Wednesday, 2018-04-04

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fischermCarlFK: ping17:37
CarlFKfischerm: pong18:01
shivm28[m]CarlFK : While setting up the environment, GDB was also downloaded. So, do we have access to GDB from host computer to FPGA right now?18:10
CarlFKshivm28[m]: I have no idea - I try to stay on the user side of the line18:10
shivm28[m]CarlFK: Ok. I think we don't have any currently.18:12
CarlFKlong shot: it can be done with qemu18:13
shivm28[m]CarlFK:  Riot is actually much better than freenode. Thanks for that. : )18:13
CarlFKshivm28[m]: yay!18:14
CarlFKshivm28[m]: riot/matrix is a different thing than IRC, but all I really use it for is IRC.18:14
CarlFKand pictures.  it is really easy to do this:18:21
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-04-04_011938.jpg (4548KB) <>18:23
shivm28[m]CarlFK: So cool!!18:30
fischermCarlFK[m]: sorry gotta run, I'll ping you later18:55
CarlFKfischerm: no prob - me too18:55
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