Sunday, 2017-12-10

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mithroFelixVi: ahh - maybe it is useful then :-P00:02
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felix_it's 1:30 AM here; that's no too unusual time for me to be awake; especially on the weekend00:36
xfxfthat's like peak programmer time :P00:39
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cr1901_modernmithro: Done
tpbTitle: Gate XMODEM xfers behind an option. by cr1901 · Pull Request #5 · timvideos/flterm · GitHub (at
shenki_florent_, mithro: I'm hacking on the liteeth driver. I enable the writer and reader events,11:27
shenki_florent_, mithro: but when i get an interrupt, the pending register is zero for both the writer and the reader11:27
shenki_florent_, mithro: shouldn't it be set for one of them?11:27
shenkiif I enable on of the events (and not the other), I see the same behaviour11:28
shenkiI'd like some help understaind the python that describes the liteeth, so I understand what triggers the event and how that sets bits in registers11:31
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): if someone with a small fpga dev board wanted to do encryption for fun, what should they google?   or do you have a URL pointing to the encryption stuff your workshop does?17:42
CarlFK[m]a few weeks ago he asked "what can I do with this that I can't do with a pi?"17:43
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