Thursday, 2017-11-16

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shenkishorne: i rebuilt my buildroot image from scratch and it's behaving now01:40
shenkioh, no it's not. I spoke to soon01:40
shenkidoh. something is broken in buildroot land01:41
shenkilots of syscalls fail with invalid argument:
mithroshenki: Might want to check the compile arguments are correct02:40
shenkiI'm not sure what to check. This is upstream buildroot02:43
shenkiI will try booting their qemu config with their kernel02:43
shenkiI thought they did that as part of their CI. But perhaps they don't run any software02:43
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shorneshenki: I have just been using my busybox build, that might work for you it has a few networking basics13:10
tpbTitle: GitHub - stffrdhrn/or1k-utils: linux initramfs, testing, openocd, and other random utils for openrisc (at
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tpbTitle: GstShark | Shark | GStreamer Shark (at
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