Monday, 2017-11-27

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CarlFK[m]it's working!08:03
CarlFK[m]except it is still in Chicago time :[08:03
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jeaxfxf: I'll come to the second week of the hack fest (the one immediately before the conference). I'll have some times when I'll be doing LCA stuff though, but most of the time should be AV hacking stuff11:14
xfxfrad!  from what night will you need accom from?11:24
jeaI think I have accommodation from jan 20, for the conference11:46
jeaso I guess I just have to work out if I should come down on Sat 13th or Sun 14th11:49
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shenkishorne_: i did a build of buildroot with uclibc e4d064fa81cbe009c6aca7accaf7a83ff2b70d63, still shows the same issues12:29
shenkishorne_: what's the best way to get a or1k gdb?12:30
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shorne_shenki: this is my gdb make script12:46
tpbTitle: or1k-utils/elf.gdb.config at master · stffrdhrn/or1k-utils · GitHub (at
shorne_shenki: this is my latest GDB branch ready for upstreaming12:47
tpbTitle: GitHub - stffrdhrn/binutils-gdb at or1k-upstream-gdb-v8-sim-v6 (at
shorne_I mean to have a go at buildroot, but I am having some issue with my multicore linux booting12:48
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CarlFK[m]That must be the ipv6 wire17:14
CarlFK[m]hiya Tim17:20
CarlFK[m]how handy.  the green "turn it on" wire broke.17:23
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CarlFK[m]ignore that unless you are bored20:52
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CarlFK[m]Oh good.  seems now to make it work I have to turn the TV off and on again each time it boots.21:07
CarlFK[m]10 seconds from powering on Atlys/odroid till it is streaming to vocto.  that's nice.21:11
CarlFK[m]swell.  Atlys color bars are very corrupted, but hdmi input is fine22:44
CarlFK[m]running a year old build, so I am guessing there isn't much value in debugging ?22:45

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