Sunday, 2017-11-12

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shenkishorne: hello! did you make any progress with the uart on hardware?~00:29
shorneshenki: yes, I got linux to actually start to show output finally00:45
shorneafter switching from the hdmi2usb timevideos/master branch back to mithro/litex-linux00:46
shornenow I can finally work on the serial driver00:46
shorneany progress on ethernet?00:47
shenkishorne: not in the past few days00:48
shenkishorne: i've got my board out and have a few hours to work on it00:48
shenkishorne: regarding the uart, I was using the keep_bootcon kernel command line option to keep the boot console up after the real console driver is loaded00:50
shenkithis has the upside of producing output furhter into the boot process, but it always stops with garbled output00:50
shenkia guess is this is two drivers (earycons, and the normal driver) both talking to the same hardware00:50
shenkiand the garbled mess is due to the output being interleaved from each driver00:51
shenkiso perhaps keep_bootcon is not a great idea00:51
shenkijust wanted to let you know what I'd tried :)00:51
shorneshenki: sorry I had to put the baby to sleep.  I had disabled keep_bootcon because I just wanted to ensure both drivers were working01:10
tpbTitle: gist:fa17dfa34ff6e924b688e744e9f37678 · GitHub (at
shorneI notice that with the garbage that comes after switching to real uart, it prints in 16 character bursts04:41
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shenkishorne: ah. 16 is the size of the fifo07:17
shorneoh.. maybe its not getting the signal of fifo full07:32
shorneprobably fifo is not an issue on qemu07:32
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shorneI think if correctly implemented the uart_tx_empty(), but still getting the same issue09:30
shorne(it was hacked to always be empty before, which I thought might explain the fifo overrun symptom)09:31
shorneFYI, I dont think the issue is with interrupts10:08
shorneI get the same issue disabling the interrupts10:09
shorneahh, cool I got some small progress10:11
shornein, litex_uart_console_wait_tx if I put a msleep(1), it slows down the putchar and I get full output10:11
shornebut I see we are getting an oops10:11
shornecompiling with symbols to see more details10:14
shorneso it looks like the code to wait for tx is nto really working10:15
shorneok... I fixed it, its and issue reading the TXFULL register, again endian thing10:21
shornebut input not working10:22
shornealso the fix is a hack10:22
shorneneed something better10:22
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shornemithro: shenki: thats my latest changes10:23
shorneline 63 it the fix10:24
shornebut its a hack!10:26
shorneok.. its better, I switch everything to ioread32be / iowrite32be and getting almost to the prompt, input is not working12:07
shornelast line:12:07
shornePlease press Enter to activate this console. ip: socket: Function not implemented12:07
shorneok, got input now12:09
shornemithro: got serial working on arty12:10
shornegood and qemu is working too12:12
shorneone minor issue on arty , pressing enter I get the prompt 2 times12:12
shornemithro: shenki:
tpbTitle: uart: litex: Get working on real hardware by stffrdhrn · Pull Request #2 · mithro/linux-litex · GitHub (at
shenkishorne: great work! i just got back to my laptop, i'll give it a go here12:37
shenki# uname -a12:47
shenkiLinux buildroot 4.14.0-rc3-00016-g237af2cf1b71 #265 Sun Nov 12 23:11:40 ACDT 2017 openrisc GNU/Linux12:47
shenki# cat /proc/cpuinfo12:47
shenkicpu: OpenRISC-1012:47
shenkishorne: 🍻12:47
CarlFK[m]HDMI2USB - Open Hardware that has a very close source requirement :(14:56
CarlFK[m]Libre Planet talk proposal - sound accurate ?14:56
mithroshorne / shenki: you guys are my heros!16:32
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_florent_shenki/shorne: great work!17:15
shorneCarlFK[m]: the closed part is the fpga and bitstream compiler?21:56
shorneshenki: thanks for checking21:57
CarlFK[m]shorne: yes21:58
shornemithro: thanks :) FYI, not sure if you saw above, I dont have success with the timvides/master HDMI2USB branch.21:58
shornemithro: I had to switch back to the mithro/litex-linux branch21:59
mithroshorne: Sorry if I caused confusion, we haven't merged the linux stuff into master yet22:00
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shornemithro: ok... I thought you did mention a bit merge, it looks like the main diff is the litex module22:03
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shornemithro: Also, for qemu build we have to set CFLAGS=Wno-error. I found we can just pass --disable-werror to qemu configure22:04
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mithroshorne: I did merge the arty / series-7 stuff into mainline22:05
shornemithro: ok, I am just looking at the diff22:07
shornemithro: it looks like the main diff is enabling MMU and TIMER in mor1kx22:08
mithroshorne: Oh, I need to merge sometime soon22:08
tpbTitle: Make it possible to start an image in qemu as a user. by tsukasa-au · Pull Request #374 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: WIP - scripts: Working on script to build Linux. by mithro · Pull Request #372 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
shornemithro: yeah, I noticed qemu user mode networking could be used, but I was fine with tap :) it would be good to try though (I didnt see this PR, but it looks ok to me)22:11
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shornemithro: ah, pr/372 is looks like just what we need (am not using the build script, I just use my own)22:22
shornemithro: I just left you some comments on the build script22:22
mithroI started putting together instructions to give to people at
tpbTitle: Miniconf Set Up Instructions - Google Docs (at

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