Sunday, 2018-01-21

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futarisIRCcloudMorning mithro. I got into Sydney yesterday. Going to head to the Sydney Fish Markets (nearby) with my wife. Might pop in quickly, before we head out to DFO Homebush.00:05
futarisIRCcloudMany people still at the "office" today?00:05
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mithroI'm in the office now00:30
mithrothaytan: Your welcome to come by and get a head start on FPGA stuff!00:31
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CarlFK[m]anyone know the nic/contact/anyting of the guy who started foss black magic driver that was in the hackfest about 5 days ago?01:44
CarlFK[m]+/- 7 days01:44
micolous[m]CarlFK: yes02:44
micolous[m]I'll PM you his email address02:45
micolous[m]He should be at LCA also02:45
CarlFK[m]Kinda need the bracket from the card02:46
micolous[m]I have one by my PC02:46
micolous[m]Full height?02:46
micolous[m]Or half?02:46
CarlFK[m]Or the whole card, so we don't need to use tape02:47
micolous[m]I'll have a look in the bag, one sec02:47
micolous[m]Sorry, only have full height brackets02:49
micolous[m]I can ping him on Signal, but I have a feeling he'll only be able to give us stuff on Monday. He lives pretty far from here02:49
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rohitksingh-demomithro: whitequark seems to be working on FTDI MPSSE emulation on FX2 :p We had got it working during 2016 gsoc, although it never got merged. JTAG programming was also  tested to be working on that. Maybe whitequark would like to take a look at the code (although he might scream in horror)03:50
felix_mithro: i'm at the door of the office now04:02
mithrofelix_: sorry, an just getting lunch04:10
mithroWill be there shortly04:10
mithroIf you sneak in, Rohit is up in the room04:12
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micolous[m]mithro: If you're in the office, you're about the only person who can sort out Carl's request05:14
micolous[m]Unfortunately room is locked outside business hours, but there's apparently someone in there until around 16:00~17:0005:14
micolous[m]Actually, scratch that, CarlFK says he can live without it05:15
mithroI'm in the office?05:17
micolous[m]Don't worry about it.05:17
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): someone here said they would help you pack up the hackfest - should I send them over?06:19
mithroxobs -> [email protected]06:20
CarlFK[m]some volly here in av room06:20
mithroWe are not really in the need right now - in a couple of hours it might make sense?06:25
CarlFK[m] yes - I suspect they will still be around06:27
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): "Organization Administrators:  [email protected] (you) "07:28
CarlFK[m]so I think I have clicked all the things needed07:28
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rohitksingh-demoxobs: what was the name of the person who tried to open source the firmware on the "weird thing present in the usb port" of our mithro?08:19
mithrorohitksingh-demo: ?08:19
xobsrohitksingh-demo: ?08:20
rohitksingh-demomithro: mentioned about some googler who tried to open source the firmware on the device sitting inside the USB port of his laptop08:21
tumbleweedjea: at some point can I get a blanking video from you (or single frame I can turn into a video)08:35
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shornestarting on miniconf tutorial... need to reinstall vivado, I nuked it to free space :-/09:25
_florent_CarlFK[m]: hi, do you remember what's the last version of the atlys gateware that was working?09:34
_florent_CarlFK[m]: also, can you explain what appends exactly? video is corrupter only on encoder or also on others outputs?09:39
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CarlFK[m]florent: do you have the GitHub issue handy?  That talks about versions...09:44
CarlFK[m]HDMI in/out is fine09:45
CarlFK[m]Just the encoder09:45
CarlFK[m]We are doing with dinner. Do we need to come over?10:06
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thaytananyone still in the AV room? Shall I come say hi soon?10:14
thaytanIf so, what's the entry procedure like at this time of night?10:15
SashaMyou're trying to get into Corroboree? You'll need an after-hours key10:15
thaytanor someone to fetch me in10:16
SashaMtansell should be there... I'll ping him on hangouts :)10:17
thaytanmithro? :)10:17
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SashaMyup ^_^10:20
mithroI'm here10:20
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mithroAre you at Google?10:21
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mithrothaytan: ?10:21
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thaytanmithro, no, I meant @ UTS10:21
thaytanare you at google?10:21
mithroNo idea about uts10:21
thaytannm in that case - I thought all the activity had moved over this way today10:22
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xfxfthaytan: we left about 40 mins ago for dinner10:24
xfxfthink everyone has left10:24
xfxfUTS are super crazy over access, building likely locked10:25
xfxfI can't even get into most buildings now :/10:25
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thaytanxfxf, having good dinner? :)10:27
CarlFK[m]thaytan: dinner over, beer at dodgy bar now10:28
CarlFK[m]I think they just injected a cute animated gif into my chat data10:29
CarlFK_florent_: I am guessing you can't really work on anything now, right?10:34
thaytanCarlFK[m], of course it's dodgy10:34
thaytanxfxf is there10:34
CarlFKthis is the issue that has details:
tpbTitle: USB streaming is corrupted on Atlys · Issue #347 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
tumbleweedthaytan: watch out, I have a gstreamer question for you10:35
tpbTitle: Revert "Mix audio to mono for stream" (ad361b3e) · Commits · DebConf videos / ansible · GitLab (at
* thaytan watches for a question mark10:38
tumbleweedthat commit reverted something that didn't work10:38
tumbleweedbut used to10:38
tumbleweedthe question is really: Where does one create the audiomixer object, in a pipeline like that10:38
thaytantumbleweed, if you want to convert downmix to mono, just use audioconvert10:39
thaytanaudioconvert ! audio/x-raw,channels=1 ! ....10:39
tumbleweedah, that seems easy10:39
tumbleweedso that does a downmix, not a drop of channel 210:40
thaytanit'll do a downmix as needed10:40
tumbleweednot relevant for LCA, but I'll do that :)10:40
thaytannot sure it was in 1.10, but in 1.12 there's also audiomixmatrix which can do more controlled n-channels to n-channels conversions10:40
tumbleweed  matrix              : Transformation matrix for input/output channels10:43
tumbleweed                        flags: readable, writable10:43
tumbleweed                        Unknown type 216 "GstValueArray"10:43
tumbleweedgreat docs :P10:43
tpbTitle: gst-plugins-bad/tests/examples/audiomixmatrix at master · GStreamer/gst-plugins-bad · GitHub (at
tumbleweed is pretty opaque too10:46
tpbTitle: gst-plugins-bad/test-audiomixmatrix.c at master · GStreamer/gst-plugins-bad · GitHub (at
tumbleweedoh, no, I get it10:46
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_florent_CarlFK[m]: i know what is happening on atlys, can you give a try with the code i just pushed?13:59
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futarisIRCcloudMorning all. Problems with the Printers for registering21:57
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