Wednesday, 2018-01-10

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cr1901_modern_florent_: I meant for running/compiling the firmware01:44
cr1901_modernYou said you needed to omit some compiler flags for compilation to work properly w/o crashing?01:44
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rohitksingh_workDoes anyone know what's up with Mike 'hamster' Field's website ? Seems to be down since almost a month cc: mithro, cr1901_modern09:33
rohitksingh_workxfxf: Ping09:34
cr1901_modernI didn't even know it was down ._.09:34
xfxfrohitksingh_work: pong09:34
rohitksingh_workI tweeted to him few days back. He hasn't replied yet09:35
rohitksingh_workxfxf: Hi! :) It turns out I'll be arriving on Saturday, 13th :/09:35
rohitksingh_workDo I need to share room with Carl or some other kind of arrangement?09:36
xfxfwe can figure out something - mithro was anything organised for rohitksingh_work?09:36
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: "at the moment, tim's couch.  What time does he get in?"09:40
xfxfCarlFK: welcome, assume you're with tim?09:42
CarlFKyep - got in a few hours ago.  at google now09:42
xfxfi asked tim but i'll ask you too - most of my NDV gear is in storage in sydney.  do you guys think you'll need any of it before Monday?  I don't arrive until late Sun09:43
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: Hi! :) I'll be arriving on 13th, Saturday, 8:20PM09:45
xfxfalso let Tim know I need an answer to the other question I sent him - I know he's busy but I'm juggling about 5 million things at work this week before I go on leave for 2 weeks09:45
CarlFKdont think we need anything out of storage.09:46
xfxfokay, no worries - i'll organise a van rental for mon morning then, might need your help moving gear over09:46
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: Tim says "come directly here. "09:50
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: okay sure, thanks! \o/09:51
CarlFKI took a taxi, looks like it cost me $4309:54
rohitksingh_workWhoa...It looks like Michael Field's website's domain has expired on 17th December 2017 itself and he hasn't renewed it. cc: mithro, cr1901_modern09:54
tpbTitle: Whois (at
CarlFKI had a 27kg box of stuff, plus 3 more bags, so taking a buss would have been painful09:55
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: Can you please email/hangout me Tim's location, and contact number with his approval?09:55
xfxfCarlFK: keep receipts. I can probly get reimbursements for most/all, but the reimbursement bucket was reduced this year09:57
rohitksingh_workcr1901_modern: Since mike is active on Twitter, but didn't reply to my tweet might it suggest that he doesn't intend to renew the domain and maintain his site? It would be really unfortunate if that happens09:57
CarlFKrohitksingh_work: 48 Pirrama Road; Pyrmont  (suburb name)10:16
rohitksingh_workCarlFK: Thanks! :)10:26
mithrorohitksingh_work: Could also just be he didn't notice, I'll poke him10:38
mithrorohitksingh_work: I just sent you an email with a bunch of details - did I miss anything10:44
mithrofelix_: ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 SSI EEB Server Motherboard Dual LGA 2011 Intel C602 DDR3 1600/1333/1066.10:44
rohitksingh_workmithro: Replied! Thanks! :)10:45
xfxfmithro: how many desktops do you want?  i can bring two, i've found a third motherboard+cpu+ram, i can probably dig up more but have a limit of how much I can fit in a small car10:48
mithrorohitksingh_work: Ha, Mike just sent me an email on an unrelated topic like 10 minutes ago - must have known we were talking about him :-P10:55
mithroxfxf: So, I have a whole bunch of stuff I was planning on giving you to look after from my apartment....10:55
mithroxfxf: Are these two desktops already earmarked for things?10:56
xfxfmithro: one is earmarked, the other is a spare.  that was all i was intending on bringing10:56
xfxfalso re bringing stuff back, i'm gonna have to ship back all of my NDV gear after the conference anyway (there's too much to fit into even a big car these days) so i can take back the fragile stuff with me in my car, and ship the rest with the other gear10:57
xfxfbut we'll deal with that next week10:57
xfxfthe biggest question I have is the 'how to get to the hackfest' info I need to pass onto everyone10:58
rohitksingh_workmithro: hehe :p11:03
mithroxfxf: One spare is good, another would be better11:04
xfxfmithro: i'll see what I can do.  might even buy one while up there, i'll probably ship some of the boxes i'm driving up wth11:07
mithroI'll try and get you the hackfest details shortly - eating dinner now11:19
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CarlFK[m]I'm awake.  And kinda hungry21:32
jeaCarlFK[m]: so am I21:36
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xfxfCarlFK[m]: when are you not hungry :P22:48
CarlFK[m]Feed me22:56
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CarlFK[m]Walking out the door to get breakfast now wish me luck23:44

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