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shenkishorne_: thanks. i saw them, will respond soon04:15
shenkishorne_: i have a strong preference for email patch review :) I should have sent them out to the list04:15
shenkishorne_: i'll do that once i've fixed them up a bit04:15
shenki_florent_: thanks, i'll give it a go04:15
shenki_florent_, mithro: do we have shadow GPRs enabled in the mor1k design?04:16
shenki_florent_, mithro: my understanding from reading the verilog was that we do not04:16
mithro_florent_: I'm pretty sure we do?04:16
shenki    parameter OPTION_RF_NUM_SHADOW_GPR  = 0,04:17
shenkiline 6204:17
mithroshadow GPRs, not shadow CSRs04:17
rohitksingh_workmithro: Received the letters last night! Thanks! :)04:47
shorne_shenki: yeah, I like email patch review too, I just wanted to get your some quick feedback05:02
shorne_I would recomment enableding at least 1 extra set of GPRs05:03
shenkiokay. i'll do a build now and give it a spin tonight. i don't have my board with me today05:03
shorne_But... another thought is having an extra stack for exception handling05:03
shenkithat's essentialy what we're doing with tim's hacks, yeah? using the bottom of memory as an emergency stack05:04
shorne_storing stuff to random spots in memory is not smp safe05:04
shenkiah. make it per-cpu?05:04
shenkiwe should turn on a smp in the cpu i'm using, so i can test your smp support out05:05
shenkiand find more bugs in my driver no doubt05:05
shorne_yeah, I would like to really use the r1 (stack pointer) and some kind of per CPU stack to manage the exceptions05:07
shorne_Currently for lockdep support we require frame pointers for exceptions, so I have to create the stack frame before calling into the lockdep on/off functions05:08
shorne_I havent really looked into it, but using the SPR's has been the way settled on by Stefan W and Stefan K05:09
shenkiwhat do other arches do to solve this problem?05:09
shorne_thats what I mean, when I havent really looked into it05:10
shorne_I think they have explicit stack pointers for exceptions05:10
shorne_maybe in hardware? doesnt x86 have something like that?05:10
shorne_got to go05:11
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anant3110Hey, This is Anant, I made contact with you a month ago and got busy with my exams thereafter and hence couldn't contribute. I am hoping to make some impact this time. So, as a recap, I know beginner to intermediate level of Verilog and have experience in working with FPGA boards like Basys3, Zedboard and Zynq. I would want to start making some contributions. Can you help me out?11:27
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anant3110I am interested in the HDMI2USB project specially. Please give me some details about setting up my environment and start solving some issues.13:16
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CarlFK[m]anant3110 (IRC): do you have any fpga boards?14:57
anant3110My institute has FPGA boards. I will have to check if they have the ones that you people work on.14:59
CarlFK[m]do you have a linux box you can setup the build environment on?15:15
anant3110No, I will have to check with that.15:25
anant3110Oh wait I do.15:26
CarlFK[m]if you are comfortable with Windows, it would be good to see if you can build on windows...15:27
anant3110I am more comfortable on linux only, the thing is I had arch before this and I really didn't want to work on that. So, I wasn't sure if I had removed it to install Ubuntu.15:29
CarlFK[m]I think Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) will work the best.    even though this page says 14.04
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]I am only testing builds, not doing real fpga dev work, and I am trying to write up docs on it15:33
anant3110I have Ubuntu 17.04. I am guessing that will work too?15:41
cr1901_modernCarlFK[m]: FINALLY, the JTAG appears to be behaving. Nice idea to connect it to a relay15:43
CarlFK[m]anant3110 (IRC): yes , or if you run into problems we can figure it out15:44
CarlFK[m]cr1901_modern (IRC): yay!!!15:44
CarlFK[m]cr1901_modern (IRC): any idea why it wasn't working at first ?15:44
cr1901_modernProb needed to be power cycled. But AFAICT I did the same thing as yesterday15:45
cr1901_modernI did need to mode swap from jtag to serial and back tho15:45
CarlFK[m]mithro gets some credit for the relay board - he asked me to set that up15:46
CarlFK[m]and that relay board is what fell into the Opsis and knocked off some components15:47
cr1901_modernhow much does the relay board cost?15:47
cr1901_modernI could prob use one of those tbh15:47
CarlFK[m]er, 35.  whatever.15:51
CarlFK[m]lets see if I can find the page that lists it15:52
anant3110Hey, So just tell me about the model of boards or any type of hardware you would require. I will get them issued from my institute.15:53
CarlFK[m]anant3110 (IRC): this is 'best'
tpbTitle: Atlys Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board (LIMITED TIME) - Digilent (at
cr1901_modernCarlFK[m]: Okay cool, I'm satisfied that firmware upload works16:17
CarlFKcr1901_modern: neat - want me to wire up an eithernet connection?16:17
cr1901_modernCarlFK: Not necessary, but thanks16:18
cr1901_modernfirmware upload currently only works via serial16:18
CarlFKcr1901_modern: I can take over the box now right?16:21
anant3110I am not very sure if Spartan-6 is available in the institute. Would be great if you could suggest some alternatives as well. They definitely have Zedboard Zynq. But I think you would require boards which have HDMI ports?16:21
cr1901_modernCarlFK: Yes I'm satisfied16:22
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware: A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around LiteX tools produced by @Enjoy-Digital (based on misoc+migen created by @M-Labs) (at
CarlFKcr1901_modern:  [email protected]:/media/sda1/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt-master$ find |wc16:30
CarlFK  25908   25908 196074816:30
CarlFK25,908 files !16:30
anant3110Thanks Carl. I ll get back when I have my inventory up and my environment set up :)16:33
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CarlFK[m]cr1901_modern (IRC): can you walk me what I can paste into the promt to flash?16:42
CarlFK[m][email protected]:/media/sda1/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt-master/archive/master/v0.0.3-1054-gbbede92/opsis/hdmi2usb/lm32$ hdmi2usb-mode-switch --flash-gateware image-gateware+bios+firmware.bin16:43
CarlFK[m]like do I need to sudo that?16:43
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abhasI had a question regarding capturing audio. Is there a way to capture audio from a presenter's laptop? For the upcoming conference, there might be some speakers who would play animations etc with audio. Would there be a way to capture that using the Opsis board? Also does audio work in the passthrough mode on whatever is connected to the output of the opsis board?17:30
CarlFK[m]abhas (IRC): currently the Opsis ignores hdmi audio17:42
CarlFK[m]I would use the laptop headphone jack into a DI box into the audio mixer that the presenter's mic goes to17:43
abhasCarlFK[m]: So then the audio gets recorded separately and you would mix it on the video during encoding or video editing?17:50
CarlFK[m]no.  ignore the laptop audio for a moment.    how do you plan on capturing  the presenter's voice?17:52
abhasThere is going to be a video camera to capture the presenter and the presenter's mic would go into the video camera's audio input.17:54
abhasSo while the video is being recorded on the camera, I think I will be able to additonally capture it on the opsis board.17:54
abhasAt the conference, there are 3 conference rooms. And so we just got 3 opsis boards so we can try to do both recording and streaming.17:55
CarlFK[m]presenter's voice goes into video camera.  how does it get out of the camera?17:58
abhasIt doesn't. It would get recorded into the video camera.17:58
CarlFK[m]oh gosh.17:58
CarlFK[m]um.. some how it has to get out... what is your plan?17:59
CarlFK[m]I am guessing record to SD cards, and copy files off of them to a computer after the conference?18:00
abhasI am actually yet to reach the venue. I will reach there on Tuesday. So if I can get a live audio out from the camera, I will feed that into the recording computer and then we can record both the audio and video together18:00
abhasCarlFK[m]: THat is one plan. But that will require too much time to get the videos online. Isn't it?18:01
CarlFK[m]well, too much work18:01
CarlFK[m]do you know about voctomix?18:01
abhasYeah. You had mentioned it. I am going to try it out tonight18:02
CarlFK[m]when is the conference?18:05
abhasWednesday / Thursday (Dec 20/21)18:05
tpbTitle: Swatantra Celebrating Freedom (at
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CarlFK[m]next week.  I don't think you have time for vocotmix18:12
CarlFK[m]you should have started weeks ago.  Oh well.  use SD cards and put in many hours of work after the event.18:12
CarlFK[m]or, if you think that won't happen (it generally does not work out) then try to use voctomix, but know that you may fail.18:13
abhasI will try out voctomix now. Lets see how it fares. Hopefully it will work out.18:15
CarlFK[m]do you have a box you can install linux on?18:16
abhasoh yeah... I just did a fresh install of Debian.18:17
abhasI have an issue with the HDMI out when I enable both the HDMI inputs. The display (both on the HDMI out and encoder) fluctuates between both the HDMI inputs. If I disable one input (input1 off), then it works fine.18:18
abhasIs this a known issue?18:18
abhasso is there a way to have 2 inputs and switch between them?18:26
CarlFK"yes" - fix the firmware18:26
CarlFKotherwise, maybe change the refresh rate to 50 or something.  but I would not recommend it18:27
CarlFKI would not be experimenting any more - use what is known to work18:28
CarlFKalso, do you have 3 other people that will operate the equipment during the event?18:29
CarlFKhmm, before we spend time on this, do you want A) less work, more chance of fail or B) lots of work (SD cards, edit for days/weeks ), but less chance of fail ?18:31
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abhasCarlFK: Sure. I understand.18:32
CarlFKabhas: If you will get fired for not making videos, then do SD cards and spend many many hours. like 2 hours per talk - so it will be weeks before you are done18:40
CarlFKif you don't like the sound of that, then try voctomix18:41
abhas:) -- Well -- using Opsis is an experiment. I am sure there are other things that we can fallback to. but nothing like trying to get this to work.18:43
abhasI have voctomix running on a newly setup Debian computer now.18:44
abhasCarlFK: Both voctocore and voctogui are running. Will try to see how to get the encoder feed into it18:45
CarlFK[m]abhas (IRC):
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at
CarlFK[m]that will get you started with some simple ini files18:47
abhasokay -- so I am able to run the script and it shows the pattern from the opsis board now.18:51
abhassorry -- I misspoke.. It shows the inbuilt test patterns. I can see the opsis pattern using the script18:53
CarlFK[m]k, so 'we' all use systemd scripts to do as much as possible19:00
CarlFK[m]but it makes it very hard to see what is going on19:00
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/dvsmon: DVswitch monitor (at
CarlFK[m]I wrote that to manage dvswitch, and added support for vocto19:01
tpbTitle: dvsmon/ at master · CarlFK/dvsmon · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]./ -c  vocto-prod1.py19:02
CarlFK[m] holds a bunch of voctomix commands that make something useful19:02
abhassure. let me try this out19:02
CarlFK[m] gives each command a run/kill button and you can see stdout/stderr19:03
CarlFK[m]I haven't used in quite a while, there is likely a wx-python dependency that needs fixing19:03
CarlFK[m]for sure you should use it to learn vocto, and maybe use it next week19:04
CarlFK[m]it is better than the 5-8 shell windows, one for each command19:04
abhaswhat would be the best resource to learn vocto?19:05
mithroabhas: Talking to Carl :-P19:05
CarlFK[m]playing with it19:05
CarlFK[m]vocto assumes you can get live video from the camera into vocto.  what hardware do you have that can do that?19:06
abhasother than the opsis board? I have the laptop's built in webcan on /dev/video019:07
CarlFK[m]you mentioned a camera that you would hook audio into - what's that?19:08
abhasI don't know the exact model yet.19:10
CarlFK[m]what interface to you have on the computer?19:11
abhasno video capture interface... :( I assumed (wrongly) that I would be able to feed the camera output to the opsis and the switch between the inputs on the fly19:13
abhasI guess some sort of firewire interface might be required for this (I saw that the debconf people use firewire to capture the video)19:14
CarlFKdebconf and the rest of us stopped using firewire about 2 years ago19:15
CarlFKit works, but it is harder now because less devices have support for it19:16
abhashmm... Then I must've been reading an old account on the wiki19:16
abhasso what sort of capture interface or card do you use?19:17
CarlFK  DeckLink Mini Recorder19:18
tpbTitle: Blackmagic Design: DeckLink Tech Specs (at
CarlFKaudio into the camera, hdmi video+audio into the DeckLink card, to feed that into voctomix19:18
CarlFKmithro: do you know if the Opsis can do 2 inputs and no hdmi outputs?19:20
mithroCarlFK: should be able too, but haven't tested19:20
abhasokay -- so suppose I use the Opsis just to record (or stream) the presenter's laptop, can I do it using voctomix? Or even do the recording using mplayer or gstreamer?19:22
CarlFK[m]I would go with Opsis for the presenters laptop, usb webcam for a camera, some sort of linux audio device (either sound card or usb audio) to capture audio - feel all of this into vocto19:23
CarlFK[m]forget about live streaming.  things are rushed enough19:24
CarlFK[m]the more you try to do the less you will actually do ;)19:24
CarlFK[m]do you know if there will be a PA system (mic and loudspeakers)  in the room for the audience ?19:26
abhasThose will be there19:26
CarlFK[m]good - get audio form that.  feed laptop analog audio into it.19:26
abhasI think there conference room will have a mixer to feed the audio to the speakers over loopback19:26
abhasso the mixer will give one composite (mixed) audio stream -- with the microphone + laptop audio together19:27
CarlFK[m]I am not sure what you mean by loopback but I don't care either.19:27
abhasso what I will try to do now is learn how to configure voctomix to use 2 input video streams (webcam + opsis) and audio input from the laptop audio interface19:30
CarlFK[m]make a diagarm like that19:34
CarlFK[m](webcam + opsis) and audio input - that is 2 usb video and 1 audio19:35
CarlFK[m]all vocto streams expect a video and audio track19:35
CarlFK[m]so make 2 inputs: webcam+pa audio, opsis+test audio tone (default in
abhasI was reading the scripts and there are places where the video-source is specified as "blackmagic". Is this a reserved word? I initially thought, there must be a corresponding section in the ini file which maps the actual source device to this name, but the ini file does not mention it.19:36
CarlFK[m]use for both - othewise if you have any probems the fist thin I will say is "use ingest"19:36
CarlFK[m]blackmagic is brand name of the DecLink card19:36
abhasyeah i gathered... so does it show up as a v4l device?19:37
CarlFK[m] sends to a port - 10000 or 10001 - voctomix says "cam is on port 10000"19:37
abhasbasically -- I am trying to understand how to name the inputs19:37
CarlFK[m]no, there is a gstreamer module to talk to the blackmangic driver.19:37
CarlFK[m]cam and grabber19:38
abhasoh okay19:38
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/voctocore.ini.j2 at nbpy · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]I have to go to lunch now - be back in an hour ror so19:40
CarlFK[m]play around with things now at the prompt19:40
CarlFK[m]you need some comfort about constructing things with the simple commands19:41
abhasCarlFK: Sure. Thanks a lot for the pointers. Let me read this up19:41
CarlFK[m]if you want to try and use ansible to setup a box...
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/scripts at nbpy · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]but would play first19:42
abhasI thought I'd do that. But it also sets up a lot of other stuff. So I was planning to read the scripts and undestand the process first and try to replicate it by hand before trying to automate it19:43
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): assuming modeswitch udev rules and everything is setup/installed,   it *should* find and program the board regardless of what state the board is in, right?19:51
CarlFK[m]and if it doesn't, then look to the problem/solution section19:51
* CarlFK[m] goes off to lunch now - skay says so.19:51
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mithroCarlFK[m]: Correct -- it should even find the board *without* the udev rules installed20:06
mithroCarlFK[m]: It just might not be able to do anything to the board without the udev rules20:06
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abhasso here is what I've been able to do quickly: 1) run voctocore and voctogui 2) run 3 separate streams (opsis, webcam, test pattern) on the corresponding ports so that they show up correctly in voctogui20:12
tpbTitle: RISC V Cores and SoCs · riscv/riscv-wiki Wiki · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]abhas (IRC): well done!20:59
CarlFKmithro: "Ubuntu 18.04 - Bionic Beaver"   really!?21:58
CarlFK "A computer running one of the following 64bit Linux Distro,   ..."21:59
tpbTitle: 2018 - Sydney 22-26 January 2018 (at
skaymithro: is that a typo? what do you run?22:00
skaymithro: should I try and convince someone to try out things on bionic?????22:00
* skay is running artful for regular stuff and there are still annoyances and broken things with it22:01
mithroHrm... I just copied and pasted from somewhere...22:43
mithroskay: Have you seen Probot?
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): I;m pretty sure you don't want Bionic - stuff will break on you22:47

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