Friday, 2018-04-06

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CarlFKtumbleweed: um.. trying to flash an atlys.  guessing i need udev rules05:29
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CarlFKsynaption[m]: hi!  room, this is the PS1er05:40
tumbleweedCarlFK: nope05:53
CarlFKoh hi.  k, paste bin of modeswitch coming up06:10
CarlFKpretty fresh 16.04, ... oh right ... Secure Boot is enabled.. which may not play witch vizzini-dkms06:11
tumbleweeddoubt that's an issue06:12
CarlFKthe apt install threw a dialog about it06:13
CarlFKbut yeah not there yet06:13
tumbleweedoh, ubuntu does require signed modules these days06:14
* tumbleweed missed that06:14
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKoh oh.. so I think you told me this yesterday.. do we need vizinni to flaah?06:15
tumbleweedyou shouldn't06:15
tumbleweedsynaption[m]: sudo06:16
tumbleweedsomebody is working on the dkms bit:
tpbTitle: Bug #1748983 “Generate per-machine MOK for dkms signing” : Bugs : dkms package : Ubuntu (at
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
tumbleweedthat could be a missing vizzini driver06:22
tumbleweedI've never used hdmi2usb-mode-switch --load-fx2-firmware06:22
tumbleweedbtw update-secureboot-policy is the workaround for dkms modules on secure boot06:23
tumbleweed tells you all about it06:24
tpbTitle: UEFI/SecureBoot/DKMS - Ubuntu Wiki (at
CarlFKk - I think we disabled secureboot06:28
CarlFKyay vizinni loaded06:30
CarlFKI do have the Opsis in a rack mount case that was going to be the "permanent" test rid.    I can have him use that instead if Atlys is too anying06:33
CarlFKomg flashing06:34
synaption[m]this version works with atlys06:44
CarlFKany idea how to work around 1818... on Atlys?06:49
CarlFK--mode serial says "only on opsis"06:49
tumbleweedtry going between production and jtag?06:50
CarlFKproduction not a choice.   operational?06:50
CarlFKthat errors06:50
tumbleweedhdmi2usb.hex is the production mode06:51
tumbleweedyou were doing it earlier06:51
CarlFKwe seemed to done everyting, but maybe the latest build doen't work on atlys06:52
CarlFKpower cycled.  now working06:53
CarlFKwell, now flashing06:54
CarlFKor loading.06:54
CarlFKhuh. tio says "Connected" but nothing.. hit enter, type.. nothing back06:58
CarlFKtrying the "165 works" atlys..07:33
CarlFKmaybe break it07:33
CarlFKI am starting to think I borked my original Atlys.. the one that maybe had the "memory problem" from maybe overheating07:49
CarlFKok not completely borked.  it sends edid to the laptop07:57
CarlFKbut it sends 1024x76808:08
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CarlFK[m]Done for the night. He has working at least, hooray08:46
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* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-04-06_043555.jpg (370KB) <>21:52
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-04-06_044842.jpg (297KB) <>21:52
CarlFK[m]Test rig assembled, Maybe?21:52
tumbleweedI don't think either of those are vector images21:52
tumbleweedCarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-04-06_043555.jpg22:03
CarlFK[m]Huh.  Fix it.22:06
tumbleweedI assume something about the matrix client is called vector22:06
CarlFK[m]Well, the test rig weighs like 75 pounds I'm guessing. Which means I can move it if I have to but I'm not going to take it anywhere anytime soon22:25
tumbleweedwhat's so heavy?22:26
tumbleweedopsis and atlys aren't22:26
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