Also, you can download and import complete firmware code in some IDE. That way, you can avoid atleast some basic programming errors.15:06
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nancyYes shivam ! I was working on this ..15:30
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nancyCarlFK sir there!17:38
CarlFKnancy: hello17:39
nancyThe Build is fine ! just wanna see if it works17:39
nancyyaa so just the inverted pattern sir , i ll build up things after this , actually without board , i am not able to test things17:40
CarlFKftp it over - I'll try it out17:40
CarlFKer, wait17:40
CarlFKpastebin the build command and output first while it is handy17:40
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)17:45
CarlFKpastebin the *build command* (what you typed, and in what dir)17:50
CarlFKyou can paste that here in chat, it is only 1 line17:50
nancymake gateware to buikd17:50
nancythan bitstream  generation17:51
CarlFKThe built gateware will be in `build/opsis_hdmi2usb_lm32/gateware/`17:56
CarlFKcd into that dir, ls, pastebin the output17:57
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nancy_yes sir built gateware is in build/opsis_hdmi2usb_lm32/gateware/ and i am suppose to transfer "top.bit" , "top.bin".(bitstream saved)18:00
CarlFKthose are the only 2 files?18:01
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)18:02
CarlFKthats better18:03
CarlFKbuild/opsis_video_lm32/ is the wrong dir18:03
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)18:04
CarlFKnancy_: we need to figure out why it isn't building hdmi2usb18:16
nancy_sir the things have been modified ?18:18
nancy_in the firmware18:18
CarlFKto test I need hdmi2usb18:20
CarlFKhdmi2usb has a serial interface, video does not, so I can't connect and enable the test pattern.18:21
nancy_than there is some problem18:29
CarlFKyes, but I am not sure where18:34
CarlFKcan you do git pull and make sure it says "Already up-to-date."18:35
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nancyyup it says Already up to date18:45
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tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/getting-started.md at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)18:49
CarlFKIf your environment is set up correctly your prompt should change to look something like: (H2U P=opsis) #18:49
CarlFKnancy: your prompt is (LX P=opsis) [email protected]:~/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware$ ls18:50
CarlFKso..   I think that needs to be fixed. but I have no idea what the problem is.18:50
nancyi have followed the documents sir thr prompt changes when i run the script  ource scripts/enter-env.sh18:51
CarlFKmy guess is the doc is out of date18:51
CarlFKnew features have been added, but no one updated the doc18:51
nancyyes sir , commits have been made recently , but doc is not updated ! i guess18:52
nancyi think i need to run the scripts18:54
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felix[m]1Hi everybody! Is there a confirmed report of HDMI pass-through running on the Nexys Video? I've only looked at the input side so far, and I'm wondering whether I'm setting it up wrong or whether it's a deeper issue (enabling the in- and output and linking them in the matrix should work, right? I'm failing to get the pattern to show up on my monitor)21:27
CarlFKoh, is?21:28
CarlFKfelix[m]1: no idea.  I would start with trying to get the pattern to show up21:29
felix[m]1Thanks! That sounds like a good idea, I'll start with the pattern. Currently struggling with my monitor's weirdness, that might be the cause. Any ideas to help pinpoint the cause are very much appreciated!21:32
felix[m]1The output of "x l" says that the source and sink are "FIXME", but I can get at the HDMI signal alright.21:36
CarlFKhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RCbnwKK58X/  H2U 00:00:29>d edid output121:37
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)21:37
CarlFKH2U 00:00:48>d edid output021:38
CarlFKnothing plugged into 0, so if you have something plugged in, but get FFs, that seems relevant21:38
felix[m]1I was just trying that! Sadly, "output0 port has no edid capabilities" :-(21:38
felix[m]1I guess that's bad :-/21:39
CarlFKim... skeptical21:39
CarlFKwere you the one looking at making that error message better?21:39
felix[m]1Oh bother. Well, something new to hack on once I get my time machine done! :-)21:39
felix[m]1No, I'm sorry that doesn't sound like me ;-)21:40
CarlFKsec... looking at the code 'there' may tell you something21:40
felix[m]1You mean https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/blob/master/platforms/nexys_video.py#L234 here?21:42
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/nexys_video.py at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)21:42
felix[m]1sorry: that's where the debug message is coming from21:42
tpbTitle: update-debug-edid help and error by shivmgg · Pull Request #424 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)21:43
CarlFKhttps://github.com/shivmgg/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/blob/a6c42b60b22eaf667acf145e0ca2b66bf9dbdf0f/firmware/ci.c#L1302  if(found == 0)                       wprintf("no such port\n");21:44
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ci.c at a6c42b60b22eaf667acf145e0ca2b66bf9dbdf0f · shivmgg/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)21:44
felix[m]1Hm, might I have gotten the port id wrong?21:45
CarlFKlook above at the ifdef CSR_HDMI_OUT0_I2C_W_ADDR21:45
CarlFKmy guess is CSR_HDMI_OUT0_I2C_W_ADDR and OUT1 aren't defined for Nexes21:46
CarlFKso we get unsigned int found = 0;  if(found == 0)21:47
felix[m]1Ok maybe, I can figure this one out. Lemme see if I can get that patch applied! *rubs hands in anticipation*21:48
CarlFKif you mean that code I referenced.. I don't think that will define CSR_HDMI_OUT0_I2C_W_ADDR for your board21:49
felix[m]1Oh, no, sorry, but I can figure out from the error message whether the port was not found.21:50
felix[m]1After that, I'll maybe see if I can track down CSR_HDMI_OUT0_I2C_W_ADDR.21:50
felix[m]1Does that make more sense?21:50
CarlFKstart with tracking down CSR_HDMI_OUT0_I2C_W_ADDR.21:51
felix[m]1(also, I'll take the opportunity to get my local repo copy up-to-date, that in itself might make a world of difference)21:51
felix[m]1Hmm, do you happen to know where that flag might be getting set? I can only find #ifdefs that rely on it, but not the origin.21:58
CarlFKno idea22:00
CarlFK1266:#define CSR_HDMI_OUT0_I2C_W_ADDR 0xe000a0b422:00
felix[m]1Ok, that's weird -- there's an entire block dedicated to CSR_HDMI_OUT0, but no mention of any I2C part in the entire file.22:05
CarlFKfelix[m]1: you mean for the Nexes?22:32
CarlFKlook it the values and define them ;)22:48
CarlFK(I have no idea where to find them)22:48
felix[m]1Ok, I'll try :-) Looks like this is beyond me, though. Thanks for getting me started and helping me along so far!22:58
CarlFKsure thing -23:03

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