Sunday, 2017-11-05

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tsukasa_auOk, it appears I needed to pass 'CFLAGS=-Wno-error' in to the configure script.00:29
CarlFKtsukasa_au: sounds reasonable.00:30
mithrojimmo: Did you get anywhere yesterday?01:00
cr1901_modern_florent_: My main reason for asking is that migen/litex has a "generic" DDROutput/DDRInput class, but in practice (which wraps ODDR2 on S6) I don't see it used in code.01:02
tsukasa_aumithro: qemu appears to have a built-in tftp server, I wonder if we could use that, rather than requiring root to set up the tap device and the tftp server06:15
tsukasa_auNot sure how helpful it would be, since you need tftp for real hardware, but would remove the requiremnt for root when working with qemu06:16
mithrotsukasa_au: that works for qemu only I guess06:16
mithrotsukasa_au: Give it a go?06:27
tsukasa_auI don't remember how to force qemu image to netboot -- but it does work for forwarding telnet to the hdmi2usb image06:40
tsukasa_auWhat did we do before to force it to boot from tftp rather than from flash?06:40
mithrotsukasa_au: Overwrote the firmware with empty  file?06:44
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tsukasa_auHmm, not sure if I did the right thing with that pull request, but it is now updated21:24
tsukasa_auFor future reference, should I generally try to apply more commits on top, fixing comments from the reviewer, or should I edit the code, then amend the previous commit (making my old changed effectively disappear)?21:25
mithrotsukasa_au: If you don't say my name, I won't notice you have said anything here :-P21:46
tsukasa_au... You say that, and yet you reply21:46
tsukasa_auI did not say your name, as it was not urgent21:46
tsukasa_auBut I will remember that in the future you prefer to pinged for things like this21:47
mithrotsukasa_au: Pull request looked pretty good21:47
mithrotsukasa_au: merged!21:47
mithrotsukasa_au: Thanks!21:49
* tsukasa_au is still playing with qemu and its usermode networking stack21:50
tsukasa_auIt seems to mostly work... I am just trying to debug why its tftp support does not do what I want21:50
tsukasa_au(I see the first packet of data being transfered, then nothing)21:50
tpbTitle: TimVideos t-shirt (at
tsukasa_auI am now digging into the litex bios to see how it works21:51
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mithroI'm just about to head out and grab some food and then head into the office I think21:53
tsukasa_auSounds fair, I am waiting for the line to die down here before grabbing some lunch.21:55
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mithroCurrently trying to work out what hardware is needed for LCA21:57
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