Wednesday, 2017-11-29

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shenkimithro: nope :(01:11
shenkimithro: doesn't help01:11
shenkii should reply to that email01:12
mithroshenki: The latest one from the Waldemar Brodkorb <[email protected]> about 18 hours ago?01:13
shenkii'd already tested that01:13
shenkibut i tested again using his patch, and no dice01:13
shenki(i'd been testing uclibc master as shorne added fixes)01:14
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shorneshenki: fwiw, I think its probably somethng in buildroot config13:18
shorneI have been meaning to get around to it13:18
shorneworking on a presentation :
tpbTitle: Japan Technical Jamboree 63 - (at
shorneThis is a fun quarterly Japan ELC type event13:19
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