Saturday, 2017-12-09

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mithroI wonder why I haven't seen this board before ->
tpbTitle: Artix-7 50T FPGA Evaluation Kit (at
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC):  I think you are missing a period:03:58
CarlFK[m]You must have a fast, modern, laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or a version later than 16.04     Linux in a VM on Mac OS X can be problematic.03:58
CarlFK[m]I read: or a version later than 16.04  Linux in a VM on Mac OS X can be problematic.03:58
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* CarlFK[m] uploaded an image: VectorImage_2017-12-09_094248.jpg (4372KB) <>15:45
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MaZderMindCarlFK: with 1045 it sure does work \o/15:47
MaZderMindwhich in other news mean, the recent builds are broken15:48
CarlFK[m]MaZderMind (IRC): yay!!15:48
CarlFK[m]about that time the CI VM ran out of disk (git clone the repo ate 8gig or so)15:48
CarlFK[m]why is di suddenly deciding not to mkfs my disk?!15:49
CarlFK[m]lets see what this does ? d-i partman/confirm_write_new_label boolean true15:53
CarlFK[m]no help.15:58
mithrohey MaZderMind -- do you have the output errors from the more recent builds?15:58
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mithroCarlFK[m]: Can you test the more recent builds and report back too me?17:09
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mithroHi FelixVi!17:13
FelixVimithro: morning! how are things?17:15
FelixViI watched a bunch of youtube clips yesterday night... I think it's interesting how you're using mitex17:17
FelixViI didn't realize there's a pci bridge that's usable17:17
FelixVido you know if it works with galatea (numato) boards?17:18
mithroNo idea -- would have to ask rohitksingh if he knows17:18
mithrorohitksingh works for Numato17:18
FelixViis he the one in colorado springs? I am wondering if one can order from there rather than india17:19
rohitksinghFelixVi: High! Do you mean litepcie by _florent_ ?17:19
mithroNo - that is Tom17:19
rohitksingh* Hi!  (oops)17:19
FelixVirohitksingh: Yes, litepcie - I think galatea has gen1 x 1 doesn't it?17:20
mithroThe galatea is a Artix-7 IIRC?17:20
rohitksinghlitepcie will work with galatea, although we have specifially tested with litepcie...17:20
rohitksinghnope S617:20
FelixVi-.- so close ;)17:21
rohitksinghlitepcie instantiates Integrated PCIe Primitive which is present on S617:21
rohitksinghshould work17:21
FelixViah, 7-series all have that, right?17:22
FelixViI am still on S6 because they are cheap - but I should probably switch to 7-series sometime soon17:22
rohitksinghS7 don't17:22
rohitksinghA7 have that17:22
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FelixVinereid is a bit too expensive - but that one does work with litepcie?17:23
FelixViI make devices for people - and the ideal price point for the FPGA board is <$35017:24
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): yes, but much later - packing up to go give my talk17:24
rohitksinghIt should also work! litepcie manages TLP layer iirc, lower details are handled by PCIe primitive17:24
FelixVirohitksingh: awesome, thanks!17:26
FelixVirohitksingh: Can one order from colorado springs? Is that something that is planned for the future?17:26
rohitksinghFelixVI: I could test litepcie with both Galatea and Nereid in the office *if* I get spare time in office, which I don't generally these days :(17:26
FelixVirohitksingh: I'm not hurting without it - was just looking for a good excuse to play with a galatea board17:27
rohitksinghFelixVi: I guess you could. Better ask from Tom. afaik, they were planning on a US warehouse, not public plan yet though17:27
FelixViFor practical purposes, I might use USB3 - I think mithro might have looked into that, too17:29
rohitksinghfor USB3.0 if you are purely into HDL, I would recommend FT60x series17:31
rohitksinghor if you are more willing then Daisho port by _florent_17:32
mithroSo, I'm pretty sure Florent doesn't test with the Spartan 6 and litepcie regularly, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is borken17:32
FelixVido you think FT60x is better than ex-usb FX3? Those looked pretty good to me17:33
FelixVi*ez-usb fx317:33
rohitksinghyes, if 1) you don't want headaches with firmware, and I'm sure you will get quite 2) if you want simple FIFO interface17:34
rohitksingheven limesdr guys have switched from fx3 to ft60117:34
rohitksinghso does @fgpa_nugga from twitter17:35
FelixViah, that's good to know :)17:36
FelixViI looked at both and the fx3 actually looked easier to use - I suppose I was wrong ;) Good thing I didn't jump the gun there17:36
rohitksinghThough if you want variety of USB device emulation then FX3 is the way to go17:38
rohitksinghFT60x are just data movers17:38
rohitksinghFT60x, for example, would be unable to show up as UVC webcam or others17:39
rohitksinghthey always enumerate as FTDI USB3.0-FIFO bridge17:40
FelixVioh, that's a bummer - best way would be a litex usb stack ;)17:41
mithroFelixVi: funny you say that17:41
FelixVimaybe not practical, but you should be able to do it17:41
mithrorohitksingh is working on a LiteX USB2.0 stack and Florent is doing the port of the daisho USB3.0 stack17:41
FelixViah, do you think it's going to be small enough?17:41
FelixViwell, I suppose it's easier than tcp17:42
mithroFelixVi: yeah17:42
FelixViall I can remember is microchip's usb stack in harmony(?) that was a giant mess17:42
FelixViwith a HW usb stack, can you make a CDC device with higher baudrates?17:44
FelixViso that pyserial works up to say 10 or 20 Mbps?17:44
mithroFelixVi: probably17:44
FelixVithat would be great for user experience17:45
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mithrotumbleweed: Are you still in Europe?19:33
tpbTitle: Elphel / x393 ยท GitLab (at
FelixVimithro: are you using MIPI interfaces for capture?21:06
mithroFelixVi: More nobody has done it21:06
FelixVibecause I looked at that a while back and found it hard to figure out what you need. are they really asking $5k/year?21:06
mithroThere is a MIPI DSI project here ->
tpbTitle: MIPI DSI Display Shield/HDMI Adapter | (at
FelixViI thought HDMI was the same deal - $5k / year so you can write HDMI on the box and get latest specs21:07
FelixVioh, that's a cool project - not that I like MIPI but that's one way to use cheap cameras ;)21:08
tpbTitle: GitHub - swallat/ansible-role-vivado: Ansible role for installation of Xilinx Vivado on Ubuntu (at
mithroThere is also
tpbTitle: GitHub - daveshah1/CSI2Rx: Open Source 4k CSI-2 Rx core for Xilinx FPGAs (at
tpbTitle: GitHub - daveshah1/DSITx: MIPI DSI transmitter core for Xilinx FPGAs (work in progress) (at
FelixViah, so it can be done if one can figure out the interface21:17
FelixVimithro: when they say mipi interface for these, is there a spec one can follow? file:///C:/Users/dell/Downloads/OmniVision_OV7251.pdf21:23
FelixVisry, this is the one:
tpbTitle: OmniVision | A leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. (at
FelixVibecause those would be very attractive to me (B&W, high fps, global shutter) - even though probably not so exciting for video broadcasting21:24
FelixVibut when I looked at the interfacing (a while back), I had no luck finding out what the interface actually looks like21:25
mithroThe #apertus people know a lot about sensors...21:28
mithrobblr, going to find lunch21:29
FelixVigood luck ;)21:29
mithroFelixVi: btw I'm happy to accept a pull request with Saturn/WaxWing/etc support even if you don't have working SPI flash.21:34
mithrocr1901_modern: can you send a pull request for flterm that puts xmodem stuff behind a flag as soon as you can?21:36
FelixVimithro: are you sure? I feel like it's almost guaranteed that we'll have to fix *something* in the target/platform22:02
mithroFelixVi: sure, but you can still do a lot without spiflash22:02
FelixViI won't lose what we've done so far, I promise ;)22:03
FelixVik, I'll submit a PR over the weekend22:03
mithroeasier to review smaller prs22:08
felix_meh, rohitksingh has left the channel. the ft602 enumerates as an uvc device; learned about that chip a few days ago23:16
mithrofelix_: The FT602 seemed to be unobtanium last time I looked23:19
felix_oh, ok; hadn't checked that. it was announced not too long ago (at least after i played a bit with the ft601), so it might still take some time to be widely available23:22
felix_mithro: digikey has 213 of the ft602 chips in stock23:28
tpbTitle: FT602Q-T FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey (at
mithrofelix_: Guess it changed since I last looked23:28
mithrofelix_: This feels a bit of a weird time for you to be up?23:52
FelixVimithro: Do you want me to get rid of assert statements in codacy seems to complain about them23:59
mithroFelixVi: Ignore codacy23:59
mithroI think I'm going to disable that23:59
FelixViwell, it helped for unused imports and trailing whitespaces ;)23:59

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