Wednesday, 2017-12-27

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_florent_cr1901_modern: just for info, thanks for your icestorm changes, i merged them, i'd like to try icestorm while being at 34c315:23
mithro_florent_: \o/ -- I definitely want to support icestorm with micropython16:26
mithro_florent_: It would be interesting to know if the lm32 works okay on the lattice ice4016:26
rohitksinghmithro: Looks like you were working on symbiflow since atleast July! :o16:31
tpbTitle: Initial import · SymbiFlow/[email protected] · GitHub (at
cr1901_modern_florent_: You're welcome, but... there are more icestorm changes I need to send :P
tpbTitle: Import Icestorm backend improvements from Migen. · cr1901/[email protected] · GitHub (at
_florent_cr1901_modern: that's what i did no? :) :
tpbTitle: Import Icestorm backend improvements from Migen. · enjoy-digital/[email protected] · GitHub (at
_florent_mithro: lm32 should probably work on ice4016:47
cr1901_modern_florent_: Oh... yes. Yes indeed. I didn't make a PR tho :o16:47
_florent_mithro: but it seems we have to store bios in flash because ice40 seems very limited in blockram16:48
cr1901_modern_florent_: Correct. This is what I'm working on w/ tinyfpga right now16:48
_florent_cr1901_modern: yes i just got things from your repo16:48
cr1901_modern_florent_: Would you mind merging my mercury branch as well?16:49
cr1901_modernI can make a PR if it's easier, but I'd like to delete those branches (and backport your changes to misoc)16:50
rohitksinghmithro: When I meet you in person, I would love to understand SymbiFlow process., how you reverse engineered the bitstream! The "short description" on the site makes it sound so cool!16:51
_florent_cr1901_modern: i'll have a look at your branch, but mercury seems to be a bit deprecated, I'd like to avoid large changes for a board that will probably not be used that much16:52
tpbTitle: Add Mercury baseboard support from Migen, import fixes. by cr1901 · Pull Request #38 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
cr1901_modern_florent_: It is deprecated, but for better or worse it's one of the only FPGA boards w/ 5V tolerant I/O (clamped to 3.3V). Thus I use it frequently for vintage-interfacing crap.16:53
cr1901_modernAnd again, it's just for feature-parity w/ Migen16:53
_florent_cr1901_modern: yes ok, i thought it need others changes than just the platform, fine then, going to merge16:54
_florent_cr1901_modern: done16:55
cr1901_modernTyvm :)16:56
cr1901_modernmithro: I should have tinyfpga working today (Christmas and family obligations kinda pushed things back a few days)17:22
_florent_mithro: if you still have your tinyfpga board, i would also be happy to test things on it (i'll probably be at the openfpga assembly)17:36
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mithro_florent_: I have one in my bag17:51
mithro_florent_: I'll come over after finishing this stuff with xobs17:54
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cr1901_modernThink I possibly discovered a bug w/ SpiFlashSingle while checking to ensure tinyfpga's memory accesses look sane:
cr1901_modernThe blue region separates the bitstream being loaded from when the FPGA design starts grabbing bytes from flash22:57
tpbTitle: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (at
cr1901_modernThe start address is supposed to be 0x51500... off-by-one error ._.22:58

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