Monday, 2018-04-02

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nancy@CarlFK sir I have made the changes in  issue : Kindly have a review04:11
tpbTitle: Add a "--version" to download-firmware script. · Issue #91 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
CarlFKhi nancy04:13
nancyWhen is  discussion on issue [HDMI2USB] Add "hardware mixing" support to HDMI2USB firmware #34 is scheduled ?04:15
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CarlFKnancy: can you show me the output of hdmi2usb-mode-switch --version04:17
CarlFKnancy: re: discussion, I was hoping today but didn't get a time from mithro.  timezones and weekends are difficult.04:18
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nancySir , in that case if sir can leave me a mail according to convenience04:40
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shivm28CarlFK: Hi, Thanks for taking time to look into the PR. I am not sure about that bug. There is a if condition in the beginning of the code to check whether the port has EDID capabilities or not.14:05
shivm28I didn't make any changes in that part of code.14:07
mithroHi shivm28 - I would really like to take a look at your PR but have been really slammed getting a whole bunch of other stuff done for work14:08
mithroshivm28: So I apologize for the delay14:08
shivm28mithro: No problem. CarlFK and other folks are helping me a lot learning new things almost everyday.14:09
mithroshivm28: That is the great thing about an open source community :-)14:10
shivm28Yep :-)14:11
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mithroHi nancy14:19
nancyHello sir14:22
mithronancy: I apologize for not being around and being able to give you feedback as quickly as I would like - I have had very little bandwidth to think about my hobby projects lately which includes GSoC14:23
nancyNo prpblem sir , I wanted to discuss regarding my proposal and its implementation and the work which I have to accomplish now14:25
mithronancy: I don't have a huge amount of time now - but maybe I can give you a quick brain dump?14:25
shivm28mithro: Just to inform you, I discussed my project:"to create generic debug system using OpenSoCDebug" with Phillip Wagner and have submitted the proposal for the same.14:26
mithroshivm28: Okay, I have access to the FOSSi foundation proposals too -- but we should coordinate that, can you tell CarlFK this information?14:27
mithronancy: Did you see that ssk1328 had done a large amount of the project as part of GSoC last year?14:27
shivm28mithro: I have submitted the proposal in the TimVideos project site.14:27
nancyYes sir , I have studied about the project and the pill request 30014:28
mithronancy: Great!14:28
mithronancy: So the work for your project is really about the "integration" of ssk1328's into the HDMI2USB firmware14:29
shivm28mithro: I intend to complete run control debugging part of OpenSoCDebug project and then integrate the project into HDMI2USB/LiteX firmware.14:29
mithronancy: Integration work is *hard*, so we really need to get you comfortable with how the firmware/gateware works, our overall long term goals and good plan around testing14:31
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nancy_yes sir i wanted to implement gamma correction14:31
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mithronancy: Integration work is *hard*, so we really need to get you comfortable with how the firmware/gateware works, our overall long term goals and good plan around testing (in case you missed it)14:32
mithronancy_ + shivm28: I recommend signing up for IRCCloud rather then using the freenode web gateway14:32
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mithronancy_ + shivm: I recommend signing up for IRCCloud rather then using the freenode web gateway14:33
mithroIt's much nicer and has both a web and mobile client14:33
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mithronancy_: Has CarlFK talked to you about the idea around padding / accepting video resolutions which don't match the internal video modes?14:35
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nancy_No sir14:35
mithronancy_: Okay, I'll get him to reach out about that14:35
mithronancy_: This is probably a good task as it covers understanding how data is transferred into memory14:36
nancy_I had checked ssk work and i had the idea of Run length encoding ( 3 level deep ) not completed yet . if i am wrong correct me14:36
mithronancy_: I'm unsure - we should definitely reach out to ssk1328 and find out where he thinks things are at14:37
nancy_Sir I will try to reach ssk and will try to get idea about the loopholes and the work to be completed !14:38
shivmmithro: Ya sure. So, regarding the project, we planned to add software debug tool, i.e. GDB and hardware specific module, i.e. CDM module into OpenSoCDebug Project and then add the project into Litex/HDMI2USB firmware using off chip architecture of OpenSoC first and then work on custom library (if time permits). Does that sound ok in terms of the project proposal?14:39
mithronancy_: Yes14:41
mithrocr1901_modern: Might also be another good person to chat with14:41
mithronancy_: It might be a good idea to look at this document too ->
tpbTitle: MiSoC / LiteX HDMI refactoring - PixelBone - Google Docs (at
mithronancy_: That is kind of a "long term goal" of the direction I want the video stuff to go in14:42
mithronancy_: I've talked a lot to cr1901_modern about that topic, so when I'm not around he might be able to answer questions14:42
nancy_yes sir !14:43
mithronancy_: As I think it has been said in every British period drama every, "Sir is my father - feel free to just call me mithro" :-)14:44
mithronancy_: Sir is _very_ formal :-)14:44
mithroWe are not a formal bunch14:46
nancy_Yes, i had developed a habit of referencing as 'sir' , Regarding Gamma correction hardware ehich was not implemented .14:47
nancy_I wanted to discuss about its implementation with Taylor series architecture or Look up Tables14:48
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mithronancy_: I'm less concerned with the "hard" part -- IE that of how to _actually_ do the gamma correction - I'm more interested in the "interface side"14:50
mithronancy_: IE What the interface to the firmware, the user, etc14:51
mithronancy_: If we get that right, we should be able to switch how the correction is actually done without affecting the user14:52
mithronancy_: So we can try Taylor series and look up tables and figure out which is best for our application14:52
mithronancy_: IE It is very hard to predict early which method is going to be the best14:53
nancy_Ok , so i will dig more into ssk work and get an idea around padding/ accepting video resolutions which dont match the internal video modes14:55
nancy_which would help me for further work and will do analysis regarding interface14:56
CarlFKnancy_: I want to talk to you about padding.  but I need to go out now for 30 min or so.  and I want to make some diagams, which may not happen for another hour or two.   how long will you be awake today?14:56
nancy_sir,  i will be awake till 4 am IST14:58
CarlFKhow many hours is that?14:59
nancy_7 hours from now !15:01
CarlFKperfect - I can have something in 3 hours from now -15:01
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CarlFKI'll ping you here.  also, check out as another way to do IRC.  that is what I use.  the android app is ok.15:02
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nancyOk sir15:05
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nancyYes sir , perfect !15:06
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akhil_singhHello everyone !17:14
akhil_singhmithro: I have submitted the proposal for IBERT project and have already started studying about how to implement it.17:15
akhil_singhmithro: I have written a code for pattern generator, it will be good if you can review it. Can you tell where should i submit that for review ?17:17
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harshgugaleHi Mithro : Did you review my proposal regarding the Xilinx IBERT clone project? I have been in touch with Florent for the past month so was not that active on the IRC.17:21
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CarlFKakhil_singh: do you have a github account?17:25
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CarlFKre iBERT - we are hoping to accept both, but want to make each one a little different17:25
akhil_singhCarkFK: Yes17:26
CarlFKakhil_singh: fork the repo into your account, clone to your local machine, edit, test, commit, submit PR (Pull Request)17:26
CarlFKthat is how you submit that for review.17:26
akhil_singhCarlFK: Thanks, I will do that.17:27
harshgugaleHi CarlFK : What changes?17:27
CarlFKif you skipped the fork step and just cloned the timvideos repo.. best to put that in a temp dir, start over and move the edited files17:28
akhil_singhCarlFK: Okay17:28
CarlFKharshgugale: we aren't sure yet.  one idea is: one will be user centric, the other automated testing api focused17:28
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CarlFKit would be nice if you two worked together, but that is against the GSoC rules.  so not that.17:29
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harshgugaleCarlFk : Ok. So when can we ping you again regarding this? Till that time I had planned to get Fluent in Python and migen. So, I'll carry that on.17:31
CarlFKharshgugale: best to just wait. there is a gsoc deadline April 9 (7 days) so we should have it sooner17:33
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CarlFKbut yes, Python and migen and working with the build process is going to be the same no matter what17:33
nancy@CarlFK sir we have scheduled discussion regarding padding / accepting video resolutions which dont match the internal video17:34
CarlFKyes - working on drawings now... basically
CarlFKbut not that image, so hang on...17:35
shivm28[m]CarlFK: Did you guys look into the project proposal regarding run-control debug system?17:35
CarlFKwe have looked at all of them - they all look good.  trying to figure out what mentorns will take which17:36
akhil_singhCarlFK: I will submit the PR today and will try to get familiar with migen in the mean time.17:41
nancyno problem  , will wait !17:41
shivm28[m]CarlFK: mithro told me to inform you that I have discussed the project with Phillip Wagner( OpenSoCDebug folk) and planning to work jointly on the project.17:43
CarlFKdoes anyone know where (0,0) is on the hdmi2usb buffers?17:45
CarlFKI am assuming upper left17:45
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CarlFKnancy: does this render an image? can you see x1 y1 ... ?18:10
nancyis it about
CarlFKum.. that didn't answer my question18:13
nancyyes sir !18:15
CarlFKgood.  I wasn't sure if I needed to create png files.18:15
CarlFKI still need to make a few more...18:15
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nancySir what exactly we are aimimg to integrate ?18:20
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CarlFKnancy: sorry, got distracted - about done enough for now19:29
CarlFKneed to commit things to gh so you can see them...  one more moment...19:29
CarlFKoh great.  fatal: pathspec '1920×1080/"1920\303\2271080_input.svg"' did not match any files19:33
CarlFKthe x isn't the letter x.19:33
nancysir , i didnt get you19:36
CarlFKnancy: sorry, having troubles with a bad character in file name..19:41
nancysir , could you please tell me what exactly we are aiming to19:42
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CarlFKnancy: almost done - touching up some collors.. and trying to find out why one image is completely blank20:26
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CarlFKnancy: you here?  if so, I'll stop trying to fix a broken svg and work around it.20:30
nancyyes sir20:31
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CarlFKwe do want you to do what your proposal says, but add something 'easy' to it to do first:20:33
CarlFK put aside scaling and start with: implement mapping (good word?) different res input onto the current ouput20:33
CarlFKi made a buch of examples of what that means:
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/doc/resmaps at master · CarlFK/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
CarlFKcurrently, we only support the same input resolution as the output: see ex120:36
CarlFKwhopps, ex020:37
CarlFKwe want the option of padding a smaller res like ex120:37
CarlFKor cropping: ex220:37
CarlFKin ex2, we are losing lots of the image, but that is OK for this mode.20:37
CarlFKnancy: do you understand?20:40
nancyyes sir20:41
nancysir ust had a doubt , regarding the exact current scenario with resolutions .20:42
nancythe resolution supported?20:44
CarlFKmoment, let me get a list of the defaults20:46
CarlFK  Available video modes:20:53
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
nancyok  sir , i am having a look at all documents , and resmaps .20:54
nancySo this is the task to support option of padding /cropping20:58
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nancyok CarlFK sir , let me start digging intothis , I will go through all the things and get back to you as i proceed with work  and in case of21:06
nancyany doubt21:06
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CarlFKnancy: just a sec. I am adding to one of the diagams21:06
CarlFKshowing the first change that will need21:06
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nancyi could see the latest commit21:14
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ex1.svg at master · CarlFK/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat shows the current implementation.  there is no X,Y21:18
nancyyes sir , i saw the latest commit , current implementation21:18
CarlFKyour first milestone should be to re-code it to use X,Y, even though the resolutions are the same21:20
CarlFKso the behavior will be the same, but the code will be ready for the next step of adding and removing pixels21:20
CarlFKok  - I think we are done.  you should add these 2 or more steps to your proposal21:22
CarlFKalso, don't worry about centering the image21:22
CarlFKthat can come later, or never.21:23
CarlFKpadding and cropping will be useful right away.21:24
CarlFKand that shoud work before scaling21:25
nancyyes CarlFK sir ! i will go through all the things21:26
CarlFKthank you21:27
CarlFKsorry about the delays21:27
CarlFKif you clone my repo and open the svg files in inkscape, they will render on your screen.21:28
CarlFKbut I am not sure if you need them now.21:28
CarlFKok, anyone waiting on me for anything ?21:28
nancyAs of now i need to go through things , Thank you sir for taking out time ! :)21:29
CarlFKyou're welcome - feel free to ask questions, I was a bit rushed21:30
nancycool !  :)21:30
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