Monday, 2017-11-20

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tpbTitle: GitHub - dj-on-github/py6502: A Python 6502 Assembler/Disassembler/simulator in which python serves in place of the a macro language. (at
cr1901_modernmithro: Are you trying to add 6502 as an HDMI2USB core :3?00:58
cr1901_modernActually, I do like this idea to make assemblers that don't suck00:58
mithrocr1901_modern: We have a 8051 in the FX2....03:03
cr1901_modernmithro: I know, but 8051 != 6502 :P. And I meant "6502 as an alternate core to lm32 or mor1k"03:05
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shorne_shenki: I'm actually working on some uclibc nptl issues right now (thats why I have been quiet)13:22
shorne_I dont have issues with the non nptl stuff though, also I am using openadk (from wbx) not buildtoot13:22
shenkishorne_: ah okay13:22
shorne_buildroot... I should try a build with that13:23
shorne_to reproduce your issues13:23
shenkii figured the buildroot people would want to know that thing are broken, even if I end up using something else for now13:23
shenkii'd not heard of openadk before13:23
shorne_yeah, of course, I think I fixed the last of the nptl issues (fingers crossed) I'll try buildroot after that13:24
shorne_shenki: openadk is (I think) a buildroot clone from wbx, it supports a few more architectures13:24
shorne_and a few different libcs13:25
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shenkii use buildroot at work, and met Thomas from buildroot at this year13:25
shenkiso I'm quite familiar with it13:25
shorneI have been meaning to give it a try, I have been using my busybox built for a while since its all I have needed for my use/testing13:27
shenkiyeah. i can understand; whatever works13:27
tpbTitle: or1k: correctly pass tid in 4th param · stffrdhrn/[email protected] · GitHub (at
shorneI just started to use openadk to help out wbx with his uclibc-ng nptl issues13:27
shorneshenki: yes very basic issues, but spotting those is tough13:28
shenkii can imagine13:29
shornewell.. that (uclibc patch) doesnt fix the issue13:36
shornebackground: with uclibc-ng there is a test suite, uclibc-ng-test, in the newly integrated nptl subsystem many tests are failing13:37
shornesimple things like pthread_cancel, pthread_join13:38
shenkionly since nptl was merged?13:38
shornewell, yes, these tests are only available with nptl, and I didnt write the nptl stuff13:39
shorneBut I am interested to learn it, I never really hacked on libc or pthreads13:40
shenkineither! it does sound interesting13:40
shenkihow many tests are still failing?13:40
shorneshenki: well it used to be 115, its down to 99 :)13:43
shorneI assume they are all failing due to a few issues though13:43
shornenot 99 issues13:43
shornebed time14:01
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