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felix[m]1Hej y'all, I'm super-sorry to bother but I'm stuck again, flashing the firmware (to a Nexys Video) -- I'm seeing the device as /dev/ttyUSB, but flterm doesn't seem to be able to establish a connection (it seems to get stuck at 'Starting'). I've tried various baud rates, connecting without flashing (which liteX should allow me to do, right?), to no avail -- is there a trick? What am I missing? As before, any pointers are01:19
felix[m]1much appreciated. Thanks!01:19
mithrofelix[m]1: So you have done a "make gateware-load" ?01:19
felix[m]1I think I did the equivalent (the make target is undefined for the nexys) -- I successfully loaded the gateware with openocd, and I can see the status led activating in response.01:21
mithrofelix[m]1: And then you did a "make firmware-load" and then hit enter?01:22
felix[m]1(I hope that counts as a replacement :-) )01:22
mithrofelix[m]1: It should (assuming you did it correctly :-)01:22
felix[m]1Again -- that didn't work directly, I ran "make firmware" and then tried to connect using "flterm --port=/dev/ttyUSB2 --kernel=build/nexys_video_lm32/software/firmware/firmware.bin --speed=115200"01:24
mithrofelix[m]1: Okay01:24
mithrofelix[m]1: And you hit enter after running flterm?01:24
mithroIt should come up with a "BIOS>" prompt01:25
felix[m]1Yes I started flterm -- it outputs "[FLTERM] Starting...", and then nothing (I waited a while for the prompt)01:26
mithrofelix[m]1: Hit enter?01:26
felix[m]1That doesn't do anything (it seems)01:26
mithroWe really should make flterm send a character after it starts...01:26
felix[m]1(it won't take input)01:27
mithrofelix[m]1: Can you find the button connected to the CPU reset?01:27
mithro    ("cpu_reset", 0, Pins("G4"), IOStandard("LVCMOS15")),01:27
mithroI wonder what is connected to G401:28
felix[m]1Yes, I know where it is. I take it I'm supposed to press that?01:28
felix[m]1Should be that button (it's labelled G4), but I'll check the board spec.01:29
mithrofelix[m]1: Yeah -- looks like it is01:29
mithrofelix[m]1: Hit that button while flterm is connected and see if you get any output01:30
tpbTitle: digilent-xdc/Nexys-Video-Master.xdc at master · Digilent/digilent-xdc · GitHub (at
felix[m]1Wow, it works!01:30
felix[m]1Yes, I get the prompt now. Awesome!01:31
mithrofelix[m]1: I was looking at this ->
tpbTitle: Nexys Video Reference Manual [Reference.Digilentinc] (at
mithrofelix[m]1: you get the BIOS prompt?01:31
felix[m]1I think so (it's labelled "H2U 00:00:00>")01:33
mithrofelix[m]1: Nope - that means you have loaded the HDMI2USB firmware successfully01:35
felix[m]1Ok, that sounds even better, right? ;-)01:35
mithrofelix[m]1: Yeah01:35
mithrofelix[m]1: I would now try getting tftp loading the firmware going01:35
mithrofelix[m]1: You should be able to adapt the tftp instructions from this tutorial ->
mithrofelix[m]1: You should be able to adapt the tftp instructions from this tutorial ->
mithrofelix[m]1: Are you "FelixVi" who sent this pull request -> ?01:37
tpbTitle: saturn: adding platform and base target by FelixVi · Pull Request #381 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
felix[m]1Ok, I'll see if I can figure that out. Thank you so much!01:38
felix[m]1No, I'm afraid that's not me, though I might send you a PR sometime for the getting started guide.01:38
tpbTitle: Gerrit Code Review (at
mithrofelix[m]1: Too many people named Felix01:39
mithrofelix[m]1: We also have a Felix Held (who is felix_)01:40
mithrofelix[m]1: That is openocd support for Nexys Video by rohit who is in this channel a lot of the time too01:40
felix[m]1Jep, that looks awesome!01:40
mithrofelix[m]1: Looks like we have it in our openocd package here ->
tpbTitle: conda-hdmi2usb-packages/openocd at master · timvideos/conda-hdmi2usb-packages · GitHub (at
felix[m]1Yep, that worked a charm -- I think the only missing piece is putting the commands in the Makefile -- would it make sense if I put the commands I used in there sometime?01:42
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrofelix[m]1: Want to send me a pull request for that?01:42
mithrofelix[m]1: You should be able to copy the arty of example01:42
tpbTitle: WIP: Add support for more boards by rohitk-singh · Pull Request #398 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrofelix[m]1: were in the world are you located?01:42
mithrobe back in 15 minutes -- getting a drink01:43
felix[m]1Sure! I'm in Mannheim, Germany01:43
mithroAhh, so it's Sunday morning hacking?01:44
mithrofelix[m]1: on mobile now :-)01:45
mithrofelix[m]1: I'm in the US currently01:45
mithrofelix[m]1: actually it's like 2am for you!?01:46
felix[m]1Yes, nearing on 3am. Still, Sunday morning hacking!01:47
mithroStill Sunday morning I guess just a bit different ensno fit :-)01:47
mithrofelix[m]1: btw, what is your goal?01:47
mithroAre you a potential GSoC student?01:47
felix[m]1I wish! I'm finishing my PhD this summer, so I'm afraid I probably won't be able to do GSoC. (also: I'm really a noob around electronics). My goal is to understand FPGAs (better), and liteX/Migen looked like a cool toolchain. Mid-term, I'd like to figure out how the HDMI decoding works and hook into that for some signal processing stuff.01:52
felix[m]1I'd be glad to help with smaller things though, and contribute back anything I figure out, but I can't realistically commit large amounts of time until my defense is through. I'm hoping to visit 35c3 this year, and would love to help with voc or anything related.01:57
felix[m]1I just saw that GitHub user andrewreds corrected all the stuff in the getting-started guide already. Dear me, I have been sitting on that browser tab for waaaay to long :-)02:02
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mithroCarlFK[m]: We need a post like this ->
tpbTitle: Become a GSoC student 2018! (at
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/tmds_encoding: TMDS encoding tools (at
felix[m]1Wow, that looks absolutely fantastic, thank you so much! (also for the workshop materials, I'm going to work through both)02:20
felix[m]1Ok, I'm calling it a day for now. I'll play with the capture software tomorrow, will test my changes to the makefiles again and then put together a tiny PR. I have to say, it's been a long time since I've been this excited about a piece of hardware -- looking forward to understanding how it works, and taking the board to a few meetups! Thanks a lot for your help, this has been fun!02:57
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cr1901_modernLooks like FelixVi has vanished :(... I feel bad I wasn't able to fix his issues09:39
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akhil_singhmithro : ping10:02
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akhil_singhmithro : This is @akhil-123, can u increase the discription on from where should the python script need to read and write the data from as per the comment on the issue ""10:09
akhil_singhmithro : edit :- above link is not working, try this one :
tpbTitle: Figure out what the contents of `gateware/encoder/vhdl/header.hex` is · Issue #297 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
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felix_mithro: fyi: in the next round of the prototype fund, someone gets funding to work on voctomix:
tpbTitle: Voctomix Prototypefund - Prototypefund (at
mithrofelix_: Yeah - they told me at 34C316:42
felix_ok, just wanted to make sure that you are aware of that16:43
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