Monday, 2018-03-19

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CarlFKnancy_: ok, soon is now :p00:01
CarlFKnancy_: ftp a.img.cloudns.cx00:02
cr1901_modernmithro: Yaaaaay00:02
CarlFKnancy_: user: anonymous password: anonymous00:03
mithrocr1901_modern / CarlFK - need to test the builds work00:07
CarlFKdoing that now. spend the last X hours making it easy to drop files onto my test box00:07
CarlFKthe downloader is broken00:13
cr1901_modernmithro: You mean just do a build locally?00:16
CarlFKDid not find firmware firmware for target hdmi2usb for platform opsis at rev v0.0.4-190-gcacbf40 (found )00:16
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mithroCarlFK: ^00:37
CarlFKmithro: um... why did you show me that ?00:38
mithroCarlFK: See the channel lines00:39
mithroCarlFK: Please test the unstable line00:43
cr1901_modernmithro: What should be do about this?
tpbTitle: Merge in LiteX changes by cr1901 · Pull Request #27 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernand what do you mean "need to test the builds work"00:46
CarlFKmithro: I am blocked: Channel unstable   is at rev v0.0.4-192-g7a70488  ...  python3 --platform opsis --rev v0.0.4-192-g7a7048800:46
CarlFKFound firmwares:00:47
CarlFKDid not find firmware firmware for target hdmi2usb for platform opsis at rev v0.0.4-192-g7a70488 (found )00:47
CarlFKand it doesnt download anyting00:47
CarlFK  both of those should work00:48
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CarlFKthis does work: python3 --platform opsis --rev v0.0.4-122-gbc7feb500:49
CarlFKthis is where the file should be, right?
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.4-192-g7a70488/opsis/hdmi2usb/lm32 at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
mithroCarlFK: hrm.... There should be an image file there...01:02
mithroCarlFK: When did the images stop getting generated?01:03
mithroThey exist back at HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.4-74-g807ed5501:04
CarlFKi have a working  v0.0.4-122-gbc7feb501:04
mithroThey are at HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.4-157-ga112978/arty/base/lm32/01:04
CarlFKedid is still broken, but I captured a test pattern01:05
mithroCarlFK: On what version?01:05
CarlFKwait.. that says 16501:08
mithroCarlFK: Channel unstable   is at rev v0.0.4-192-g7a7048801:08
CarlFKsorry, cut/paste fail.  i have a working  v0.0.4-165-g619dcf901:08
CarlFKmithro: not sure what you want me to do?01:11
mithroCarlFK: EDID is fixed in v0.0.4-190 or later01:11
mithroOh - I know what it is...01:12
mithroCarlFK: When finishes, the firmware should be back in the prebuilt repo01:50
CarlFKmithro: yay01:52
mithroCarlFK: What ever happened to the Google summer of code announcement you were going to do?02:02
CarlFKmithro: which one? ... I submitted a few things, I don think they got posted '02:03
mithroCarlFK: You never responded to my comments on your pull request ->
tpbTitle: GSoC announcement post. by CarlFK · Pull Request #24 · timvideos/ · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: I think I stopped when I saw Generally LGTM!02:05
CarlFKand really, just post it as is.02:06
CarlFKyou might be right about the quotes, but it isn't worth the time to process it02:06
mithroCarlFK: fine I'll do it myself02:09
CarlFKmithro:                                     Running for 1 hr 47 min 27 sec03:37
CarlFKis that 'too long' or does it take that long for all the builds ?03:37
mithroCarlFK: Look at
CarlFK20 min times about 100  - got it :p03:44
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mithroCarlFK: Looks like they finished...03:51
mithrobblr - going to get dinner...03:52
CarlFKmithro:  woo! Downloading to: image-gateware+bios+firmware.v0.0.4-194-ge14edee.opsis.hdmi2usb.lm32.bin03:52
nancy_@CarlFK sir, can i get connected to ftp ? i got disconnected , till the time you cam back sir !04:00
CarlFKnancy_: im here, it should be available now?04:01
nancy_Though i mailed you sir !04:01
CarlFKnancy_: yes, but please use ftp - it puts the file on the box I use for testing04:05
nancy_ok sir04:06
nancy_i got connected04:16
nancy_should i transfer the file ?04:22
CarlFKput image-gateware+bios+firmware-nancy-v2.bin04:23
CarlFKor some new name so we know which version I am working with04:23
nancy_oh i already send you sir , did saw the last thread04:27
CarlFKnancy_: I see image-gateware+bios+firmware.bin 221632804:32
CarlFKI assume that is what I should test now04:32
nancy_yes sir04:35
CarlFKum.. did you just rename it?04:37
CarlFKdoing this now: hdmi2usb-mode-switch -v --flash-image image-gateware+bios+firmware-nancy-v3.bin04:38
CarlFKnancy_: good news - it worked.. kinda.04:44
CarlFKthere are different builds - some don't have all the features.  yours only does hdmi in and out, but no serial console04:45
CarlFKbut thats is a config option somewhere, or look in a different dir04:45
nancy_some dont have all features ! it means some scripts were not run ?04:46
CarlFKwe do see that you have all the pieces in place04:46
nancy_for serial console ?04:47
nancy_drivers problem ?04:48
CarlFKIt isn't really a problem - it isn't there04:49
CarlFKbecause it is optional, and what you gave me does not have that option04:49
CarlFKtargets: base, hdmi2usb, net, video04:52
CarlFKI think you gave me video.  see if you can find hdmi2usb04:52
nancy_hdmi2usb ?04:54
nancy_i think i need to run some script for it04:55
CarlFKI think set a var, and re-run make04:56
nancy_make gateware05:05
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nancy_@CarlFK sir i got the file , but coulnt put it via ftp05:31
CarlFKnancy_: why not ftp?05:32
nancy_put hdmi2usb local: hdmi2usb remote: hdmi2usb hdmi2usb: not a plain file.05:32
CarlFKhdmi2usb doesn't look like the right filename05:39
nancy_ok sir05:41
nancy_i need to send bin file ?05:42
nancy_i send you sir , kindly review05:44
nancy_Is it not working ?05:59
CarlFKnancy_: what is the filename?06:01
CarlFKit is only 32 bytes06:02
nancy_yes , i checked sir06:05
CarlFKI don't think it will do much06:07
nancy_sir i want to ask you something06:08
nancy_i worked on verilog06:08
nancy_and i checked the whole thing of how HDMI2USB works !06:08
nancy_so the development part that is supposed to be done in python is done on migen ?06:09
CarlFKI think so... I don't do that - I just flash and use it06:10
nancy_ok sir06:13
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CarlFKI am off to bed - wont have much time tomorrow unless I get up extra early.  might happen.07:20
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bunnieCan anyone point me to documentation on streams in migen?09:31
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tpbTitle: GitHub - joeladdison/streaming-ui: Streaming UI (at
jeafinally finished dealing with urgent work support stuff after two weeks, so could clean it up and push to github11:37
cr1901_modernbunnie: There aren't any, really. I don't personally use the streams (unless interfacing to existing code)11:42
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bunniejea: thanks, i was referring to the migen "stream" hardware construct, not the application-level streaming of video. But thanks for the response.13:50
bunniecr1901_modern: thanks. Yes, I'm not trying to write code using it. I'm trying to modify existing code that uses a stream and I'm having a hell of a time getting it to do what I think it should.13:51
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CarlFKjea: yay!!!15:08
CarlFKjea or someone - can you reference that code on the timvideos github idea issue?15:09
CarlFKextra credit for getting it under the timvideos project15:09
CarlFKim heading to the airport now, so no time for antoer 6 hours15:09
_florent_bunnie: there is no documentation, but feel free to ask if you have questions15:11
_florent_bunnie: stream are just specific records, with valid/ready/first/last/data/param signals15:12
_florent_bunnie: that's a bit similar to streaming in AXI15:12
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anant3110Hey, i saw the chat with shivm_ here. I have access to a Spartan 6 Atlys board. There shouldn't be a problem right?15:40
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bunnie_florent_: so streams are largely abstract objects that don't result in generated hardware? For example, I see several places in litevideo where a stream.Endpoint is created, some bits of signals are assigned, but not enough really to do anything. It seems like...elsewhere, the streams then get patched together. But in the simplest case is a stream just a fancy way to bundle together wires, or do they always result in e.g. a FIFO being instantiated of some17:14
bunnielike if I just made two stream.Endpoints that point to identical descriptors and the .connect() them together, is that basically the same as doing self.comb += on a whole bunch of signals?17:15
_florent_bunnie: yes that's it17:16
bunnieor does it do something more like implement flow control and buffering by default17:16
bunnieah ok. so then if I took the simple case of streams connected together and then inserted in the code a call to .AsyncFIFO() it would then magically stick an async FIFO between the source and sink, but *only* if I did that call17:17
bunniei see functions like upconverter, downconverter, strideconverter inside the do those come into play?17:18
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_florent_bunnie: yes, stream are not doing fancy stuff, that's just useful to connect bunch of signals together17:18
_florent_also connect handle the fact that signals have directions17:19
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_florent_ex: valid/first/last/data are Master to Slave, ready is Slave to Master17:19
_florent_converters are useful to convert datawidths of streams17:20
_florent_ex: you have a 8 bits datas each cycle and want 16 bits data every two cycle, you will use a upconverter 8 to 1617:20
bunnieis the upconverter automatically created when the data widths are different or do I need to specify it?17:21
bunnieand "source" is always "master", "sink" is always "slave"?17:22
_florent_"master" and "slave" depends from where you see things: inside the module or outside the module17:24
_florent_the upconverter is not created automatically17:25
_florent_you need to instanciate it17:25
bunnieah interesting. so what's the convention for master vs. slave when inside or outside the module?17:30
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mithrohey bunnie!17:39
mithrobunnie: I saw your hack for scoping a CPU -- I've been meaning to send you a message about that, you did that the hardest way I could think of :-P17:42
mithrobunnie: I was also going to say you should be reaching out to _florent_ a bit more17:46
mithrobunnie: Wish I had more time to help you but got a deadline in 4 weeks :-/17:46
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_florent_bunnie: outside the module: source of the module is where data comes from, sink where data goes17:48
akhil_singhmithro: After reading form various papers according to me we should use PRBS-31 for our case that will generate the data sequences and then we can use CRC method to check for bit errors. I looked at advantages of it. First advantage is that this sequence will be very high speed so a ideal sequence we want to transceivers with. Secondly the overhead is only of xor gates and it can test many inputs in parallel.17:51
akhil_singhmithro: is this correct ?17:51
mithroakhil_singh: I'm afraid not -- your still thinking about it from the wrong direction17:51
mithroakhil_singh: First - put together a list of potential applications we might want to use transceivers for17:52
akhil_singhmithro: Like ethernet etc ?17:53
mithroakhil_singh: Then put together a short description of the important aspects of each of the signals which are sent - IE How big is their word size, how fast do they operate, do they have some type of encoding, why do they use this encoding17:53
mithroakhil_singh: Probably how they get clocking information is probably important too17:54
akhil_singhmithro: okay, will check it.17:56
akhil_singhmithro: Also can you tell about configuring the transceiver. Should we change the equalization parameters and what are the other things that we should be able to change ?17:58
mithroakhil_singh: That is something that you should be telling me17:58
akhil_singhmithro: okay, sorry for asking this question.18:00
shivm28mithro: Hi, I read a few mails from  last year's archive in OpenSOCDebug. A figure was proposed in those mails:
mithroakhil_singh: It's perfectly fine to ask questions and I encourage you to do so!18:03
tpbTitle: Unbenannte Zeichnung - Google Drawings (at
mithroI'm afraid I have to go now18:04
mithroI'll won't be back for at least 4ish hours18:04
shivm28Can we discuss it tomorrow around same time?18:05
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bunnie_florent_: thanks. Another question, if I have the time. I've got video data going from an input to an output via the framebuffers, but it seems like the video is coming across in groups of 16 pixels wide, and within those 16 pixels the video order is reversed. I feel like this must be one of those problems that's not uncommon and easily resolved ... like a misconfiguration of burst order to DDR or something.18:29
bunnie*if you have the time ;)18:29
bunniemithro: when it comes to Python, it seems I'm always doing it the hardest way possible. My brain is simply not wired for Python. :P18:33
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shivm28florent: Hi, I am doing a bit of research to add support for Basys3 to litex-buidenv for some basic testing. Can you please guide me?18:49
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akhil_singhmithro: Are you free ?22:38
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akhil_singhmithro: Ping23:56

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