Tuesday, 2018-01-30

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thaytanmithro, o/ :)04:10
mithrothaytan: Heyo04:10
xfxfCarlFK[m]: it just clicked we're up to almost 14000 videos in veyepar processed04:11
thaytanmithro, I rebooted to windows and ran all the updates, including some bios and thunderbolt firmware ones04:11
xfxfand you've only setup that cloud instance of veyepar a few years after we started using it, so there's probably another few thousand that aren't in tehre04:11
thaytanand now USB-C is more stable04:11
xfxfthat's a lot of bloody video04:11
mithrothaytan: Interesting04:12
xfxfmithro: will you still be there in May?  i'll be over for pycon US04:13
thaytanis it true that mithro also likes python?04:13
* thaytan heard a rumour to that effect04:13
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mithrothaytan: maybe04:22
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mithrothaytan: You should definitely investigate the potential of developing an a FPGA version of that codec...04:23
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thaytanmithro, yes!04:27
cr1901_modernmithro: Maybe I should take the local library's 3d printing course to make one of those vices04:52
cr1901_modernB/c now I'm tempted04:52
mithrocr1901_modern: I doubt you need a course to print that -- just download and click print :-P04:58
cr1901_modernmithro: What I was getting at is that I don't _own_ a 3d printer, and the local library does. But they require training (whatever that means) before you can use it04:59
cr1901_modernI've been meaning to do that for a while but EINERTIA04:59
shornemithro: hello, did you get my buildroot instructions?05:32
tpbTitle: or1k rootfs for Miniconf tuning - Google Docs (at docs.google.com)05:34
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* felix_ waves from zuerich. the flights were good07:31
ducky[m]felix_: see you in a couple of weeks! :D07:32
ducky[m]felix_: Please save some prinzen rolle for me :P08:18
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mithrofelix_: Have you been following https://github.com/peteut/migen-misc ?15:41
tpbTitle: GitHub - peteut/migen-misc: Some Migen/MiSoC modules (at github.com)15:41
mithroWIP: AIX modules, aiming for ZYNQ SoC support.15:41
felix_i've seen that repo; seems to be much more active than i assumed16:16
cr1901_modernThe ps7 core is really hard to read, but that might be my imperative bias in action16:39
tpbTitle: migen-misc/ps7.py at master · peteut/migen-misc · GitHub (at github.com)16:40
cr1901_modernhttps://github.com/peteut/migen-misc/blob/master/src/migen_misc/cores/ps7.py#L30-L49 The hell is this doing?16:40
tpbTitle: migen-misc/ps7.py at master · peteut/migen-misc · GitHub (at github.com)16:40
mithrocr1901_modern: Yeah that is a horrible way to write that16:41
cr1901_modernLook, I use functools and friends _on occassion_ in my migen code too. But it's so easy to write code that takes forever to gleam the intent16:48
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* cr1901_modern spots an FPGAdave?17:04
mithrocr1901_modern: I believe so17:08
thaytanmithro, I think I've fixed the ethernet on the arty / or1k here17:33
thaytanit's stable and not panicking17:33
mithrothaytan: oh cool!17:33
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mithrothaytan: Maybe want to chat to the elphel people? https://docs.elphel.com/x393/hierarchy.html20:07
tpbTitle: x393: Design Unit Hierarchy (at docs.elphel.com)20:07
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