Sunday, 2017-11-26

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tpbTitle: Linux device driver labs The Linux Kernel 4.11.0+ documentation (at
shornemithro: cool, are you sending links to yourself?03:29
shorneI do that sometimes (send link it chat room, then I can view it later from any device)03:30
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shorneshenki: any progress with the buildroot issue? uclibc should be good now (latest git version)03:30
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xfxfi'm looking at booking hackfest accomodation, who here is coming?06:02
xfxfjea: were you coming to the hackfest (i know you're not on LCA AV team this year)?06:02
xfxfvys: you still keen for core team duties / one week of the hackfest?06:02
xfxfno cost for accom, and i'll reimburse flights (let me know before you book anything tho!)06:03
xfxfjust need to know numbers :)06:03
vysI'm keen for core team stuff, but I can't be there for the week before06:26
xfxfoh, doh.  when can you arrive?  i'll need to cross-train you before the event, even if that's on the saturday06:30
xfxfsunday we're probably all gonna be busy setting up the venue06:30
xfxfalso need to know your arrival/departure dates so i can organise accom06:32
vysI'm planning to be there for all of both weekends06:36
vysjea said he's happy to show me the streaming ropes up in brisbane before we go down, but I'm happy for a runthrough on the saturday06:37
xfxfit'll probably still be jea doing it :P06:37
xfxfif you can book accom that'd be rad, let me know if you need a bed from the fri night or the sat night06:38
xfxfi'll be booking accom in the next couple of days so keen to know people's arrival dates06:38
xfxfer, if you can book *flights* i mean06:38
xfxfi'll handle accom06:38
vysso I should book flights, let you know which ones I book?06:46
vysI plan to fly in the morning on the 20th, and fly out on the 28th06:47
vysbut I haven't booked any flights yet06:48
xfxfsounds fine to me06:48
xfxfand ya06:48
xfxfi just really need to know arrival/departure dates so accom is booked/covered06:48
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tumbleweedmithro: hrmmmm, with this, we are seeing the input from input0 on the outputs
tpbTitle: debian Pastezone (at
* tumbleweed is wondering if there's a memory management screwup11:25
tumbleweedmaybe that's a result of having a board come up with an input disabled?11:38
tumbleweedyeah, they're sharing framebuffers \o/12:28
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tumbleweed fixes that15:44
tpbTitle: Calculate a FRAMEBUFFERS_BASE for hdmi_inX by stefanor · Pull Request #375 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
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