Sunday, 2018-01-07

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jea[m]1What are the dongles?00:38
jea[m]1I think we have enough magic hdmi cables from what I remember at PyCon. And I think we had enough adaptors. But xfxf will know best00:40
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xfxfCarlFK[m]: I'm confused over what you're asking :P00:50
xfxfbring both cameras, BM PCIe cards don't hurt00:51
xfxfany redmere long cables won't hurt either (mini HDMI or HDMI). We have tons of 3 foot ones but they're close to useless00:51
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CarlFK[m]xfxf (IRC): you need to give me quantities or the amount will bring is 1.01:03
CarlFK[m]jea: dongles (sp) - adapters, but with a little whip of wire01:03
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xfxfCarlFK[m]: 4 of each?01:28
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jeaCarlFK[m]: ah right, that is more useful01:51
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xfxfmithro: replied to your email, when you're around, respond, want to email everyone accom details in the next day02:20
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CarlFK[m]I broke my phone!!!15:01
CarlFK[m]mithro: pixel - does it matter if it is bought from google or local store?15:02
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CarlFK[m]nm - ordered from google.  don't have to go outside that way.16:03
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