Friday, 2017-12-08

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mithro <- Appreciate thoughts on possible Tomu logos....02:06
tpbTitle: Contest Poll - Create a logo for the "I'm Tomu" project for mithro | Freelancer (at
mithroGah this day disappeared!02:31
shenkiit's so yesterday02:31
cr1901_modernmithro: What if this day didn't exist at all? :o02:59
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mithroMorning everyone17:27
FelixVimithro: morning17:30
mithroFelixVi: how goes things?17:30
mithroFelixVi: Any luck with the SPI stuff?17:30
FelixVimithro: Not yet, I'm in a holding pattern on that17:31
FelixViBut apart from that, things are going well, I've been looking at litex source and some of the FHDL conversion stuff17:31
FelixViIt's a lot to take in in one piece17:31
mithroFelixVi: Did I mention we have QEMU emulation of the basic stuff (CPU, uart, memory, ethernet)?17:32
FelixVimithro: No, but I found it myself - I've not used QEMU before, so that's another learning curve to tackle17:33
mithroFelixVi: ./scripts/ should get you the UART prompt running on your machine17:33
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FelixViI might go the route of converting modules to verilog, writing a VHDL wrapper around it and then test it along with my other VHDL modules17:34
FelixVimithro: Does openocd work for on-chip debugging?17:34
mithroFelixVi: You mean things like single stepping the virtual CPU?17:35
FelixViactually, that's two slightly different things - for cpu troubleshooting I'll figure out QEMU, but for HDL verification I'll do conversion17:35
FelixViyes (openocd)17:35
mithroFelixVi: No, but it is something I really want to add and have been poking the project about trying to collaborate with on17:36
tpbTitle: Open SoC Debug (at
mithroFelixVi: Has anyone linked you my talk from LCA2017?17:36
FelixViis that on tomu? I guess the answer is no ;)17:37
mithroFelixVi: No ->
* mithro pokes tpb 17:38
FelixVimithro: I'll check it out17:39
mithro"Using Python for creating hardware to record FOSS conferences!"17:39
FelixVimy impression so far is that litex has tons of functionality, but is awfully light on docs, sim and debugging17:39
mithroFelixVi: You want to checkout the section where I talk about the bridge stuff17:40
FelixViWill do, people may look at me funny when I'm watching videos @ work, so I'll have to do it when I get home17:40
mithroFelixVi: It is very work related :-)17:41
FelixViwait a sec - shouldn't it be like 4 am your time now?17:41
mithroI moved to the US like 3 weeks ago17:41
FelixViif that's true, I think you should catch another hour or two of sleep :)17:41
FelixVioh cool, permanently?17:42
FelixViI'm in CO, let me know when you're in the area17:42
mithroFor 6 months at the moment, possibly up to 5 years17:42
mithroCO -- Colorado? I'm in Palo Alto, CA17:42
cr1901_modernEverybody on the wrong coast...17:43
FelixViyeah, denver area17:43
FelixViswing by if you're into skiing - but give it another month or two17:43
mithroCarlFK[m]: is in Chicago17:47
FelixViI'll be in chicago next weekend17:51
FelixVimaybe we should all meet there and go on the christmas market ;)17:52
CarlFK[m]Felix neat17:55
FelixViCarlFK: I'll be up in evanston - probably going to the christmas market and hop leaf in case you want to meet up17:58
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CarlFKI know hopleaf -  keep me posted18:43
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MaZderMindI'm trying to flash a prebuilt image onto a blank opsis board20:46
MaZderMindI successfully flashed
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/image-gateware+bios+firmware.bin at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
MaZderMindusing `sudo ./opsis-mode-switch --verbose --flash-image ~/Downloads/image-gateware+bios+firmware.bin`20:47
MaZderMindI mode-switched it to serial via `sudo ./opsis-mode-switch --verbose --mode serial`20:47
MaZderMindi can talk to it and it anserws, but running `video_matrix list` only shows20:48
MaZderMindi can talk to it and it anserws, but running `video_matrix list` only shows `pattern`20:48
MaZderMindI'm quessing that a) it's a broken version of the image, b) it's the wrong image, c) i'm holding it wrong20:54
MaZderMindd) my power supply is not powerful enough – but I don't know if this could result in such a behaviour20:55
CarlFKMaZderMind: version21:31
CarlFK      platform: opsis21:32
CarlFK        target: hdmi2usb21:32
CarlFKmithro: accept my PR21:32
CarlFKfor sure this works: v0.0.3-1045-gccb30b9-dirty21:33
CarlFKafter that the build bot box ran out of disk and things went wonky.  not sure the state now.21:34
mithroCarlFK: merged22:13
mithroI do have a full time job you know :-P22:13
mithroCarlFK: I was going to ask you to remove the stable link update, but I thought screw it...22:14
mithroCarlFK: you going to test the download script now?22:14
CarlFKmithro: I ran it, it downloaded something.22:15
mithroThere are three versions of the firmware available;22:15
mithro * stable - The current stable firmware recommended for normal use.22:15
mithro * testing - The latest version of the firmware confirmed to at least operate in some fashion by developers. It should be usable and needs people to test with!22:15
mithro * unstable - The automated build of the firmware from the git repository.22:15
mithroCarlFK: I'm putting you in charge of updating the testing link22:16
CarlFKmithro: k - I'll try to see if there is a testable build late tomorrow - need to finish my talk I am giving tomorrow22:17
CarlFK  How the DebConf video team uses Ansible22:17
tpbTitle: December 2017 Meeting of ChicagoLUG (at

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