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futarisIRCcloudewen & mithro: shows how to upgrade the mimasv2 PIC hex to run the ttyUSB at 115200. As mentioned on that site, I haven't seen an Original ttyUSB @ 19200 firmware anywhere.00:01
tpbTitle: GitHub - jimmo/numato-mimasv2-pic-firmware (at
mithrojimmo: ^00:04
cr1901_modernfutarisIRCcloud: the original firmware is closed source AFAIK00:09
futarisIRCcloudmithro: Cheers. Looks different to the other firmware, but it should work with landley's j-core linux too.00:12
futarisIRCcloudNB, - Cedric Bail is looking to get qemu running for that.00:13
tpbTitle: [J-core] Development board/target (at
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gsmalikHey everyone. So I am setting up the LiteX build environment. So far so good. The slight problem is that I have my vivado installed in a separate linux partition for binaries and installed software(I have some serious OCD about how my linux env is set up). Obviously since the litex build looks for Vivado in /opt/Xilinx, I have 2 options :02:06
gsmalik1.) Resetup my entire linux paritions (takes time)02:06
gsmalik2.) Softlink the /opt/Xilinx to my installation path02:06
gsmalikDo you think option number (2) is a good idea and wont cause my head/heart aches later on?02:07
futarisIRCcloudgsmalik: - You should just be able to export XILINX_DIR ...02:28
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv/ at master · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
gsmalikfutarisIRCcloud: Thanks. I was able to successfully build the gateware by soft linking. But what you suggested is definitely better, assuming this is the only place the xilinx path is set. Maybe ill do a quick grep and confirm. Thanks!02:36
gsmalikI have made a suggestion if someone else gets the error I was getting and suggested the solution in page 4 of the 2018 doc.02:37
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gsmalikI have completed the following today :05:35
gsmalik1.) I have finished reading and executing everything in the doc before the actual hardware play. I will do that from my lab tomorrow once I connect the atlys board to my pc. The following were some of the issues I faced and improvements:05:35
gsmalik--> Xilinx path can actually be picked up automatically by "which vivado". Helpful if not installed at default directory05:35
gsmalik--> While running the test firmware inside QEMU, my telnet malfunctioned. While etherbone and telnet were listening perfectly, I was not able to do anything at the telnet prompt. Any key I pressed would cause ASCII characters to show up. Even pressing "Ctrl+]" did not work. I am not too sre of whats happening here. I did read a lot on stack overflow about this being an encoding issue between telnet and my terminal. I05:35
gsmalikwill try it on my lab machine tomorrow and see what happens there. If the issue persists, Ill highlight it here05:35
gsmalik2.) Finished the videos about HDMI2USB on YouTube05:35
gsmalik3.) I believe I am ready to solve my first bug05:36
gsmalikmithro: Could you assign me the bug "Replace the shell script with a Python script". This will give me some hands on exprience with python which will be great. Once I solve this, I might look at some fpga related bugs05:37
cr1901_modernI'll make sure your script works on Windoze when I get the chance06:17
gsmalikcool. I am not that great on python. So a great chance for me to get some learning with this06:23
gsmalikIs it OK if I use pygithub3 library to check commit version, branch etc? I do not want to use OS function calls within python because that would constrain me to a single OS again..06:31
cr1901_moderngsmalik: You don't have to use OS function calls. Python has a subprocess module06:36
tpbTitle: 17.5. subprocess — Subprocess management Python 3.6.4 documentation (at
gsmalikcr1901_modern: Thanks. I understand now. Would it be safe to say that the command "git log --format="%H" -n 1" works the same way across OS's? Sorry I have not used windows since more than 6 years. So dont know what the git commands are. Although I could check :P06:53
cr1901_moderngsmalik: Yes it _should_ work just fine06:53
cr1901_moderngsmalik: For all intents and purposes the git provided by Windows is the same as the git provided by *nix06:54
gsmalikCool. Thanks. I really appreciate the help :)06:55
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gsmalikQuick question. UPLATFORM="$(echo $PLATFORM | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]')". Where is $PLATFORM coming from? When I run the standalone, the $TARGET and $PLATFORM come up empty07:29
gsmalikgrep has not helped here07:30
cr1901_moderngsmalik: You are expected to set PLATFORM yourself07:32
cr1901_modernPLATFORM=mimasv2, for instance. Look underneath the "platforms" directory07:33
cr1901_modernyou also need a TARGET (set to "base" for now) and CPU (set to "lm32" for now)07:34
gsmalikOk. If I understand this correctly, PLATFORM, TARGET, CPU are all environment variables exported to all the child processes in the active shell. Correct? :)07:39
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cr1901_moderngsmalik: Correct07:43
gsmalikcr1901_modern: Great. Thanks. So this command should be good enough to extract the necessary information : print os.environ['PLATFORM']07:47
cr1901_modernI'd assign it to a string, but yes:07:50
cr1901_modernplatform = os.environ["PLATFORM"]07:50
cr1901_modern(also, install flake8 to lint your Python code)07:50
cr1901_moderngsmalik: I need to go to bed for tonight unfortunately :(07:52
gsmalikcr1901_modern: Thanks for all the help and patience. Have a good night :)07:53
gsmalikThanks to you I should be able to push the code out in some time.07:53
cr1901_modernYw... good luck!07:53
gsmalikCalling it a day as well. Its 3 AM in Canada here. I am nearly 80% done with the python script. So once I am done with my lab work I will push these changes.08:10
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shornemithro: I am happy to help on mentoring, I am also signed up for openrisc GCC rewrite mentoring (if it gets chosen)11:33
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felix_hmm, vivado is only in the path (thus can be found by "which vivado") when the settings file is already sourced, but if i remember correctly some things broke when i sourced that file in the shell before running the build thing (not sure though if this was with litex directly or with the wrapper)14:02
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CarlFK[m]ottingerg (are you here?)   says: More technical details at [Link to bug in the ]({{reference.repo}}/issues/{{reference.number}})15:07
tpbTitle: [VideoBrick] capture HDMI video and audio at multiple resolutions · Issue #46 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]Potential Mentors: @{{github mentor username}}15:07
f15hCarlFk[m]: thats me15:16
f15hI would be interessted to restart the videobrick project as GSOC student .. and i am looking of a potintial mentor15:17
CarlFKf15h: neat  - fix yo landing page ;)  (or whatever you want to cal that)15:18
f15hCarlFK: I don't have the permissions to set labels. Do I?15:22
CarlFKdon't know about lables - maybe I can set them15:23
CarlFKin 20  min - walking out the door to meet a friend at a coffee shop15:24
CarlFK{{reference.repo}}/issues/{{reference.number}} - I was thinking you need to fill that in manually15:24
CarlFKbb in 2015:24
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mithroshorne: I would be more than happy to have a student work on gcc for or1k if you can find a good student for that15:50
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