Tuesday, 2018-02-13

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mithrofutarisIRCcloud: Are you interested in potentially mentoring a student on something related to Linux stuff?02:12
futarisIRCcloudmithro: Yeah, I'm interested in potentially mentoring a student.02:13
tpbTitle: GitHub - Cr4sh/s6_pcie_microblaze: PCI Express DIY hacking toolkit for Xilinx SP605 (at github.com)02:47
futarisIRCcloudI think he contributed that into pcileech: https://github.com/ufrisk/pcileech-fpga02:54
tpbTitle: GitHub - ufrisk/pcileech-fpga: FPGA modules used together with the PCILeech Direct Memory Access (DMA) Attack Software (at github.com)02:54
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gsmalikHello everyone. I am Gurshaant, a PhD student at the University of Waterloo, Canada. I work in the field of FPGA based AI for my PhD research.05:17
gsmalikBefore joining as a PhD, I was a SDE at Xilinx in the RnD team. I worked extensively on the Zynq MPSoC. I also worked in a startup called reniac which worked in the field of FPGA based cloud technology. I have a total of 4 years of industrial experience in the field of FPGAs and 7 years of research experience.05:17
gsmalikSooooo.. HI :)05:18
gsmalikI am currently looking at the HDMI2USB project and looking at a bug that I can fix. Just a "quick" FYI05:18
paddatrappergsmalik: hi! Welcome and shout if you have any questions05:24
paddatrapper(not necessarily at me, but someone should be able to answer)05:24
futarisIRCcloudgsmalik: Hi.05:25
mithrogsmalik: https://github.com/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aopen+user%3Atimvideos+label%3Agood-first-bug05:27
mithrogsmalik: You might want to have a look at j.mp/pre-fpga-lca2018 too05:31
gsmalikmithro: Thanks. I am currently going through your video of "Dissecting HDMI(33c3)". I think I will take another ~24 hours to get up to speed with everything. I have a PhD paper deadline coming up as well(kill me). Thanks for the links! They are helpful for pointing me in the right direction05:32
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oceanhello everyone09:47
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oceanI want to contribute in this organisation09:48
oceancan someone tell me how to start09:48
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MaZderMindCarlFK: okay, multiply and divide of a base freqency, but which base frequency and which diff is acceptable?10:05
MaZderMindreally, there's no reason to name variables m, d, bm and bd without leaving a comment.that'S such a bad coding style. it's not like we're paying for bytes on github ;)10:06
futarisIRCcloudMaZderMind: see my earlier comment regarding defines being wrong for series 7 Xilinx FPGAs in processor.c10:07
MaZderMindfutarisIRCcloud: yes, seen that. I'm onb a spartan based board and there are just some resolutions that don't work10:08
futarisIRCcloudFrequency is in kHz. Depends on the monitor how far % off is acceptable.10:17
futarisIRCcloudocean: start by reading through & following j.mp/pre-fpga-lca201810:18
futarisIRCcloudocean: start by reading through & following j.mp/pre-fpga-lca2018. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube regarding hdmi2usb that are worth watching too.10:20
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shornemithro: pong? I got the mail re: google mentor11:07
shorneI can't sign up right now, my cell phone broke so no google 2-step verification until new phone arrives11:08
shorneI had a backup phone, but now that I got a new nano-sim I cant use the backup phones ~\_O_/~11:08
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f15hI can't reach the github Issues page. Anybody knows whats going on?11:13
futaris[m]https://github.com/timvideos/getting-started/issues works for me12:15
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at github.com)12:15
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f15hfutaris[m]: thanks - works for me too14:26
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CarlFK[m]f15h (IRC): what was the problem with issues page?  (I'm trying to track down bad links)17:43
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f15hCarlFK[m]: actually i think i made a mistake - i was following a link (i think) from the IRC log - https://github.com/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+user%3Atimvideos - which didn't work18:23
CarlFK[m]k - thanks.  not something i need to deal with18:25
mithroCarlFK[m]: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1paJZ6QFKTkndtG7LTi5TPpy6PGCSGTcphxBwSXc2OKc/edit18:49
tpbTitle: Gator Case Layout Example - Google Drawings (at docs.google.com)18:49
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): is that the preseter's laptop or the slave for the Opsis?18:53
mithroCarlFK[m]: Slave laptop for Opsis + presenter confidence screen18:54
CarlFK[m]presenter confidence screen - oh I keep forgetting that is a thing18:54
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): what is the current ... ip config? for the Opsis?  I'm guessing a static IP,18:57
mithroCarlFK[m]: static, hard coded and unchangable at the moment18:58
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): what is the IP?18:58
mithroCarlFK[m]: This branch almost gets DHCP working -> https://github.com/mithro/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware-old/commits/dhcp18:58
tpbTitle: Commits · mithro/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware-old · GitHub (at github.com)18:59
CarlFK[m]I don't mind hanging a usb dongle off the slave to talk to it18:59
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shornemithro: you pinged?22:28
shornedid you get me response above?22:28
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mithroshorne: pong - I was going to ask about mentoring students in GSoC for things like Linux Kernel / QEMU work for TimVideos stuff23:27
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): to edit the site, I  should I edit this file and submit a PR to you? https://github.com/timvideos/website/blob/master/_includes/sidebar.html23:48
tpbTitle: website/sidebar.html at master · timvideos/website · GitHub (at github.com)23:48
mithroCarlFK[m]: Yeap!23:49
CarlFK[m]k - the links near the bottom are overlapping23:49
CarlFK[m]and what do you think of putting the gsoc link at the top?23:49
mithroCarlFK[m]: Dunno - busy with other things and I somewhat trust your decision making23:50

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