Tuesday, 2018-02-20

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thaytanmithro, webm, cool04:41
gsmalikAnyone willing to have a chat about the webm encoder? Please let me know. Shifting to a webm will be especially useful if we want some AI overlays later on(Automatic text reads,language conversion etc)04:50
thaytangsmalik, why will webm help with those?04:51
gsmalikPotentially smaller input->better onchip weight storage->faster realtime CNN compute. I work in the field of FPGA based AI for my PhD and the biggest bottleneck is always not being able to store everything onchip(BRAM)04:54
thaytancan you do the CNN on encoded data though?04:56
thaytanwhat input does the CNN need?04:57
gsmalikCNN should be, in theory, be trainable on encoded data. CNN would need the weights(after learning) and an input video frame as input05:14
gsmalikThe input video frame can be encoded, to the best of my knowledge.05:15
thaytangsmalik, encoded video frames aren't independent entities though05:17
thaytanmost of them are deltas from some previous (or future) frames05:17
thaytanwebm doesn't do out-of-order encoding, so at least all the encoded frames are in the original order05:17
futarisIRCcloudDon't you mean VP8, VP9 or AV1 codec? I think licensing may be an issue. I think you can only get the gateware source if you are a semiconductor company.05:23
gsmalikthaytan: Thanks for the info. Since they are deltas, in my opinion, which could be wrong, that could be just adding the delta to the current frame in the BRAM if needed. This should ideally make the CNN compute even faster :P05:26
gsmalikI could be totally wrong here. I will need to learn about webm more before being sure. What do you think?05:26
thaytanI am dubious that a CNN could extract useful information from an encoded webm05:27
gsmalikEven if no AI, do you think moving to webm would be helpful(As part of my gsoc project)?05:27
thaytanI think moving to webm can be useful for reducing the bandwidth used getting video to/from capture devices05:27
thaytanand certainly for direct streaming if webm is the target format for upload05:27
gsmalikthaytan: http://www.rle.mit.edu/eems/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/eyeriss_isscc_2016.pdf05:28
gsmalikI am working with these people and I think they use encoded data. Ill ask them in the next meeting(This Thursday)05:28
thaytangsmalik, I see a mention of using Run Length Encoding for compression from RAM05:31
thaytanwhich is a simple linear compression05:31
thaytanand can be decompressed in a stream05:32
thaytanI can see something like JPEG working though05:32
thaytansince each frame is independent, and macroblocks can be decoded in streaming fashion05:33
thaytanif the CNN is set up to processing 8 rows at a time05:33
gsmalikI see. OK. Let me think about this. This was really fun!05:36
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akhil_singhHello everyone, I am interested in doing spectrum sensing using FPGA. Is any mentor interested in mentoring me for the same. For introduction i have published a paper on Cooperative spectrum sensing of OFDM signals. But that was done using matlab. Now as a part of my GSOC project this year i really want to implement spectrum sensing using FPGA which will be a real fun. So is their any mentor available for guiding me for the same15:50
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CarlFKakhil_singh: I can't help you but I am going to fwd this onto someone who may be interested15:56
akhil_singhCarlFK : Thanks.15:58
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