Wednesday, 2018-03-21

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CarlFK[m]Tumbleweed care to help me get a stream up for tomorrow morning, 9 sm Central 7 am SF time01:22
tumbleweedyeah, I can do that01:23
tumbleweedI haven't been awake at that time recently, though01:23
tumbleweedhow close are you to being there?01:23
tumbleweedalso, are you on site now?01:23
CarlFK[m]They have an account an a helper and stuff01:23
tumbleweeddo you have access to the account yet?01:24
CarlFK[m]Vocto all set up, but room locked till tomorrow01:24
tumbleweedyou can set up the stream on youtube, and then just run ansible at the machine first thing in the morning01:24
tumbleweed(set up the stream on youtube now, I mean)01:24
CarlFK[m]We are at dinner01:25
CarlFK[m]Are you on have telegram chat?01:26
tumbleweedI have telegram01:27
tpbTitle: Telegram: Join Group Chat (at
* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-03-20_083030.jpg (68KB) <>01:34
CarlFK[m]Here we are01:34
CarlFK[m]I was given that link.  I have no idea what it is. Is it useful?01:36
tumbleweedno, you need to be made an admin of it01:37
tumbleweedor persuade the admin to create a "camera" and give you the credentials for it01:37
CarlFK[m]I don't think that will happen tonight.  We expect to be there at 8, I wouldn't mind if the stream doesn't come up till. 10 ish01:42
CarlFK[m]The 9 am presenter is kinda meh about it too01:43
tumbleweedI am free at 7, but probably tied up from 9 (pacific time)01:43
tumbleweedso, the best time to get my help is now01:43
tumbleweednot tomorrow morning01:43
CarlFK[m]Does the DC wiki have docs for YouTube?01:46
CarlFK[m]I'll point them at that ... Um.  Can you give me URL?01:47
CarlFK[m]I'm in phone and eating01:47
tumbleweedactually, no01:47
tumbleweed is all you get01:47
tpbTitle: roles/voctomix · master · DebConf videos / ansible · GitLab (at
tumbleweedbut it's trivial01:47
CarlFK[m]I knew, but I don't know what to the them01:48
tumbleweedcopy the defaults, provide the youtube URL01:49
CarlFK[m]At hotel bar with laptops02:30
tumbleweedcreate a youtube camera02:30
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CarlFKmaxbitrate - 2mbs?02:42
tumbleweedI just use the one that matches resolution02:42
tumbleweedi.e. pick the first 720p one even if the bitrate is higher than you'll be doing02:43
CarlFKencoder - "other" ?02:43
tumbleweedthen take that URL and put it into ansible02:43
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CarlFKhi CindyCicaleseWMF!02:45
CindyCicaleseWMFStream name: vt68-2eth-89ts-1tv602:45
CindyCicaleseWMFHi CarlFK02:46
CindyCicaleseWMFPrimary server URL: rtmp://
CarlFKSUPER_SECRET_KEY app=live202:47
CindyCicaleseWMFBackup server URL: rtmp://
tumbleweedwell it's not secret any more :)02:47
CarlFKthat's the default in ansible02:47
CarlFK`streaming.rtmp.location`: `rtmp:// app=live2`02:52
tumbleweedexcept you can't just override streaming.rtmp.location, you have to copy the entire "streaming" block02:53
tumbleweedand put teh key in, obviously02:53
tumbleweedit's was already pasted here, so there's no reason to keep it secret02:53
CarlFKthis? 'rtmp:// app=live2'02:56
CarlFKyay.  thanks02:56
tumbleweedwithout the /x/02:56
CarlFK'rtmp:// app=live2'02:58
CarlFKim guessing with out the /x not /x/02:58
CarlFKare you drinking too?02:58
tumbleweeddunno why we have the /x/ in the docs02:58
tumbleweedno, but I should be02:59
CarlFKare you going to Pycon in 6ish weeks?02:59
tumbleweedprobably holgercon03:00
CarlFKme neither.  and I put in a bid to do video at some Open hardware conf in Sattlle03:01
tpbTitle: Teardown: Portland 2018 | Crowd Supply (at
CarlFKyeah that.03:01
CarlFKoh, holgercon is that week too?03:02
tumbleweedsomewhere around then, yes03:02
CarlFKwhat is the .. um. how are we managing that url and github?03:10
tumbleweedit's not like we don't all already know it03:11
CarlFK1/2 trying to learn how to ansible this stuff03:11
tumbleweedyeah, so the solution to that is ansible vault03:11
tumbleweedlook at what we did for LCA03:11
CarlFKhmmm, how much cpu does it need?03:16
tumbleweednot much03:16
CarlFKheh - I have a 2nd c2.  Ill use that :p03:17
tumbleweedfor what03:17
tumbleweedoh, cpu for streaming03:17
tumbleweedum, we aren't setup to do that on a different machine03:17
tumbleweedif you're concerned about cpu usage, use vaapi03:18
tumbleweedhrm, some docs on the net say /x/ others don't. I wonder if both work03:21
* CarlFK claps with glee 03:21
CarlFKthere is a .. um.. security robot driving around on the sidewalk outside03:24
CarlFKlot of blinking lights.  kinda comical.03:24
CarlFKnext time it comes around ill to capture it03:25
CarlFK 19 streaming:03:27
CarlFK 20   method: none03:27
CarlFKnly `none` and `rtmp`03:27
CarlFKgot it.03:27
CarlFKdo I need to copy all the whole little structure of bitrates and such?03:29
tumbleweedyou don't need the adaptive block03:29
tumbleweedjust hq_config03:30
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tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKthat look about right?03:50
tumbleweedpossibly vaapi: true04:01
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CarlFKtumbleweed: wanna work for NASA ?04:11
CarlFKnasa emplooyee here says nasa is dying for python devs04:11
CarlFK"we are re-writing the space station simulator in python"04:11
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Guest25804help !11:01
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tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: success?14:52
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CarlFKtumbleweed: wired net wonky.    "use that jack, I think it might work... kinda.. maybe? "15:20
CarlFKI am sure I got a 10. ip with dhcp.  once.  but never again.15:21
CarlFKDHCPDISCOVER on p3p1 to port 67 interval 1 (xid=0x45a18709)15:21
CarlFKNo DHCPOFFERS received.15:21
CarlFKNo working leases in persistent database - sleeping.15:21
CarlFKhmm.. wall - cat5 - laptop, bound to -- renewal in 32645 seconds.15:25
tumbleweedjust manually configure an ip in that range that isn't in use? :P15:29
tumbleweedmaybe bad advice15:29
tumbleweeddepends whether the wonkyness is the network or the dhcp server15:29
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tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: you just connected directly to it, no switch? could have been port security, blocking you15:35
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CarlFKtumbleweed: port security - outside my knowhow, but that was my thought16:00
CarlFKmithro: morning16:00
CarlFKmithro: v0.0.4-194-ge14edee seems to be working.  3 laptops so far.  yay testing in production :p16:01
tumbleweedCarlFK: then use a usb network dongle / something16:02
nancy@mithro Sir , i have aquery regarding issue #3316:04
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CarlFKtumbleweed: i has usb dongle.  trying that now...16:05
CarlFKbound to -- renewal in 41256 seconds.16:07
tumbleweedwhoop whoop16:07
tumbleweedalso, my 9am meeting got postponed to tomorrow, but I do have something at 1016:07
tumbleweed(9am being now)16:07
CarlFKlooks like this talk is ending, and then lunch break16:08
CarlFKplugging in the usb dongle and dhcping it,  which will add a  route to,  that shouldn't hose my local 192 connection right?16:26
CarlFKhere we go..16:26
CarlFKstupid mac dongle doesn't have link lights >;16:27
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akhil_singhmithro: Help18:21
CarlFKakhil_singh: you should post your question too18:41
akhil_singhCarlFK: I have discussions about IBERT project with mithro. Currently I am writing proposal for same. But i am stuck at one point in channel wrapper part. The problem that i am stuck at is that it fine if we ask the user to change the taps rather than asking for changing the equalisation directly in dB.18:50
akhil_singhCarlFK: Also once i finish writing proposal should i mail the proposal for getting the feedback of mentor.18:52
akhil_singhCarlFK: or should I post it here on IRC.18:53
CarlFKthe 'correct' answer is: submit it to the GSoC web site.. but first you can post it to the list and here is fine18:54
akhil_singhCarlFK: Okay18:56
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shivmHi, how is off-chip communication infrastructure of LiteX/MiSoC working currently?19:34
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CarlFKoh joy.  windows,  lenovo carbon, usb-c, my hdmi dongle known to work, plus random dongle, Windows says "unrecognized usb device"20:19
CarlFKhmm, it's mostly working... but.. input1:  1280x5 (@74.25 MHz) (capturing)21:13
CarlFKbut.. every min or two.. the proctor goes black.21:14
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