Wednesday, 2017-11-15

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shenkishorne: okay00:11
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shenki# ping
shenkiPING ( 56 data bytes13:59
shenkiping: clock_gettime(MONOTONIC) failed13:59
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shenkihrm. why do we get that failure? I also see strange things relating to poll failing when doing tab complete13:59
shenkinot sure if it's kernel or buildroot related14:00
shorneshenki: fyi, the power-off discussion I was having on the qemu list, this is the tail-end of the discussion if you are interested14:03
tpbTitle: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH RFC] target/openrisc: Support non-busy idle stat (at
shornehmm, clock_gettime failed14:03
shornelet me have a quick look14:03
shenkishorne: thanks for the link. i'll have a read tomorrow14:04
shenkiwoo, our soft lockup detection works14:06
shorneshenki: are you using my lockdep patches?14:06
shenkishorne: i'm on top of 4.14, so whatever that has14:07
shenkii just wrote a while loop that never exited, which is why i know the soft lockup detector works14:07
shorneshenki: full lockdep was just merged for 4.15, do I guess not14:07
shornebut there was some support before14:07
shenkihrm. the lwip driver does while(!ethmac_sram_reader_ready_read());14:14
shenkibut when i do the same we hang14:15
shenkimust be missing some setup14:15
shorneshenki: do you get the 'clock_gettime(MONOTONIC) failed' issue when doing a ping
shenkishorne: yes14:20
shorneok, on my latest qemu and kernel I am not seeing that14:21
shorneare you testing that on the fpga?14:22
shorneor qemu now?14:22
shenkion the fpga14:22
shorneok, I am getting worse 'ifconfig: /proc/net/dev: No such file or directory'14:23
shorneneed to compile something else in it seems14:23
shenkiare you using the defconfig I had? it had networking disabled :)14:25
shenkii pushed a branch called litex/litex-4.14 to
shenkiclock_gettime(0x4f /* CLOCK_??? */, NULL) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)14:25
shenkithat's what strace has to say14:25
shenkihrm. the buildroot compiler uses a different version of kernel headers than the kernel i'm running14:30
shenkisurely the value of CLOCK_MONOTONIC hasn't changed since 4.13 and 4.14?14:31
shorneyes, I was using the defconfig from the old branch14:31
shenkii think my line of reasoning is a long off. i should sleep :)14:31
shorneif it changed linux would be mad,  did you enable posix timers?14:31
shornelinus' will be mad if it changed, I guess not14:32
shenkiyeah, CONFIG_POSIX_TIMERS is on14:32
shornelet me check14:33
shornethis is my strace on my target clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {16, 727098450}) = 014:34
shorneusing my own busybox build14:34
shenkithere were a few things turned off in CONFIG_EXPERT that seemed suss. i'm doing a rebuild now14:35
shenkithere's mine if you want to give it a go14:36
shorneat no time do I see there is a NULL argument to timespec14:36
shorneon, like my try your rootfs14:36
shorneyes, I get the same thing on my same kernel and latest qemu14:39
shorne'ping: clock_gettime(MONOTONIC) failed'14:40
shornesomething in your rootfs build?14:40
shenkii'm rebuilding it from scratch now14:42
shenkii'm off for now. thanks for testing, talk tomorrow14:42
shornehave a good night14:50
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