Wednesday, 2017-11-08

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xfxfvys: you interested in volunteering for LCA as the person in charge of streaming?  jea got poached for treasurer duty, micolous is speaking so not volunteering...05:37
xfxfCarlFK[m]: alternatively, you interested?  i'm pondering rotating thing a bit so you do streaming (be good to get you over that, i assume you already do some of it at some events anyway?), and having somebody else do veyepar and poke you and ask you questions05:38
vysxfxf: I've not been in charge of streaming before, but I can give it a shot06:11
xfxfvys: sweet!  we can definitely teach you the ropes06:11
xfxfare you able to make it to Tim's hackfest before LCA?  i'll only be making it for the week before, not the two weeks06:11
xfxfthat's probably the best time to show you stuff06:12
xfxfesp given i assume jea and micolous will be there for it06:12
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vysI won't be able to get time off for that week leading up to it06:17
CarlFK[m]I wouldn't worry about not being at the hackfest06:24
CarlFK[m]xfxf (IRC): I rarely do streaming. I used the flumotion stuff in 2014?  and a single youtube channel a few times and let the event organizer put link to it on the conf site06:27
CarlFK[m]lca streaming is more like lca social networking mash up  of irc, stream, schedule and twitter06:28
xfxfright, but you could learn easily enough06:32
xfxfit's more i want somebody with general lunix/video/observational video quality smarts who can get over the current scripts that do this06:33
xfxfit's mostly a Solved Problem, but will need a dedicated person looking after it (even if they end up allocating monitoring to a regular volunteer)06:33
xfxfvys: not being at the hackfest isn't a hard requirement, so that's fine06:34
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): any chance you will touch your relay board in the next 4 hours?18:42
CarlFK[m]never mind that.  I need to sort the junk in my basement first.  workers coming in 4 hours to remove moldy drywall, so I should really be ready for them.18:43
CarlFK[m]even if it is more fun to draw :p18:44

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