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felix_ah, ok, it seems to be fixed in the other repo01:44
felix_i'll try that now01:44
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CarlFK[m]Kamilion (IRC): URL of your ebay store or better URL of the 20g ssd things01:53
mithro20g SSD things?01:53
Kamilion'make offer' button01:54
Kamilionmithro: used mSATA SSDs on tyan brand SATA carriers01:56
CarlFK[m]drops the time to build a box from 20-30 min down to under 5 min01:57
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CarlFK[m]and the boot in about 10 seconds, down from a min01:57
KamilionCarlFK[m]: double sided sticky tape is your friend.
Kamilionask about 'empty' carrier adapters too, we've got so many I'm sure a deal can be hatched01:58
Kamilionthat image shows a 250GB micron mSATA drive I picked up off amazon for $59 installed in the carrier.01:59
Kamilionthis one i got for my dad02:01
CarlFK[m]I personally can only use 5-10.02:01
CarlFK[m]in the first pic, what is the 8 brassy things on a rf shield looking thing?02:02
Kamilion8 brassy things?02:02
Kamilion... uhhh... I dunno02:03
KamilionThere shouldn't be any RF sheilds in that02:03
Kamilionoh, the coolermaster heatsink.02:03
tpbTitle: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 Continuous Direct Contact 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler Compatible with latest Intel 201113661155 and AMD FM1FM2AM3 - (at
Kamilion"where do those carriers come from?"02:04
* Kamilion points to the right of the copper cooler02:04
Kamilionthey're supposed to be for these 1U server chassis.02:05
CarlFK[m]yeah, that02:05
Kamilionbut we've scrapped all of that line of machines; and the only thing that remains is their mSATA carriers now... lol02:05
Kamilionthey'd probably sell you about 25 of 'em for $2.50 each, without the SSD02:07
CarlFK[m]the mb had a place to plug them in?02:07
Kamiliontwo actually02:07
Kamilionbut the adapter covers over the second one02:07
CarlFK[m]huh.  the gender is backwards...02:07
Kamilionyes, the motherboard has the female connector, can actually stick any 2.5" SSD on it02:08
CarlFK[m]I bought a $50 lenovo Twist laptop .. "no screen or hard drive"02:09
Kamilionone of my favorite tricks is to pull a samsung evo out of it's casing and shove it right on the header02:09
tpbTitle: Samsung 850 Evo SSD 120GB/250GB/500GB/1TB review: best SSD for the money? - Four models: 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB (at
CarlFK[m]lenovo Twist all came with ssd and optional spinny disk02:09
CarlFK[m]so I was expecting an ssd and a keyboard02:09
CarlFK[m]the ssd was gone.02:09
CarlFK[m]im trying to figure out how much to fight for it.02:10
CarlFK[m] im sure it is an honest mistake and I should just let it go02:10
CarlFK[m]I was thinking of telling him to buy an ssd from you but the $15 shipping kinda messes that deal02:10
Kamilionany time you see a large shipping fee; that's generally to cater to europeans; who pay VAT on the price, but not the shipping.02:11
Kamilionso a lot of vendors cheat by 'discounting' the product and doubling the handling charge02:11
Kamilionnot uncommon to see $99 shipping for an item marked $30 that should be closer to $9002:13
Kamiliondon't think that applies in this situation; but just wanted to explain that if you ever wondered WTF was going on with crazy shipping prices02:13
CarlFK[m]I can also see that the labor of dealing with inventory and shipping things isn't free, so may as well make a few bucks on that process too02:18
Kamilionwell, ebay, in specific, lets you assign two fields separate, shipping, and handling, and combines them to show the customer.02:19
Kamilionif you tell ebay you're using a supported carrier, and provide weights and dimensions; ebay will use the customer's zip/postal code to automatically calculate shipping.02:20
Kamilionso what you see is what you get, re: final payment02:20
Kamilioninstead of, say, calculating or recalculating shipping costs during the checkout process02:21
Kamilionand suddenly now you're paying $8 less in shipping, or demands $12 more for your postal zone... ETC02:22
Kamiliondefinitely one of the more well thought out things about ebay/buyitnow-clones such as aliexpress, dealextreme, and other aggregators02:23
CarlFK[m]yeah - and you can sort on total cost too. love that.02:30
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felix__florent_: it seems that the a7 ddr3 phy doesn't work on the ac701, since write leveling isn't implemented yet and the sodimm on the board needs that due to the fly-by topology07:29
felix_the best setting i tried still had Memtest bus failed: 45/256 errors07:30
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_florent_felix_:  on artix7, we don't have odelay, so it's not possible to do write leveling the way we are doing it on kintex7, we are then just shifting the dqs_clk08:25
_florent_felix_: if you want to find timing for the ddr3, there are scripts for that:08:26
_florent_felix_: first create a design similar to this one for the ac701:
tpbTitle: arty-soc/ at master · enjoy-digital/arty-soc · GitHub (at
_florent_felix_: it's important to keep l2_cache to the minimum08:27
_florent_felix_: then you can use this script to find all working bitslip/delay:
tpbTitle: arty-soc/ at master · enjoy-digital/arty-soc · GitHub (at
_florent_felix_: now if the script is not able to find a working configuration, you can play with the phase here:08:29
tpbTitle: arty-soc/ at master · enjoy-digital/arty-soc · GitHub (at
_florent_felix_: or since the ac701 has 8 ddr3 modules, you can try to reduce it to 2 modules first (for that just keep the first 16 dq, 2 first dm/dqs_p/dqs_n) and once working, increase the number of modules08:32
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felix_ok, i'll try that09:43
cr1901_modern_florent_: Taking a quick glance over your litesdcard repo. How do you guarantee that the correct data will be sent to the SD card clock domain with MultiReg alone?09:48
cr1901_modernAIUI, MultiReg isn't enough to xfer multiple bits to another domain unless its gray-encoded09:49
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CarlFK[m]mithro: this header is a little different. Any idea where specs are?10:34
mithroHave to look at the schematic10:35
mithroCarlFK[m]: file:///home/tansell/Pictures/Screenshot%20from%202018-01-12%2021-34-05.png
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CarlFK[m]mithro: do you think we need to bother running the 5 volts USB line to the ups is ever?11:15
CarlFK[m]It seems to work ok with it just disconnected at all times11:16
mithronot sure?11:16
_florent_cr1901_modern: i don't think there are Multiregs on the datapath, can you point to the code that make you thinking that?11:18
tpbTitle: litesdcard/ at master · enjoy-digital/litesdcard · GitHub (at
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tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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felix__florent_: i ran and got this
tpbTitle: Untitled - Modern Paste (at
felix_only thing that i changed in the adapted was the l2 size which i changed to 0, since it didn't build with the original value13:17
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_florent_cr1901_modern: for the sys to sd side, we are assuming these signals are stabilized before being used15:15
_florent_cr1901_modern: for the sd to sys side, i have to double check15:15
_florent_felix_: l2_size should not be 0, but the minimal value that allow compilation15:20
_florent_felix_: it will be a power or 215:21
_florent_felix_: power of 215:21
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felix__florent_: ok, i'll try that23:01
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mithrocr1901_modern: Heyo - how is the sdcard stuff going?23:14
mithro_florent_: The ddr init code in your Python script seems to be the old form from before your most recent changes to make the Kintex+Artix closer?23:15
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