Thursday, 2018-03-22

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futarisIRCcloudshivm: FIFO over USB2 for hdmi2usb. Ethernet sort of works too at 100mbps. There is gateware for SPI master and UART too. liteSD and liteSATA also exist.01:27
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futarisIRCcloudmithro & rohitksingh: The USB3300 HS PMOD digilent breakout boards arrived.02:18
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CarlFKtumbleweed: someone.. wake up :p  --- whats the xrandr to mirror?13:43
CarlFKubuntu's display dialog isn't ....13:43
olasdCarlFK: xrandr --output foo --same-as bar13:44
CarlFKhmm, so hdmi is 1280x720 (good)13:48
CarlFKLVDS1 is the local? laptop display13:48
CarlFKso xrandr --output LVDS1  --same-as HDMI113:48
CarlFKoms.  "im not sure I want to try this before my talk.  what if it doesn't work and I can't see anything?"13:54
* CarlFK goes back to processing videos13:54
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tpbTitle: DebConf17/Advice-for-presenters - Wiki (at
CarlFKtumbleweed: thanks15:52
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CarlFKhi there17:22
pokelolmonim interested in contributing to the org17:23
pokelolmonI'm familiar with verilog/bluespec and have worked on approximate multipliers before17:24
pokelolmoni know it is a bit late for GSOC right now but it would be helpfull if some one could direct me regarding this17:26
shivm28pokelolmon: Hi, I think the best place to start is to look at
shivm28You can also go through ideas page on GITHUB.17:31
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CarlFKpokelolmon: yep - not too late at all.18:52
CarlFKpokelolmon: do you have any fpga boards ?  it is ok if you don't, we have lots of things18:53
shivm28CarlFK: I talked to OpenSOCDebug folk about generic debug system. As per their suggestion, we should focus on or1k soft-core this summer as OSD currently has support for or1k.18:54
shivm28CarlFK: As per part of project, I am supposed to integrate GDB in OSD and then add support for GLIP somehow to connect it to Wishbone architecture.18:56
shivm28So, Is it OK to focus on 1 soft-CPU core(or1k) right now?18:56
CarlFKshivm28: I think so.  I suspect part of it will be making sure there is a good abstraction so that other CPUs can be supported later18:59
shivm28CarlFK: As of now, OSD supports only or1k and risc-v to some extent. So, to extend support to other CPUs, the system depends on OpenSocDebug.19:01
shivm28CarlFK: What exactly is the advantage of lm32? How exactly is or1k better or worse than lm32?19:02
CarlFKshivm28: this is beyond what I am qualified to comment on.19:03
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shivm28CarlFK: Since, the project is very vast and I need to work from scratch, I just need to know if using OSD will be a good idea for debugging?19:06
CarlFKshivm28: I think so, but I personally don't do any fpga development -19:14
shivm28CarlFK: thanks for the help1.19:17
nancyHelp !19:20
CarlFKnancy: please post what you need help with19:22
nancySir , i had a query regarding Flickernoise ! as per issue . Sir is there any development already in Porting Linux to run on MiSoC based gateware and porting Flickernoise to Linux19:23
CarlFKI think Linux  yes.  I have no idea about Flickernoise19:32
nancyokay sir19:33
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tumbleweedCarlFK: conference gone well?20:15
CarlFKtumbleweed: pretty fantastic20:16
tumbleweedstreaming just worked?20:16
CarlFKthanks tons for the ansible foo, both whoever wrote it and helping me out last minute20:16
CarlFKyeah - 15 viewers.  mostly in Germany20:17
tumbleweedit looked like about 15 people on site too? :P20:19
CarlFK25 talks20:33
CarlFKthat 2 hour safety net keeps screwing me up20:57
CarlFKthe thing to keep me from encoding before the talk is over20:58
CarlFKand I can't quite remember where I coded it so I am having trouble taking it out20:59
tumbleweedin the view, possibly?21:00
CarlFK2271     if rfs.last().end <= end:21:02
CarlFK2272         # if the end of the talk is after tha end of the last raw21:02
CarlFK2273         # seems we are missing the last file, so bail21:02
CarlFKthat looks like it21:02
tumbleweedsounds familiar21:04
CarlFKruh ro... Opsis flipped out a for a few sec..21:07
CarlFKi0 on, m9 ... seems ok now.21:07
CarlFKok, that code isn't the problem.. im not sure what is...21:20
CarlFKah!  ran tsdv too early, file wasn't all there yet21:28
CarlFKI need to figure out how to ignore files that are open21:29
CarlFKor being written to , or soemting21:29
tumbleweedunix isn't good at that21:29
tumbleweedwrite to temporary files rather21:29
tumbleweedour rsync scripts handle that21:29
CarlFKoh dear.  I think the projector is angry22:00
CarlFKOpsis -> 3x hdmi splitter ... 1: projector 2. ... some wireless thing 3. mystery cable22:01
CarlFKsome wireless thing drives a TV on the way.. that is now where the presentation goes22:01
CarlFKthe projector is blue22:01
CarlFKstream is good.22:01
CarlFKwatch the stream.22:02
CarlFKprojector decicded.. to.. tease us.22:03
CarlFKit's on, its' off again.22:03
CarlFKtumbleweed: where is the rsync script get written ?22:04
tumbleweedit only does when you have a machine to rsync to, configured22:07
CarlFK[m]Ginger H:22:08
CarlFK[m]Does anyone have a band-aid? I'm not sure how I cut my finger, but I've cut my finger. (not emergency)22:08
CarlFK^^^ Conf chair22:08
CarlFKnever ever ask how things are going :p22:08
CarlFK[m]Costa Mav: Can someone let me in. I'm locked out22:14
CarlFKI bet the building catches fire next22:14
* tumbleweed can help with that22:15
CarlFK[m]Oh... The projector is wireless too22:47
CarlFKun/plugged the transmitter, now it works.  whack.22:54
* tumbleweed stays well clear of things like that22:54
tumbleweeddc18 venue had a room configured with wireless hdmi links to projectors. We unplugged them an ran cables22:55
tumbleweed(using your splitter)22:55
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