Monday, 2018-01-22

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vysrails: stefanor tumbleweed ^^ is the slide00:10
tpbTitle: US doughnut-eating champ charged with stealing from Dunkin Donuts | (at
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futarisIRCcloudI'm heading to now01:31
tpbTitle: All about Shenzhen - LINUX.CONF.AU 2018 (at
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futarisIRCcloudHave you guys moved across to UTS yet?04:20
CarlFK(I think)(04:26
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lcaav_greenCarlFK: we're using v0.0.4-72-g6e326e3 right?05:04
lcaav_greenalso, join #lca-av05:04
CarlFK[m]oh right05:05
CarlFK-72 sounds correct05:06
CarlFKor a little low... sec...05:06
CarlFKmy opsis has -9105:07
lcaav_greenrails: what version did we flash everywhere? 72?05:09
CarlFKryan coming wiht the -72 from speaker test statin05:11
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ewenmithro: Just checking in: do you need anything prepped/tested tonight for FPGA miniconf?  (I've just got dinner now, but can help out for a couple of hours after that if it's useful.)07:19
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC):       --extra-vars="{'veyepar_confs': '/home/carl/src/veyepar'}" \07:39
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ewenmithro: Have just tested Arty/Linux build on latest git with qemu + actual Arty.  Both seem to work.08:34
mithroewen: I think we need something in the scripts which checks submodules stuff08:34
ewenmithro: one weird "source for kernel is not clean" error, and "make mrproper" suggestion it gave made things worse ("fatal error: zconf.lex.c"), but doing "make clean" at litex-buildenv level again and rebuilding again made it work.08:35
ewenmithro: as in, "checks that "submodules update" has been done?08:35
mithroYeah - its suppose to run as part of the makefile but doesn't seem to be always working08:36
ewenOkay, I'll have a poke around and see if I can figure out what's going on / not going on.08:36
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tpbTitle: tftp: Fix issues with in.tftp by stffrdhrn · Pull Request #16 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
ewenmithro: Yes, I was going to look at that.  Maybe I do that first.08:40
ewenmithro: I think the answer is maybe we need something to force $(shell ...) to resolve immediately.  I just forget what syntax is so will need to look.08:40
ewenmithro: Some quick searching suggests that "=" assignment is deferred evaluation, and ":=" assignment is immediate evaulation.  I'll try that out.08:43
ewenmithro: Turns out that even with that ?= does not assign if variable already assigned, even if that assignment is empty (and ($shell ...) results in empty assignment).  Hunting for better solution.08:47
ewenLooks like ifeq($(VAR),) ... is the most reliable test, and seems to work with deferred or immediate assignments.08:50
tpbTitle: Makefile: tftpd: fix detection logic by ewen-naos-nz · Pull Request #17 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
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ewenmithro: Re submodule updates, I'm thinking we want to *warn* that they're out of date, but perhaps not force-update.  Otherwise development that involves changes in submodules will be hard as it'll be constantly reset to the "official upstream" one.09:10
ewenmithro: Does that sounds sensible?09:10
ewenmithro: git submodule status | grep -v "^ "   # if non-empty then submodules are not matching upstream pointers somehow (^+, ^-, ^U appear to be possible "wrong" states as regexes)09:11
ewenmithro: Looks like we actually want to check .git/modules/MODULEPATH/HEAD time against something that's marking revision we should have.09:18
ewenTurns out that git submodule references are stored as "commit" inside git database, which makes them hard to directly reference as a "is newer" timestamp :-(09:24
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tpbTitle: Makefile: check if submodules are current, warn if not by ewen-naos-nz · Pull Request #18 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
ewenmithro: Implementation of "warn if submodules not matching litex-buildenv expected commit".10:01
ewenmithro: It's a fairly visible warning, but does not force update as user may have reason for them being out of sync (eg, making local changes in submodule to test)10:02
ewenmithro: Appears to work for me, both when out of sync, and in sync.  But I'd suggest testing yourself before merging if you want to merge it tonight.10:02
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tsukasa_auWoot! I have a linux booting on my fpga!11:52
shenkitsukasa_au: good work!11:55
* tsukasa_au is happy that tftpd does not need to run as root any more11:56
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tpbTitle: YouTube (at
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CarlFKwoo!  look at this
tpbTitle: veyepar: Micropython on the LoliBot (at
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shornemithro: sorry, didnt get around to the rootfs yet. got stuck on in.tftpd during the build22:20
shornefor some reason its not responding to the 'get boot.bin' request22:21
shornestill working on it22:21
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