Thursday, 2018-03-15

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anant3110Hey, I am a 2nd year student who is interested in writing a proposal for GSoC for your organization. I had keen interest on the projects HDMI Audio to USB Sound and "creating a serial port extension board". As of now I have done some projects on verilog and fpgas and have decent knowledge of implementation of small projects in them. Is it possible for me to learn about the 2 projects enough to be able to contribute to your orga07:30
paddatrapperanant3110: hey! I worked on the USB side of the audio capture last year. It is written in C and there is still a fair amount of work to do. The HDMI capture also needs implementing07:32
anant3110Ohk. I have had less experience in system level implementation in C projects, the best I have done is written a very basic shell. Do you think that would be enough to work with?07:36
anant3110I see your comment on the issue. I kind of have a solution. I know someone who had worked on communication between a CPU and an FPGA through PCIe. I was intially assigned the project and did some work on it but I wasn't competent enough to handle it that moment and handled some other aspect of the organization later on. This seems like a similar problem that I was facing and I know that someone in that organization has fixed up07:43
paddatrappermithro will be able to comment more on the communication between the FPGA and the FX207:45
paddatrapperThe FPGA side will need to be VHDL (I guess)07:46
paddatrapperMuch of the C on the FX2 is already written. The issue at the moment is implementing the communication protocols defined by the FX2 spec sheet, but seem not to work properly in the real world07:47
paddatrapperCurrent work can be found here
tpbTitle: WIP: Loopback Device by paddatrapper · Pull Request #43 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware · GitHub (at
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anant3110Fair enough. I have experience in the FPGA side of things and I have fair experience in understanding code in C. Might be able to work this out. Will need to understand your implementation though. It would be great if someone could help me about the Verilog/VHDL side of the project too.08:03
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nancy_chauhanHello , what environment we need to setup to get started with contributing19:28
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paddatrappernancy_chauhan: hi. It depends what you are working on20:09
CarlFKnancy_chauhan: you can do quite a bit without any hardware20:33
CarlFKalso, if you put put files on a host I can wget from, I can flash them onto one of my boards20:34
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CarlFKI'll reply to the post that just hit the list20:37
mithroWell, more afternoon20:45
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