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CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC):
tpbTitle: Script to download prebuilt firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Appendix E: LDAP - Object Classes and Attributes (at
rails[I]I started getting spam after registering an OID00:12
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tpbTitle: GitHub - kc8apf/prjxray-db-builder: Docker container for building prjxray databases (at
ewenmithro: Looks like that one installs Vivado for every run.  Which doesn't seem awesomely efficient.  But maybe is the only option if you're running inside random CI infrastructure without Docker volume support?00:20
mithroCarlFK[m] / tumbleweed: It looks like tumbleweed has permission to HDMI2USB-mode-switch repo00:21
tumbleweedmithro: I find the current organisation in scripts in the mode-switch repo to be pretty strange00:23
mithrotumbleweed: In what way?00:23
tumbleweedthat the bin dir is empty00:23
tumbleweedthe only way to use it is to have installed it00:23
tumbleweedor hack your own things into bin00:23
tumbleweedmy normal approach would have been to have modules (like the hdmi2usb.modeswitch.cli one) that are the cli tools00:24
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-mode-switch/Makefile at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
tumbleweedand then have wrappers that call them for dev purposes in bin00:24
tumbleweedthat's all unbind stuff00:25
tumbleweedi'm talking about the scripts00:25
mithrotumbleweed: That is the only thing which uses the bin directory at the moment00:25
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-mode-switch/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
tumbleweedalso, why do we have so many names for the same script?00:25
mithrotumbleweed: because they will probably become seperate scripts eventually00:26
tumbleweedpersonally, I create a `bin/hdmi2usb-mode-switch`00:27
tumbleweedso that I can test drive it from the git checkout00:27
mithrotumbleweed: Never done that00:27
mithroewen: FYI --
tpbTitle: WDJ - migen-port (at
tumbleweedmithro: how do you test changes you're making?00:28
mithrotumbleweed: "make conda; export PATH=$PWD/conda/bin:$PATH"00:29
tumbleweedthat seems unnecessary for a simple python app00:29
tumbleweedI do see the value for you of having similar setups for each thing, though00:29
mithrotumbleweed: It gets you openocd and other depends00:32
mithrotumbleweed: Once we get rid of the external program deps, then we can get rid of the conda stuff00:33
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mithroHey rohitksingh-demo00:42
mithrorohitksingh-demo: For the multiple DDR on the galenta we will have to modify the bios to support training multiple controllers00:43
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Can you also help ewen with adding the elbertv2 board if he gets stuck?00:43
rohitksingh-demomithro: okay. and one more issue, one first boot memtest fails for some reason, but if I hit reset button on galatea then memtest passes from then onwards....POR issue?00:44
rohitksingh-demomithro: sure! @ewev: ping me if you need any help00:44
mithrorohitksingh-demo: I guess you don't have the quite right values for those constants00:45
rohitksingh-demo* @ewen00:45
mithro_florent_: It seems like you should teach a little class to rohitksingh-demo + felix_ on getting litedram working on new boards :-)00:45
rohitksingh-demomithro: then even the subsequent memtests should also fail right? btw those constants have same value as in Opsis, which uses same ddr3 as Galatea00:46
rohitksingh-demomithro/_florent_: I would love that00:46
mithrorohitksingh-demo: I think if you are very close to being right then it would be possible for the behaviour you are seeing00:47
mithrorohitksingh-demo: I think the values are dependent on both the layout on the board and the DDR memory type -- but I'm no expert here00:47
rohitksingh-demomithro: mmm.... _florent_ could help of current status, Galatea's both DDR3s work after manual reset of board after programming the bistream00:48
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mithrorohitksingh-demo: I think the priority should be getting the the basics work on the other boards working + the yosys in litex stuff?00:55
ewenmithro: re migen-port.html: Thanks, that looks like useful info00:57
rohitksingh-demomithro: by basics you means just LM32/or1k or ddr3 too? btw how can we tell yosys about xilinx primitives (DNA port, JTAG, etc)?00:57
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Yosys already know about them for Series 7 devices00:57
rohitksingh-demomithro: okay, that's good news00:58
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Not for the Spartan 6 however01:04
mithroSo lets start with the series-7 devices01:04
rohitksingh-demomithro: yup!01:04
tpbTitle: Spartan 3/6 support with ISE backend? · Issue #448 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Maybe do the Neso first?01:07
rohitksingh-demomithro: nice! yeah, I'll add Neso first01:08
mithrorohitksingh-demo: BTW You should add the extra boads to the travis config...01:12
rohitksingh-demomithro: I need help with Galatea makefile is a mess currently :p01:18
tpbTitle: platforms/galatea: add base target · rohitk-singh/[email protected] · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demoNeed to fix it to an appropriate one01:19
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Need to fix this ->
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/.travis.yml at master · rohitk-singh/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: Just adding "Not support" and returning "False" should be fine right?01:20
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Can you use openocd with galenta?01:21
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · rohitk-singh/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: no...Galatea needs external Xilinx JTAG...can use xc3sprog probably01:21
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · rohitk-singh/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · rohitk-singh/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: Yeah I was thinking of going the nexys_video way. thanks01:23
mithrorohitksingh-demo: I think we should replace the openocd ones with the nexys_video style....01:23
xobsmithro: The WSL bug is
tpbTitle: Segmentation Fault using a gcc cross compiler · Issue #1462 · Microsoft/WSL · GitHub (at
mithrotumbleweed: Can you link me when vsyscall usage was removed from glibc?01:53
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ewenmithro: Is there a Makefile target that just rebuilds the BIOS?  "make gateware" obviously does, but unconditionally builds the gateware which takes... minutes02:02
ewenLooks like "make firmware" is sufficient for "test compile"02:04
CarlFK[m]rohitksingh-demo (IRC): I saw an im invite but no data02:06
mithroewen: Yeah02:08
rohitksingh-demoCarkFK[m]: Okay, so 3 issues so far: 1. FTDI drivers blacklisted 2. Shallow clone of HDMI2USB-litex-firmware repo, which results in build failure due to `git describe` failing to work. and finally 3. Apt proxy issue, which I guess was just temporary hack due to Wifi issue02:08
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Might be good to merge this too02:09
tpbTitle: saturn: adding platform and base target by FelixVi · Pull Request #381 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: yeah, I'll merge into more-boards branch of my repo02:10
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Awesome!02:10
tpbTitle: On vsyscalls and the vDSO [] (at
tumbleweedmithro: basically glibc 1.14 stopped using vsyscall02:14
mithrotumbleweed: I put that in the github issue already02:15
tumbleweedmithro: also relevant:
tpbTitle: #852620 - linux: activate CONFIG_LEGACY_VSYSCALL_NONE ? - Debian Bug report logs (at
CarlFK[m]rohitksingh-demo (IRC): fixed, fixed and moo02:17
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rohitksingh-demoCarlFK[m]: Thank you so much! :)02:18
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CarlFK[m]rohitksingh-demo (IRC): shallow was becuase I didn't want 10gig of prebuilt and it neither helped nor is relevant now that mithro (IRC) has written a downloader02:19
mithroxobs: Did you find the lm32 compiler in there?02:32
xobsmithro: Not yet.  I just see scripts to build it from scratch.02:33
mithroxobs: Oh - yeah that is what I was sharing :-P02:40
mithroxobs: You can see from that we just get gcc from upstream though...02:40
tpbTitle: conda-hdmi2usb-packages/meta.yaml at master · timvideos/conda-hdmi2usb-packages · GitHub (at
mithroxobs:   url:
mithroewen: Merged!02:43
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): curl "http://localhost:8080/main/C/test_client/S/test_show.json?fields=foo&fields=bar"02:54
tpbTitle: Django Models - Add property in JSON - Stack Overflow (at
jeai like sundials03:21
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/video-stack-bin-chicken (at
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tpbTitle: Support forcing colorama colors on. by mithro · Pull Request #53 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: awesome! I'll test it03:49
tpbTitle: Makefile: Colors work now! by mithro · Pull Request #397 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: Yay! you have already tested it and created PR03:50
mithrorohitksingh-demo: This is kind of interesting ->
tpbTitle: Building a device tree overlay for your new PocketCape design Beagle Blogger (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: confirmed the pull request changes to be working, after litex submodule is updated \o/03:58
rohitksingh-demomithro: did he just write that yesterday itself! reading it right now03:58
mithroewen: I think we should just use the non-privileged port by default?04:01
tpbTitle: Makefile: Colors work now! by mithro · Pull Request #397 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
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tpbTitle: Dmitry.GR (at
mithroONE MORE THING: uM23 ! (that's right! A full ARM Cortex-M23 emulator in VMU assembly!)04:48
mithroThe structure of uM23 is pretty simple. The main CPU emulation code is in core.s. This implements the instruction decoding and execution. 04:50
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rohitksingh-demomithro/sb0: :p
tpbTitle: sayma: ditto clk50. ultrascale, ultrabloat, ultrabug! · m-labs/[email protected] · GitHub (at
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Colors should now be merged!05:30
rohitksingh-demomithro: saw that, thanks! litex one too?05:32
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Yes05:33
rohitksingh-demomithro: pr stills look open
tpbTitle: Support forcing colorama colors on. by mithro · Pull Request #53 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]jea: coming soon [{"location": "test loc", "name": "Let's make a Test", "location_slug": "test_loc"}]05:43
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Are the colors working for you now?05:48
rohitksingh-demomithro: yes they are05:49
rohitksingh-demomithro: had tested your pull request itself, not the master after merging05:50
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rohitksingh-demoxobs, mithro: fpga_nugga seems to agree with you guys :p
mithrorohitksingh-demo: How are things going? Got the Saturn stuff from FelixVi going?07:32
rohitksingh-demomithro: neso stuff done....was just going to grab Neso for testing07:34
rohitksingh-demomithro: haven't tested saturn stuff from felix...will do that after neso testing07:34
ewenmithro: rohitksingh-demo: has first cut at Elbert v2 config tool (tested) and platforms file (untested)07:39
tpbTitle: GitHub - ewen-naos-nz/litex-buildenv at numato-elbert-v2 (at
ewenmithro: I think the next thing is a targets directory, for which I have a plausible Makefile but am unclear on what should be in *.py files07:40
mithroewen: I created a "WIP" pull request at
mithroJust so I could see what you changed :-P07:41
tpbTitle: WIP: Numato Elbert V2 support by mithro · Pull Request #12 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
mithroewen: Looking pretty good!07:42
rohitksingh-demomithro: you know how to configure ft2232 channels in linux? else do we know any Windows (Virtual) Machine here?08:00
mithrorohitksingh-demo: I came across this with the pipistrello....08:01
rohitksingh-demoneso and saturn by default with FT2232 Channel-B in FIFO 245 mode....we need to change it to UART08:01
mithroThe one person who has a Windows computer is sitting right next to me :-P08:01
rohitksingh-demoyup, that also I was thinking :p xobs is needed here!08:02
tpbTitle: 1020 Pipistrello-ols only works when FTDI chip is in FIFO mode (at
tpbTitle: Attachment 330 Details for Bug 1020 Mode configuration for FTDI chip (at
tpbTitle: FPGA as USB PIA - Pipistrello - Gadget Factory Forum (at
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Apparently past-me said08:03
mithroIt would be good to port setmode to libftdi rather than the proprietary libftd2xx library. It should be pretty easy to port but I didn't want change too many things at once and when I got the setmode working with libftd2xx on Linux the motivation to do the porting rapidly dissipated :-P08:03
rohitksingh-demo   mithro: I need account to download .tar.gz file from there08:05
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Hold on a sec08:05
tpbTitle: FPGA as USB PIA - Pipistrello - Gadget Factory Forum (at
mithro55b8f7ee19bbd17ebcdad23294df75e1  setmode.tar.gz08:07
mithroNo guarentees that it doesn't eat your computer08:07
mithrorohitksingh-demo: ^08:07
rohitksingh-demomithro: haha, thanks!08:08
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rohitksingh-demomithro: code for some reason isn't able to open ftdi device08:14
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Error message?08:14
rohitksingh-demomithro: is it due to x86? error message -> "Error! Can't find Pipistrello board" btw I did change description string08:15
rohitksingh-demoalso tried with normal open() function instead of openEx()08:15
mithrorohitksingh-demo: I'm guessing you have ftdi_sio bound to the device08:15
rohitksingh-demomithro: yeah, that is true...let me remove it08:16
ewenmithro: rohitksingh-demo: I've pushed my "copy mimasv2 and delete things which don't seem important to elbertv2" platform definition WIP to GitHub; visible in, eg, (that mithro created).  If one of you had time to look at it in the next 12-24 hours and point out all the bits I don't understand that'd probably be quicker than me fighting with trial and08:31
ewenerror.... :-)08:31
tpbTitle: WIP: Numato Elbert V2 support by mithro · Pull Request #12 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
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mithrorohitksingh-demo: Could you look at ?08:59
tpbTitle: Gerrit Code Review (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: yup....let me confirm09:01
mithrocr1901_modern: Thanks to your change it looks like we might be able to move to Python 3.6! -->
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mithrorohitksingh-demo: We should test if the python3.6 builds here ->
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/python3.6/v0.0.4-92-g057034c at master · mithro/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
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mithrorohitksingh-demo: Do you know what is happening for dinner?09:18
rohitksingh-demomithro: no idea09:20
rohitksingh-demomithro: try hangouts?09:20
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cr1901_modernmithro: Yaaaay :D. Also thank FelixVi, since he was the reason I was motivated to add it in the first place09:26
cr1901_modernrohitksingh-demo: Looks like he passed off the saturn work to you?09:26
cr1901_modern(Flash is broken on saturn for hdmi2usb)09:26
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rohitksingh-democr1901_modern: actually his laptop broke, so I'm testing it in the moment :)09:30
cr1901_modernOuch :(. Please keep me informed how it goes. I feel bad, but I had to eventually take a break from adding all the features/bug fixes he required for my own health09:34
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pschulz01What does 'HLS' mean? (Please don't kick me out of the tutorial.)09:48
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rohitksingh-demopschulz01: High Level probably got that from "Vivado HLS"09:55
rohitksingh-democr1901_modern: no issues...we are targeting to get saturn + neso + galatea preliminary support09:56
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rohitksingh-demopschulz01: hi!09:56
pschulz01rohitksingh-demo: Greetings.. just needed to reboot as per time instructions09:58
rohitksingh-demopschulz01: greetings! I answered your question, but I guess you didn't get them. So, here is it again. HLS=High Level probably got that from "Vivado HLS"10:02
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rohitksingh-demomithro: fxload firmware load successful! trying to get openocd to work with that10:52
rohitksingh-demomithro: any sample .bitfile (like micropython) for mimasv2?11:15
mithrorohitksingh-demo: The prebuilt repo?11:20
rohitksingh-demomithro: any prebuilt bitstream for mimasv2....just want to try programming....openocd is working with Xilinx Platform Cable, with usbjtab-xpc_x.hex firmware and I'm able to read Spartan6 lx9 IDCODE as well as DNA using openocd11:22
rohitksingh-demomithro: and you can approve that openocd commit....although it just edits the comment, and the previous comment was also correct semantically11:23
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rohitksingh-demomithro: Its just that xilinx have official retired original Platform cable (you can say version 1)11:23
rohitksingh-demomithro: and we don't have any Platform Cable USB II to test11:24
rohitksingh-demomithro: only the clone ones, which are based on version 1 schematic11:24
rohitksingh-demonext what? would you like to check out the neso output?11:25
mithrorohitksingh-demo: Sure11:26
tpbTitle: Comparing ChibiOS:master...mithro:master · ChibiOS/ChibiOS-Contrib · GitHub (at
xobsNeat!  It's a start.11:28
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mithroxobs: can you try installing
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
rohitksingh-demomithro: where is this fix going to go? It uses args passed to make.py14:14
mithroIn HDMI2USB-litex-firmware ?14:15
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mithroxobs: try this ->
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cr1901_modernmithro: This is just a generic comment, but make sure the SD cards you use for the upcoming conference are at least UHS-I (they will have a Roman numeral "I" next to the SD card logo):
tpbTitle: Bus Speed (Default Speed/ High Speed/ UHS) - SD Association (at
cr1901_modern_florent_: We should support lower bus speeds (the firmware is hardcoded to choose SDR104). Not sure the easiest way to detect this atm19:56
cr1901_modernthe litesdcard firmware*19:56
cr1901_modern(Note to self: Prob easiest fix is to use CMD6 in Mode 0 and check the highest speed supported)20:22
CarlFK[m]im just now getting up - coffee shop at 8:30 mabye20:57
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micolous[m]Hackfest room is unlocked now.23:11
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