Monday, 2017-12-04

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shorneshenki: I tried buildroot13:53
shorneI see the same issue with ping13:53
shorneping: clock_gettime(MONOTONIC) failed13:53
shornejust using the or1k default build, Ill look at the binary13:54
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mithroHey shorne, thanks for hacking on this!17:11
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abhasHi ... I'm abhas from Bangalore, INDIA. I own an opsis board that I have been playing with for about 9 months now. We are not purchasing 3 opsis baords for a free software conference later this month. This conference is called swantantra (freedom) -- more details at: We have 3 talk venues and so will have 1 opsis board in each venue. I am looking at some help to get started.17:40
abhasI have been able to do most of the basic things with my opsis board. I will next setup voctomix and play around with that.17:41
abhas(Sorry the URL above should have been:
tpbTitle: Swatantra Celebrating Freedom (at
abhasI plan to also document and publish the process of using the numato opsis boards for free software conferences so other conferences in India and elsewhere could find it more convenient to do things.17:43
abhasI don't have any real questions right now... I just wanted to post an introduction about what we are proposing to do for the conference.17:44
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CarlFK[m]hi abhas (IRC)19:29
CarlFK[m]I just finished a show using Opsis and voctomix...19:29
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/scripts at nbpy · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]I would recommend doing that soon - just work though building a machine, even if it does not do what you want (it won't, I am sure it will error)19:31
CarlFK[m]but it will help you understand how the machine is set up, and I will help you make it do exactly what you need next19:32
CarlFK[m]I don't have any time today, but I will in the next few days for sure19:33
abhasThanks a lot... I'm checking out these scripts now.19:38
CarlFK[m]the nbpy (north bay python conference) is where I dumped all my last minute fixes  - it 'works' - it may be a bit messy, but it is what I used to setup my machines19:47
CarlFK[m]the default hostname the script uses should install the voctomix test suite, but that doesn't really exist yet ;)19:48
abhasI had actually come across these playbooks while I was exploring the debconf wiki19:48
CarlFK[m]that is my fork, in January will will do a big show together (LCA) and get it all merged together19:51
CarlFK[m]till then.. it is a work in progress19:51
CarlFK[m]im off for lunch now  - ttl19:51
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mithroCarlFK[m]: You going to have a play with the download?20:41
CarlFK[m]On my way to airport now. Probably tomorrow20:50
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